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True Mortal

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12/28/2010 23:38:34   

True Mortal

Location: Falconreach, Stoneheart Fall (Books 1 and 2), New Horizon, Ice Cave, Origins, Fury Unleashed, The Maker, Sandsea Gate, Love Ship, Dive In, Icy Beginnings, A Cold Shoulder, Alliance

Zones permitted
Sandsea Gate

Quests given
Random Quests

Rise of Nivalis
The Key
New Horizon
Ice Cave
KhyRhian Outpost
Fury Unleashed
Forest Gate
Wolf and Bear
The Maker
Dive In
Icy Beginnings
Cold Truth
The First Guardian
A Cold Shoulder

Random Quests (The Forest Gate)
Dark Forest
Deeper Wood
Forest Gate
Forest Primeval
Wild Wood

Shops owned
True Mortal (Shop)
Sidhe Wings
Wing Merge


*He stares into your soul.*

Stoneheart Fall (Books 1 and 2)

True Mortal: ...

  • Talk
    True Mortal: I am many things. Most do not concern you. Let us say, I am a Guardian of mankind. You may call me True Mortal.
    True Mortal: I keep that which should not be in this world imprisoned.
    True Mortal: Yes. And it is my duty to ensure that the spirit doesn't escape.

  • True Mortal?
    True Mortal: Over a thousand years ago, I was known as Letalis. Events... transpired that caused me to take on the name True Mortal.
    True Mortal: It was something of an irony as you no doubt understand.
    True Mortal: For more than two thousand years, I have stood vigil, keeping my prisoner held.
    True Mortal: It is my duty as a spirit warden to ensure that the prisoner remains held. By keeping my prisoner at bay, I can ensure the safety of Lore.

  • Spirit Warden?
    True Mortal: A Spirit Warden is like a jailer.
    True Mortal: It is the duty of the spirit warden to be sure that when a spirit turns evil, and threatens one or more worlds, that it be imprisoned...
    True Mortal: ..And not allowed to escape.
    True Mortal: If the spirit DOES escape, it is the duty of the Spirit Warden to track the spirit down wherever it may be hiding and re-imprison it.
    True Mortal: This becomes the imperative duty of the Spirit Warden.
    True Mortal: Of course, this isn't ALL a spirit warden does.
    True Mortal: By looking into the spirit of a being, whether human or not, a spirit warden can see the wounds that are not of body, but of spirit, and can heal those internal wounds.
    True Mortal: Well, most of the time anyway.
    True Mortal: In my particular case, I must also stand guard at this portal and defend it from any who may try to pass with harmful intent.
    True Mortal: It is why I stay here. Besides, I like the quiet, and out here, Thorn may hunt at his leisure.

  • Portal?
    True Mortal: The portal beside me leads to another portal. There are a total of five that are connected.
    True Mortal: Each portal is somewhere on Lore, and is guarded by creatures who are given the power to defend their respective gates.
    True Mortal: I have lost contact with the other guardians, but it shouldn't be a problem, since to get to any gate, one must first pass through this one.
    True Mortal: To gain access to the gates, they must be passed through in a specific order.
    True Mortal: Any of the guardians alone should be enough to deter those who mean ill...
    True Mortal: ..But to bypass or defeat all five guardians would require remarkable strength.

  • Thorn?
    True Mortal: Thorn is my spirit companion.
    True Mortal: Immortality has its disadvantages. It is possible, through the power of the spirit warden, to share life force.
    True Mortal: The reason for doing so is simple. Everyone needs a companion to share in triumphs and failures.
    True Mortal: In this case, Thorn, who came to my aid two millennia ago has become my companion.
    True Mortal: His becoming my companion was something of an accident, but I am grateful that it happened, and would change nothing.
    True Mortal: I have since learned control of my power, but in those early years, it was good to have Thorn there to help me.
    True Mortal: He is extremely intelligent, and a good companion.

  • Shops
    True Mortal: I have had much time to perfect many types of crafting. Take a look around one of my shops.
    • Forge Ignis Gem Merge - opens True Mortal (Shop).
    • House Items Dragon Coin Shop - opens Purple shop.
    • Wings
      True Mortal: You can level up any pair of wings with 15 Ignis Gems but, if you do not wish to collect the gems, you can simply purchase the higher level.

    • Quests
      True Mortal: Will you help me, <Character>?

      • Rise of Nivalis
        True Mortal: I must stay to guard the Portal.

        • The Key - begins The Key quest.

        • New Horizon
          True Mortal: More monsters are gathering in the north, <Character>.

        • Ice Cave
          True Mortal: Explore anything strange you might find up north.

        • Khy'Rhian Outpost
          True Mortal: I feel as though some force is gathering. Find out what is happening up north, <Character>.

        • Origins
          True Mortal: Fully investigate anything suspicious. I must know what is going on.

        • Fury Unleashed
          True Mortal: Watch yourself, <Character>. Your investigations may bring trouble this way....

