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Zafearion -> The Legion Of Truth (1/9/2013 2:17:39)


*Guild Leader*

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."


Contact Manager. Keeps everyone in the guild in contact with each other and notifies everyone about guild events!
"The Truth is always there, though it may be hidden by the shadows of life."

Ambassador. Handles affairs within other guilds. Tries to form allies and avoid guild wars.
"In the heat of any battle, or any war, the final warrior standing will always be Truth."

Grand Jazz
Event Manager. Plans guild and guild events. keeps everyone in the guild interested and makes sure everyone is having FUN!!
"There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting."

Army Leader. In the unfortunate event of a guild war, Kenshin calls the strongest members of our guild to battle.
"All the religions of the world, while they may differ in other respects, unitedly proclaim that nothing lives in this world but Truth."

"Perception is a Deception, but Truth never changes"

Job Undecided
"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth."


Click a Member to see their Character Page

Princess Rayne
Guild Queen.
Just your average AWESOME person! She is so nice, talk to her if you need a friend. But watch out, she is Lord Zafearions FIANCE!!!

KK Benito
Smokey Figure
Shadow N8
Xcel Thrasher

*Pending Members*
Members that have been recruited, but not yet added to the guild in game



*Guild Info*

Our "Guild" has been around since 2009. We were originally called the Skull Helmz and were always a pretty small clan.
We decided to change and expand in 2011. We discovered a TRUTH about something in AQW.... The only way to know that truth, is by becoming one of our TRUSTED guild members.
Because of this "Truth" that the guild members know, we do something really neat when it comes to introducing ourselves to others. If someone asks what guild your in, or you want to tell them the guild your in, you don't say
"Im in The Legion Of Truth!", but instead you say, "I Know The Truth." and leave it at that [:D]
One of our goals is to become a known guild through out AQW. We would like to become one of the strongest, but we are not power hungry.

We have Generals meetings every saturday at 9:00 EST at Lord Zafearions House. Basically we talk about how the Week went for the guild, and what we can do in the following week. We also address all member concerns as a COUNCIL where all the generals have a vote.

If you have an issue or topic that you would like to be discussed at one of our generals meetings, contact Sjab11 or Grand Jazz!


One of the EASIEST ways to join the legion is to post a message on this forum stating you would like to join. Then, schedule an in game meeting with one of the officers. Or, goto Zafearions house in SAFIRIA on SATURDAYS around 8PM EST! That is an hour before the guild meeting, so someone will be there to recruit you XD Also you can check yulgar-5000 on SAFIRIA any day and talk to one of the officers. we usually hang out there! and schedule a day to meet!
If you are applying by replying to this forum you MUST FILL OUT THIS FORM!!!


AQW Name:
Level: (at least level 35. Level 40+ PREFERRED)
Favorite Class:
Number of Rank 10 Classes:
Membership: (Yes/No)(If yes how much longer do you think is on it?)
How long you have been playing: (WITH THE ACCOUNT YOU ARE APPLYING WITH!)
How Often Are You On:
Preferred Server: (95% of the legion plays on safiria)
Time zone and/or Country: (it would be helpful if you said what time it is when posting you message)
Will you remain loyal to The Legion Of Truth AND ONLY the legion of truth?:
AQW Char Page Link: (Optional)


Sins of the Dead


Every couple of weeks we try to have fun guild events with our members. They are very hard to organize but when everything works out it becomes so much FUN!

Some of the events we've done are

Lets Match - try and have everyone matching as closely as possible

XP RAID PALOOZA - everyone goes to our legion training ground (better than pirates) with a general and starts farming XP for level or classes

New Boss Raid - Gather up teams of people and raid the newest boss for drops

Pirate Swag Day


Removed request for personal info and player's email. ~HK

Slozone -> RE: The Legion Of Truth (1/26/2013 21:50:30)

Hi everyone! This is Slozone, we will be having guild meetings throughout this week! Anyone who wants to learn more of the truth stop by!

GrandJazz -> RE: The Legion Of Truth (1/26/2013 21:58:02)

hello everyone this is Grand Jazz, this Friday, we are going to raid 3 bosses please post the bosses you would like to raid

darklord zerato028 -> RE: The Legion Of Truth (1/26/2013 22:10:20)

Hey, congrats on the Guild. Truthfully, (Seewhatididthere? :P,) I wish you the best of luck!

Zafearion -> RE: The Legion Of Truth (1/27/2013 2:27:58)

Thanks so much! we wish you great luck as well. (sorry no awesome pun) XD Maybe some day our guilds will fight side by side!

Only use your sig once per page. ~Hollow Knight

darklord zerato028 -> RE: The Legion Of Truth (1/27/2013 11:55:03)

Hahaha! Maybe someday we shall!

nothi -> RE: The Legion Of Truth (1/28/2013 18:23:55)

Anymore room?[:)]

Zafearion -> RE: The Legion Of Truth (1/29/2013 0:18:31)

Ofcoarse! were you looking to join? XD

Only use your sig once per page. ~Hollow Knight

Desoulad -> RE: The Legion Of Truth (1/29/2013 17:27:45)

Name: Lifedrop
Level: 50

I have been playing since a few months after the game came out. I am fairly mature and looking to enjoy farming bosses and content with a group. I can solo most bosses. I have soloed Kezeroth and Ultra Lagtest Vordread just to name a few.

If you are recruiting I'd like to join. I'm helpful and dedicated. Hit me up in game if you want to. I'm usually on sir vir or evil sir vir.

