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Riffus Maximus -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread #3 (4/6/2013 23:37:39)

Don't get me wrong. Though a part of my leave is in small part due to the inactivity in Paxia, this is really not the main reason why I would leave.

Like I said, RPing mainly kept me here for a while (but let's not get into the problems of other threads, shall we?). It's just that I decided to move on into something else. I quit Paxia because I don't play AQ anymore, and I don't believe I will play for a good while. It's as simple as that. Most no longer find a purpose of staying around, and to be honest, I don't feel like staying around in a dying place of something that I'm no longer interested with.

DigDog -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread #3 (4/7/2013 13:27:12)

Wow Pie, just wow. We are part of the problem? You're funny. Max is one of the oldest still remaining members here, and I don't really blame him for leaving, because I've been thinking of doing the same thing. If anything he and a few others are the reason Paxia isn't already completely dead. He and a few stubborn others are the only reason we still have that little bit of activity we have in Paxia right now. And now you have the audacity to blame us for the dying Paxia forums? Really? Just wow.

Go ahead. Tell us why we should stay.

Because ingame Paxia?

We've been waiting for new ingame content for years now. YEARS. Not weeks, not months, years. You can only keep hoping for new game content so long before you just decide that your time is spent better somewhere else.

The AE Paxia forums?

Everything you can do here we can do on private forums better, and much more. We are not harassed by the stupid forum rules the AEFs have (those are not your fault though, I'm not blaming you) on private forums. We can have Paxia RPs on private forums. We can have everything there we could have here, just better and in one place.

The community?

There isn't much community left. The people I care about are already on my instant messengers so we can stay in contact without these forums. Most of them already left anyway, went inactive without saying goodbye because there was simply nothing left to do here.

So really, before you go around accusing everyone else being the problem and insulting everyone like a jerk, think a minute before you post.

Face the facts. There's nothing left to do here. We made a final attempt with the PUC but you see how much good that did. We couldn't even get 3 people from each clan to participate in it. Everything else at this point would just be wasted energy and would end up in disappointment.

These forums are dead. And until there is new ingame content that will cause an influx of new players it will stay that way. And if you extrapolate from the past years it looks like it will take a few more years until we get a significant Paxia update that will cause this influx of new players. If ever.

Spanish Inquisition -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread #3 (4/7/2013 13:48:13)

Well, that escalated quickly. I'll tell you what, if you guys want to complete the PUC and get a final winner, I'll be happy to post the screenshots for you.

I'm not sure who all is left to play here though. Please tell me if you're interested and we will go from there.

Ultrapowerpie -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread #3 (4/7/2013 14:15:23)


Just leaving like that though is excatly what happened the FIRST time the "mass exodus" occurred here on the forums, and y'all are just contributing to the problem.


"It's boring" just makes me sad that y'all can't even be bothered to just come in and post once a week or even check in once a week for something. Instead, you just leave.

Re-read the post very carefully before slinging accusations about what I stated. I specifically stating that giving up and just walking away is the issue. I never blamed anyone for the dying of Paxia, I'm saying that just abandoning it contributes to the problem and you can't deny that. Less activity = more dead, that's how we judge it.

Are the forums dead? Yes, they are, I've never denied that. Simply walking away from the forums and 'moving on' or whatever only adds to the problem and does not solve it. It didn't in the past, it won't now. Is the only hope an in-game release? Yeah, it really is. Should we give up hope? Realistically that's fine.

Should we just give up and walk away forever? No. I'm not asking for continued PUC work or anything like that. If people are getting too bored then it's perfectly understandable. But you've already invested so much time already into Paxia that just giving up completely is a waste. I DID say something like just checking in once a week to see if SOMETHING pops up. THAT is not unreasonable considering it can take all of 5 seconds to see if there's a new thread or not.

You want to move on/do other stuff? That's ok. But at least try to keep an eye on the place since we don't know what's going to happen (I know dethhollow at least made it clear he was going to do that)

Oliver Bell -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread #3 (4/7/2013 14:15:52)

Digdog, I don't think Ultrapowerpie was accusing them of not helping to keep the forum active, they have done a lot towards that, but that people leaving in general harms activity. I must say I do understand why they are leaving though, if the RP board is their main attraction to the forums and it is no longer to their liking even after submitting suggestions for change it is understandable, though regretable, that they could leave.

I will certainly stick aroun to see how this turns out Spanish Inquisition.

EDIT: Ultrapowerpie beat me to it.

Spanish Inquisition -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread #3 (4/7/2013 14:42:42)

Okay, I'm going to assume Pie is in as well, no?

Ultrapowerpie -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread #3 (4/7/2013 14:49:29)

Yeah I'm in. Not sure how much help I'll be/challenge but I'm in.

Heroes of the Scape -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread #3 (4/7/2013 21:19:04)

Did I miss something? I have been away for the weekend and I don't quite follow some of the previous posts.

Oliver Bell -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread #3 (4/8/2013 9:02:17)

Everything which has happened is still here, Spanish Inquisition has volunteered to take the screenshots if there is enough interest in playing by the remaining Paxians.

Zyrain -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread #3 (4/8/2013 10:09:16)

Mmkay, I've been hesitant to post here 'cause I really didn't know what to say.