        • The Forest Gate
          True Mortal: I'm glad you're here, <Character>... While I forge a new lock, my friend, the Kensai, will instruct you on what needs to be done.

        • Wolf and Bear
          True Mortal: When you find the Forest Gate, <Character>, you'll have to face the challenge of Wolf and Bear.

        • The Maker
          True Mortal: You must find out more about the Khy'Rhian, <Character>.

        • Sandsea Gate
          True Mortal: In the gritty depths of the Sandsea lies a pyramid, <Character>. That is where you must go next.

        • Dive In
          True Mortal: We must make haste!

        • Icy Beginnings
          True Mortal: We must find out all we can about Nivalis, <Character>.

        • Cold Truth
          True Mortal: What did you learn, <Character>?

        • First Guardian
          True Mortal: Go now and meet the First Guardian. He awaits you.

        • A Cold Shoulder
          True Mortal: You must have questions.

        • Alliance
          True Mortal: Please, tell me how it went.

      • Random Quest! Go on True Mortal's random quests!

        True Mortal: Something has been pushing local monsters out of their territory and into town. Go to the Sandsea and help clear the streets.

        True Mortal: Something has been pushing local monsters out of their territory and into town. Go to the Dragesvard and help clear the streets.

        True Mortal: Creatures from the frozen north seem to be assembling in encampments. Go north and thin their numbers.
    • Heal & Potions - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

    New Horizon

    True Mortal: <Character>, there is a pass through the mountains north of Dragesvard that goes east.
    True Mortal: I have had reports of some creatures that I have never heard of there. I suspect they may be looking for a gate.
    True Mortal: If this is the case we could all be in grave danger. I need you to go and investigate.
    True Mortal: Tell me what you find there, and perhaps we can discern their motives.

    Ice Cave

    True Mortal: What have you discovered?

    True Mortal: This is very strange. I have had no indications of this fortress.
    True Mortal: I wonder who this is, and what he seeks.


    True Mortal: Fully investigate anything suspicious. I must know what is going on.

    True Mortal: Did you find out the origin of the Khy'Rhian?
    True Mortal: Any idea who is behind this?
    True Mortal: Then you must get to them before he does.
    True Mortal: Prepare to seek the forest gate first.

    Fury Unleashed

    True Mortal: The two figures you saw escaping were my charges. The Orb I bear was the key that kept them locked within me.
    True Mortal: When the crossbow bolt struck and shattered the orb, the spirits were released.
    True Mortal: One was a demon spirit from the plane of Ice known as Isathaara.
    True Mortal: The other one, a spirit known as Hideyoshi Fusikawa.
    True Mortal: This is terrible. I shall have to reforge the lock, and then we MUST track down Isathaara.
    True Mortal: It is now more important than ever that you locate all the gates.
    True Mortal: If left to his own devices, Isathaara would gladly destroy this planet, and then seek the destruction of his own realm.

    The Maker

    True Mortal: You have found the first gate. Very well done.

    True Mortal: The orb is a key. It's the final part of the complex prison that was designed to hold certain powerful entities.

    True Mortal: Yes. My body itself becomes the prison. The key orb holds the prisoners in check.
    True Mortal: Regardless, while I was crafting a new orb, my mind wandered back to my early years here.
    True Mortal: Many years ago, a Necromancer wandered through this territory, and came to me asking me questions about the denizens of the Ice Plane.
    True Mortal: We quickly became friends.
    True Mortal: This necromancer, Vae'Kan said he was researching a means to combine living and necrotic flesh into a creature of undead
    True Mortal: He never spoke of his experiments... only of other matters. We discussed philosophy, ethics, and magic endlessly...
    True Mortal: ...but I haven't spoken to him now in many years. I can send you to his home, and perhaps you can speak with him regarding the Khy'Rhian.
    True Mortal: Hopefully he will be able to tell you something more.

    Sandsea Gate

    True Mortal: With the release of Isathaara we must take a few shortcuts. I can, in extreme circumstances, send you directly to the location of the next gate.
    True Mortal: Unfortunately with Isathaara on the loose, we can't afford to take the time it would take you to seek out the location of each gate.
    True Mortal: Therefore, I shall be sending you on to your next location. It's imperative that you are attuned to each gate in the proper order.

    True Mortal: It wouldn't be worth doing if it was easy.

    True Mortal: Well, this time I'm making it easy for you. I'm sending you directly to the Sandsea and the hidden pyramid that holds the gate.
    True Mortal: Once there, well, I can do no more for you until you return, attuned to the gate.

    True Mortal: What's a TV?

    Love Ship

    True Mortal: ....Me....

    True Mortal: ... I'm not... SHE forced me to do it..

    True Mortal: It was this or she would've colored Thorn pink...

    True Mortal: ... I guess I don't have a choice....
    True Mortal: There you go...

    True Mortal: .........

