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Ahmet Ptah

Location: Sandsea Gate

Quests given

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Ahmet Ptah
Ahmet Ptah DC

???: Greeting Hero. Long has your coming been foretold. The task of testing your reasoning skills falls upon me.
???: Wolf and Bear would have you believe raw power and a catlike grace, coupled with the hunter's patience is enough.
???: They couldn't be more wrong. Power without the wit to direct it is weakened. It takes intelligence to reason through things.
???: Patience aye, but intelligence nevertheless. Before you are a series of doors... six mazes await you.
???: Two of those mazes will have adverse effect, while four of them will open the way to the SandSea gate, which has long been hidden in these hills.
???: Make your way through the required four, and find me by the gate. Good Luck.

Ahmet Ptah: If you have been observant, you may have learned something as you travelled through the halls of this hidden pyramid.
Ahmet Ptah: I am the last of my people... we travelled far and wide, collecting power for the sake of power.
Ahmet Ptah: We sought to to tame a creature of ice who exhibited phenomenal power.
Ahmet Ptah: We hadn't counted on the pure malevolence of the creature.
Ahmet Ptah: Even as we sought to bring him down, he clipped our wings and the devastation was done in a matter of moments. I alone survived.
Ahmet Ptah: Later I heard of a Brotherhood that had been formed to capture this most dangerous spirit.
Ahmet Ptah: I offered my services, knowing that it was the least I could do. Long ago I learned to read the stars on this world...
Ahmet Ptah: ...as I returned to all that remained of my world, I hid the gate within my prison. Then I read, and wrote of my readings on the walls.
Ahmet Ptah: Welcome and well done, Hero. I am grateful that you are here, and have done so well.

Ahmet Ptah: I can tell you that the next location lay beneath the waves.
Ahmet Ptah: The avatars expected the gates to be protected, not counting on a freak accident...
Ahmet Ptah: ...involving some explosives and a ship loaded with water breathing potions.
Ahmet Ptah: *Chuckle* Yes, I believe you did. Now, as to the nature of your next challenge, I cannot say. Each Guardian has a lesson for you to learn.
Ahmet Ptah: Learn them well, for they will serve you in life as well. Patiencem Courage, Skill, Intellect... all of these things are a part of growth.
Ahmet Ptah: You exhibit these traits in great amounts. Your deeds, while sometimes perhaps a bit misguided, are nevertheless extraordinary.

Ahmet Ptah: That's a difficult question. Let's suffice to say we were wanderers. Far and wide we had travelled, and much have we seen.
Ahmet Ptah: When we came to rest here, we suspectewd our time had run its course. Fate had long foretold of the cataclysm that destroyed all but me.

Ahmet Ptah: For us, yes. I was patrolling our corridors when a sudden cold descended on me. I fled down the halls, seeking a safe place.
Ahmet Ptah: I had just entered a doorway when... darkness. I lay senseless I know not how long.
Ahmet Ptah: When I regained consciousness, a sheet of ice covered everything in these halls. Only I remained... the others were gone.

Ahmet Ptah: He is brutality incarnate... He is as cold as the ice that flows through his veins. He is mad. Utterly insane...
Ahmet Ptah: ...but cold in his madness, even clinical. He knows what he desires, and he will achieve it at all costs. Simply put he is evil.
Ahmet Ptah: There is no room in his world for remorse or conscience. He must be stopped, and you will be needed for this task.
Ahmet Ptah: What your role is, I cannot say... that is clouded to me.

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