Zafearion -> RE: The Legion Of Truth (1/30/2013 12:51:12)

we would love to have you! check you inbox ^_^

Sjab11 -> RE: The Legion Of Truth (1/31/2013 2:06:38)

Hey everyone its Sjab11
If any CURRENT guild members want any of the other guild members info (mostly the officers) please feel free to pm me =P

UnderSoul -> RE: The Legion Of Truth (2/1/2013 17:01:15)

I like this guild. Let me guess, webestools for the sigs? I use the same for my AQ war signatures. Very nice, Akoom is an underused font. Enough about the sigs, this seems like a very good guild.

Ciruios -> RE: The Legion Of Truth (2/2/2013 12:21:14)

IGN: Windfiresage
Level: 50
Favorite PvE Class: Ranger
Favorite PvP Class: Thief Of Hours
Your Online time : Eastern Time (US & Canada), anywhere ranging from 1pm - 12am.

Been playing since 2008 and Ive been looking for a guild to mainly chill/play with since most of my old friends quit. I'm down to help anyone who help with pretty much anything.

Alarming -> RE: The Legion Of Truth (2/2/2013 13:04:29)

Can I join? My in-game name is Alarming.

UnderSoul -> RE: The Legion Of Truth (2/2/2013 16:01:29)

Here's a gesture of goodwill. Or a bribe. Regardless here's a gift.


GrandJazz -> RE: The Legion Of Truth (2/2/2013 21:30:48)

hey this is grand jazz, i am the overseer of recruitment applications if you would like to join us, just leave a post here

Only use your sig once per page. ~Hollow Knight

ipwnutap -> RE: The Legion Of Truth (2/2/2013 21:35:09)

I am General Ipwnutap of the Legion of Truth. I am the ambassador who checks on clan affairs. If you are another guild and you would like to open communications to our guild and become allies please reply to this post.

kenshin100 -> RE: The Legion Of Truth (2/2/2013 22:08:57)

Now that you know the have the option of joining the ARMY of Truth...just reply to this post and will supply you with the deeded info to join the army.

( Please keep in mind, this is a sub division within The Legion of Truth. You must be a member in the legion to join this division. )

Zafearion -> RE: The Legion Of Truth (2/2/2013 23:50:47)

The Legion Of Truth is Proud to welcome our TWO NEWEST MEMBERS!
WindFireSage, and LifeDrop!
Welcome to the TRUTH!

JK74U -> RE: The Legion Of Truth (2/3/2013 1:18:42)

AQW Name: gimley307
Level: 37
Favorite Class: Mindbreaker, Necromancer, Prismatic Clawsuit, Chaos Shaper; I can't decide D:
Number of Rank 10 Classes: 6, Rank 10 Pinkomancer is in storage(which is why it doesn't show up on character page)
Membership: Yes until next January, will renew
How long you have been playing: 3 years, but stopped for 2 years
How Often Are You On: 3 hours a weekday, all day on Friday/weekend
Preferred Server: Sir Ver, Evil Sir Ver, and Cysero
Time zone and/or Country: Pacific West(America)
Will you remain loyal to The Legion Of Truth AND ONLY the legion of truth?: Yes.
AQW Char Page Link: (Optional):

Can I join [:)]?

DeclanG378 -> RE: The Legion Of Truth (2/3/2013 11:51:50)

AQW Name: Smokey Figure
Level: 45
Favorite Class: Dragonlord OR (UndeadSlayer When taking on hoards of undead).
Number of Rank 10 Classes: Just the one.
Membership: Yes, I renew it whenever it runs out.
How long you have been playing: Going on 4 years now.
How Often Are You On: Im on more than im off.
Preferred Server: Whichever my friends are on, Though usually cysero or ser ver.
Time zone and/or Country: The UK.
Will you remain loyal to The Legion Of Truth AND ONLY the legion of truth?: Until the lord or queen tells me otherwise.
AQW Char Page Link:

Zafearion -> RE: The Legion Of Truth (2/3/2013 13:14:20)

Smokey Figure And Gimley307 you are both very welcome to join the guild! i will post you in the guild under pending status until we can officially add you into our ranks in game. Letme know when i can meet you guys and recruit you!

JK74U -> RE: The Legion Of Truth (2/3/2013 14:24:13)

EDITED: I'll stay in Safiria for now. Just /goto me.

Sir Dargwrath -> RE: The Legion Of Truth (2/3/2013 15:32:38)

AQW Name: Sir Dargwrath
Favorite Class: Rouge(rare), Dragonslayer
Number of Rank 10 Classes: 1
Membership:No, but planning to soon
How long you have been playing: a couple years altogether but with this account ive been playing since September, 2012
How Often Are You On: Fridays and Saterdays but ill be on other days if i can
Preferred Server: Galanoth but if i need to ill be on Safira for guild meetings and such
Time zone and/or Country: EST, USA
Will you remain loyal to The Legion Of Truth AND ONLY the legion of truth?: Yes
AQW Char Page Link:

I hope i can join. I know i do not meet the lvl requirments but i did ask to join before you made the whole level rule.

UnderSoul -> RE: The Legion Of Truth (2/3/2013 17:26:14)

AQW Name: The Scorpio Lord
Level: 29, but a very strong 29
Favorite Class: Equally Darkside and Warrior(Rare), just depends on the monster
Number of Rank 10 Classes: 2
Membership: No
How long you have been playing: More or less a year, took a few breaks
How Often Are You On: Every release and weekend, occasionally weekdays.
Preferred Server: Safiria
Time zone and/or Country: US Central
Will you remain loyal to The Legion Of Truth AND ONLY the legion of truth?: Yes
AQW Char Page Link: The Scorpio Lord

I know I don't meet the preferred levels, but I'm strong for my level.

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