I agree with what Ultrapowerpie has said. In my opinion, having both an AE Forum and a Private Forum is unnecessary and has partially caused the downfall of both. Although I understand why the PPFs are essential to certain users, activity on both will die out because we are spreading the few active users we have so thinly across both forums. And things are more likely to get done on these 'official' forums.

I, too, can understand and empathise with people and their reasons for wishing to leave the forums. But, as others have said, that helps no-one. More than ever, we need to do something, anything as a community. The Forum Mods aren't oblivious, they know what state we're in. I'm sure if you just spoke to skydrite he'd be willing to help our cause to boost AE Forum activity in Paxia, within the rules and stuff of course. And we know that the AKs like Pie, Oliver and theosenia are always going to put their all into Paxia. Communication is key.

Yes, the fact we have had no in-game contact for years is so defeating and frustrating, but as the others have said, we can't give up and throw all our time and effort into the bin! I understand that this isn't much to go on... in fact, it's nothing really, but I have these logs from IRC, within #legendsandlore:


[21:57] <Zyrain> Eukky, do you know what would make the AQ players love you even more? :3
[21:57] <~Eukara> I am sure the list is long, seeing as I have a small following
[21:58] <Zyrain> Haha. This is a shot which I know you are going to shoot down, but if you don't ask, you never know right?
[21:58] <~Eukara> true
[21:59] <Zyrain> Would you ever consider taking over the Paxia clans within AQ? Writing quests and events to revive the island?
[21:59] <~Eukara> I do have a PAxia event planned.
[21:59] <~Eukara> But, Paxia is Fal's and West's
[21:59] <~Eukara> I am not sure anyone would want me to write for it...
[22:01] <Zyrain> Though I'm very VERY glad to hear that you may rustle a few feathers within Paxia soon. :)
[22:01] <~Eukara> Oh, rustle is an understatement

Hope. That's all that conversation is, and it's all we can do. So that's what I'm asking, that we don't give up hope yet, and we try our best, as Paxians, to be more active on these forums, rather than living on the PPFs.

Spanish Inquisition -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread #3 (4/8/2013 21:19:21)

Yes, Zyrain...but the same was "soon" was mentioned about 5-6 years ago. Look, we're not looking for more broken promises.

The fact is, what is there to talk about here? How nothing is going on? You can't generate activity on a dead island. This is a Paxia forum, not the AQ forum. It should be focused on Paxia. Without anything Paxia related, it will remain just that...DEAD. THere is little to no activity on the PPF as well, so don't blame the inactivity here on that forum. Those "few players" you mention being on the private forums also frequent this forum, there's just very little to say. Generate activity in game, thus you will regenerate activity on the forums. Nothing short of that will change the current situation. It's been told to them time and time again, so we just have to wait for the "soon" to occur. Maybe it'll actually happen this decade.

neo_manni -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread #3 (4/8/2013 21:55:18)

I am back! wow.... alot has happened since I last posted. not sure when the next reading frenzy is gonna hit but if it does I will at least keep one character active which will probably be my original character.

Oliver Bell -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread #3 (4/10/2013 8:43:08)

Just to confirm are we sending Spanish Inquisition the plans for this week end?

Spanish Inquisition -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread #3 (4/12/2013 20:10:50)

Well, so far, no one has sent me plans. I don't really know what I'm doing either, ha.

Sure, send me plans whenever. I'll post a screenie at 10 to kick off the weekend. I just need to figure out who's got what...(scrolling). who got the last two Dynami spots? This is hard and seems a lot like work.

Ultrapowerpie -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread #3 (4/12/2013 20:18:02)

What was wrong with Leb's idea? Minus the artist thing we may need to scale back on that cause I honestly don't think all the clans have 4 active people in each. Or at least maybe allow doubles or something.

I dunno, I liked it. Cept I can't draw.

DigDog -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread #3 (4/12/2013 20:47:07)

I doubt we have even 1 person for some clans.

Ultrapowerpie -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread #3 (4/12/2013 20:48:56)

That is the saddest news of all ;-;

Spanish Inquisition -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread #3 (4/12/2013 22:07:25)

Well, I'll just put this here then, just incase anyone wants to do the contest still.

Start screenie

Heroes of the Scape -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread #3 (4/12/2013 22:31:38)

BTW Spanish, You did use the Adventurer Server right?

Spanish Inquisition -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread #3 (4/12/2013 22:34:35)

Sure did. [:)]

DigDog -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread #3 (4/13/2013 10:29:34)

I hope both Aerodu and Geoto sent in plans. And if they didn't, it's not too late yet.

Oliver Bell -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread #3 (4/13/2013 12:05:58)

I just wonder how we will keep track of who owns what territory over the next few weeks, I assume we will either need a new image or just list who owns what areas.

DigDog -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread #3 (4/13/2013 12:13:09)

SI already made a new image and I assume she'll post it when we have the results for this weekend's battles.

Spanish Inquisition -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread #3 (4/13/2013 13:08:58)

Is this correct? I know you each got one square, but I have no idea who attacked what. By the way, I seriously cleaned up that map. It was making me twitch.


Ultrapowerpie -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread #3 (4/13/2013 13:19:34)

Looks alright to me, how about y'all?

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