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When Zombies Attack!

<Missing Scroll Text>

War Camp Image

Zorbak: It was not me, you can't prove a thing! Dabble in a little necromancy and everyone thinks you are trying to command an undead army or something... meh... heh... heh.

  • Heal me
      Zorbak: Ehem *coughs* Do I look like a cuttle little red Moglin with a big silly grin on my football shaped face?! I did not think so. I did not think so. Ebil moglins do not heal... we keeeeeeel!
    • ...
  • Back to Town
      Zorbak: Why would you want to go back to town, all the fun undead monsters are right here! Sure you want to leave?
    • Yes, I really do
    Twilly: Awww... *snuggles* that silly willy Zorbak! He tries to act so tough but he has a big heart. Why else would he be here to help us!

  • Heal me
      Twilly: There you goes! All healed! Good luck fighting the scawwy undead monsters! Twilly knows you can do it!
    "NOTICE: Boog's closed due to Zombie Invasion."
    "Not home, hmmm.. Lucretia was probably kidnapped... again."
    "Are you brave enough to face the Zombies?"
    "Hmm, the doors are boarded up!"
    "No one home here, looks like they left in a hurry!"
    "The cemetary is up this way... *shivers*"

  • Hunt the Zombies!

    Level 25 and Below
    Giant Spider (1)
    Sickly Zombie (4)
    Undead Archer (5)
    Undead Knight (35)
    Undead Soldier (5)

    Level 26-49
    Dark Djinni (45)
    Giant Spider (1)
    Lesser Droag (40)
    Lesser Zombie (9)
    Pygmy Zombie (29)
    Sickly Zombie (4)
    Undead Archer (5)
    Undead Freak (25)
    Undead Knight (35)
    Undead Mage (14)
    Undead Soldier (5)
    Undead Troll (5)
    Undead Wounded (13)
    Wun-Dead (15)
    Young Darkness Dragon (25)
    Zombie Dragon (38)
    Zombie Knight (20)

    Level 50 and Above
    Big Zombie (55)
    Croaker (50)
    Dark Djinni (90)
    Darkness Dragon (70)
    Droag (88)
    MechaZombie (69)
    Pygmy Zombie (69)
    Skull Swarm (50)
    Undead Berserker (56)
    Undead Horse (68)
    Undead Mage (45)
    Undead Skull Knight (35)
    Undead Skuller (38)
    Undead Warlord (63)
    Undead Wolf Master (61)
    Zombie (49)
    Zombie Giant (77)
    Zombie Dragon (70)

    After 300,000 enemies were defeated.

    1 BATTLE
    Level 24 and Below

    Level 25-49

    Level 50 and Above

    <End scroll text missing>

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