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Sandsea Gate

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Legendary AdventureGuide!

Sandsea Gate

Access Point: Stoneheart Fall (Books 1 and 2) -> True Mortal -> Quests -> Rise of Nivalis -> Sandsea Gate
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Maker
Release Date: February 22nd, 2013

Quests Available
Pyramid Labyrinthe

Ahmet Ptah

Ahmet Ptah (Shop)
Ahmet Ptah DC

True Mortal: In the gritty depths of the Sandsea lies a pyramid, <Character>. That is where you must go next.

  • Quest!
  • Back

    True Mortal: With the release of Isathaara we must take a few shortcuts. I can, in extreme circumstances, send you directly to the location of the next gate.
    True Mortal: Unfortunately with Isathaara on the loose, we can't afford to take the time it would take you to seek out the location of each gate.
    True Mortal: Therefore, I shall be sending you on to your next location. It's imperative that you are attuned to each gate in the proper order.
    <Character>: Wait... you mean you could have sent me directly to the forest gate instead of making me hunt through all those forests?
    <Character>: Do you have ANY idea how much of a pain in the... I spent DAYS looking for the right spot!
    True Mortal: It wouldn't be worth doing if it was easy.
    <Character>: Oh yes it would. I would love things to be easy for once... just once... but no... someone's always got to come along and complicate things.
    True Mortal: Well, this time I'm making it easy for you. I'm sending you directly to the Sandsea and the hidden pyramid that holds the gate.
    True Mortal: Once there, well, I can do no more for you until you return, attuned to the gate.
    <Character>: The Sandsea? Really? First you freeze me, now you roast me...what am I? A TV dinner?
    True Mortal: What's a TV?

    *You find yourself inside the pyramid*

    ???: Greeting Hero. Long has your coming been foretold. The task of testing your reasoning skills falls upon me.
    ???: Wolf and Bear would have you believe raw power and a catlike grace, coupled with the hunter's patience is enough.
    ???: They couldn't be more wrong. Power without the wit to direct it is weakened. It takes intelligence to reason through things.
    ???: Patience aye, but intelligence nevertheless. Before you are a series of doors... six mazes await you.
    ???: Two of those mazes will have adverse effect, while four of them will open the way to the SandSea gate, which has long been hidden in these hills.
    ???: Make your way through the required four, and find me by the gate. Good Luck.
    <Character>: There better be some gold in all this.

    After unlocking the door:

    You feel like the scrolls are watching you...

    Ahmet Ptah: If you have been observant, you may have learned something as you travelled through the halls of this hidden pyramid.
    Ahmet Ptah: I am the last of my people... we travelled far and wide, collecting power for the sake of power.
    Ahmet Ptah: We sought to to tame a creature of ice who exhibited phenomenal power.
    Ahmet Ptah: We hadn't counted on the pure malevolence of the creature.
    Ahmet Ptah: Even as we sought to bring him down, he clipped our wings and the devastation was done in a matter of moments. I alone survived.
    Ahmet Ptah: Later I heard of a Brotherhood that had been formed to capture this most dangerous spirit.
    Ahmet Ptah: I offered my services, knowing that it was the least I could do. Long ago I learned to read the stars on this world...
    Ahmet Ptah: ...as I returned to all that remained of my world, I hid the gate within my prison. Then I read, and wrote of my readings on the walls.
    Ahmet Ptah: Welcome and well done, Hero. I am grateful that you are here, and have done so well.
    <Character>: You know, all this testing stuff is getting annoying.

  • What's next?

      <Character>: So, I don't suppose you can tell me what to expect next can you?
      Ahmet Ptah: I can tell you that the next location lay beneath the waves.
      Ahmet Ptah: The avatars expected the gates to be protected, not counting on a freak accident...
      Ahmet Ptah: ...involving some explosives and a ship loaded with water breathing potions.
      <Character>: Heh.. err yeah, I ... heard about that.
      Ahmet Ptah: *Chuckle* Yes, I believe you did. Now, as to the nature of your next challenge, I cannot say. Each Guardian has a lesson for you to learn.
      Ahmet Ptah: Learn them well, for they will serve you in life as well. Patiencem Courage, Skill, Intellect... all of these things are a part of growth.
      Ahmet Ptah: You exhibit these traits in great amounts. Your deeds, while sometimes perhaps a bit misguided, are nevertheless extraordinary.
      <Character>: Why, thank you!

  • Your Race?

      <Character>: Your Race? What is your race?
      Ahmet Ptah: That's a difficult question. Let's suffice to say we were wanderers. Far and wide we had travelled, and much have we seen.
      Ahmet Ptah: When we came to rest here, we suspectewd our time had run its course. Fate had long foretold of the cataclysm that destroyed all but me.
      <Character>: Cataclysm?
      Ahmet Ptah: For us, yes. I was patrolling our corridors when a sudden cold descended on me. I fled down the halls, seeking a safe place.
      Ahmet Ptah: I had just entered a doorway when... darkness. I lay senseless I know not how long.
      Ahmet Ptah: When I regained consciousness, a sheet of ice covered everything in these halls. Only I remained... the others were gone.

  • Isathaara?

      <Character>: What can you tell me about Isathaara?
      Ahmet Ptah: He is brutality incarnate... He is as cold as the ice that flows through his veins. He is mad. Utterly insane...
      Ahmet Ptah: ...but cold in his madness, even clinical. He knows what he desires, and he will achieve it at all costs. Simply put he is evil.
      Ahmet Ptah: There is no room in his world for remorse or conscience. He must be stopped, and you will be needed for this task.
      Ahmet Ptah: What your role is, I cannot say... that is clouded to me.

  • Exit
  • Loot Shop - Loot for Gold
  • Loot Shop - Loot for DC

    Next Up: Dive In

    Other information
  • You need to do the right four quests out of the six in any order as long as they are behind the right doors, if you made a mistake you need to do all 4 again.

    The doors that lead to the right quests have two sitting Anubis statues facing each other. Click for a map of which doors lead to the correct quests.

  • You can click on the hieroglyphs boards to read the gate keeper story:

    Read now the words of Ahmet Ptah, who am the last of his people. Isathaara had been unleashed on this plane.
    His rampage across Lore threatened everyone. My people sought to harness his power, to bend him to our will. When our last ditch attempt to contain him failed, he froze our home, leaving the Sandsea under a sheet of ice for miles around.
    I awakened from that final attempt in the darkened halls of our home. I wandered the dark halls for hours, searching out any sign of my people. Of them I could find nothing
    After the disappearance of my people, I sought out the Brotherhood of Isathaara, who had banded together to capture and bring to bay the malevolent Ice creature.
    Once he was unable to flee, he was cornered by the guardians, and trapped by Letalis. I returned here, to the site of the Sandsea gate to guard the portal from invasion.
    The Guardians themselves took upon themselves the charge of their respective gates, each one interlinked. They alone would bear the secret of the gates and protect them from trespass.
    Once home, I studied the stars. Upon these walls I have recorded my history. There will come a time when Ice breaks free, and will be sought by winter.
    At that time one will arise who will have in abundance those qualities the brotherhood holds dear. This hero must be tested and weighed before they will be prepared to halt the advance of winter, and once again imprison Ice.

    Thanks to
  • San Robin for the hieroglyphs text.
  • Hermitpriest and BluuHorseOfficial for map.

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