    Dive In

    True Mortal: Welcome back. You have done well so far. Now the guardian Kuli-ana awaits you in the deepest of depths.
    True Mortal: It was believed that of all gates, the one protected beneath the waves would be the most secure.
    True Mortal: Obviously this is now not the case. Kuli-ana has volunteered to serve as the ocean gate Guardian, believing in the security of the gate.

    True Mortal: The gates hold the key to capturing Isathaara.
    True Mortal: Each gate was imbued with certain properties that, when combined will give you an edge when it's time to face Isathaara.
    True Mortal: Each guardian is infused with a bit of the power of the other guardians. No single guardian could handle Isathaara on his or her own.
    True Mortal: We discovered quickly that only by our combined powers were we able to stop him.
    True Mortal: You are receiving a bit of that power when you attune yourself to each gate.
    True Mortal: The process will be complete when you reach the final gate.
    True Mortal: At that time, we will go on the offensive. When that time comes, I will give you more information.

    True Mortal: Good, then if you will step through the gate, you will be transported to the valley of the Triton.
    True Mortal: There you will find the next gate and challenge that awaits you.

    Icy Beginnings

    True Mortal: In order to fight an enemy, one must first KNOW his enemy. We know quite a bit about Isathaara, but we have next to nothing regarding Nivalis.
    True Mortal: It is imperative we find more information.

    True Mortal: Indeed, however, in my travels I met someone who might be able to give us a lead.

    True Mortal: Greetings.

    True Mortal: We need information on the Ice Giants.

    A Cold Shoulder

    True Mortal: You have been attuned to all the gates. Welcome, finally, to the Brotherhood.

    True Mortal: I thought that you might, after talking to Caeternam.

    True Mortal: It was my thirst for knowledge. I desired to expand my knowledge of planes of existence beyond this one.
    True Mortal: The elemental planes, I believed, held the secrets to life on Lore.
    True Mortal: My thirst for these secrets led me to develop spells that would allow me not only to survive on the planes...
    True Mortal: ... but would allow me to navigate them like a native.
    True Mortal: The spells worked, and I was able to move freely and without suffering from the extreme cold I had found.
    True Mortal: I was able to detect two creatures within the range of my magic, so I went in search of a guide.
    True Mortal: Unfortunately, the closest of the two was Isathaara.
    True Mortal: To my ultimate and abiding misfortune, I ventured too close, unable to sate my curiosity.
    True Mortal: When he awakened, he broke his bonds... and my body.
    True Mortal: Caeternam rescued me, forgetting his duty, and Isathaara escaped. When he escaped he attacked me with a ferocity that left me stunned.
    True Mortal: As he tore into me, I knew that I would die, paying the greatest price for my folly. Caeternam healed me, and then held me for judgement.

    True Mortal: More than just a guardian. They made me a prison. They tore me down to my bare essence, then reconstructed me.
    True Mortal: They enabled me to contain within myself the power that was Isathaara, and the essence of him.
    True Mortal: As they did this, I suffered. They realized I was in pain. They did NOTHING to alleviate that pain.
    True Mortal: I knew agony that few mortals have ever had to endure.
    True Mortal: It is nothing short of a miracle that survived the process.
    True Mortal: Then they gave me the task of aiding in the recapture of Isathaara with the added task of being his jailor.
    True Mortal: I was promised a long life as long as I accomplished the tasks set before me.
    True Mortal: It was this reason that I was physically destroyed and rebuilt.
    True Mortal: A normal human could serve the purpose for most creatures, but I had to be rebuilt completely. No normal mortal could have contained Isathaara.

    True Mortal: I think at first I did, but I've had a long time to think about it, and honestly, I understand their point.
    True Mortal: It was I, after all, who had freed Isathaara from his prison.
    True Mortal: Most times we are given one chance to live our lives, and I made the same mistakes that others have made...
    True Mortal: ... and admittedly quite a few that were worse than others have made. I reflected on this as they restored my body.
    True Mortal: At this time my captors told me much about Isathaara and his history, as well as his subsequent capture and imprisonment.

    True Mortal: No. They only told me that I would host more than one prisoner before all was said and done.
    True Mortal: Now, we must leave this discussion. I have an important task for you.
    True Mortal: It's come to my attention that Nivalis has brought many of the Ice Dragons over to his side with a promise of easy prey and YOUR defeat.
    True Mortal: As I understand it, they haven't forgotten your role in the war against them during your time struggling to obtain the orbs.

    True Mortal: I need you to travel north, meet with Aisha and speak with her about recalling the Ice Dragons in order to remove them from the service of Nivalis.
    True Mortal: It may not succeed, but we MUST try.
    True Mortal: The fewer allies he has, the harder his task will become.
    True Mortal: And quite frankly, while I realized you have faced large numbers of dragons before, they weren't aided by a cryomancer like Nivalis.


    True Mortal: I suspected that plea would fail, but we needed to try. I have sent word to the Guardians and the Dragonslayers.
    True Mortal: They are sending aid here.
    True Mortal: I need you to go north and speak with Laguzoki. See if you can get help from among his people.

    True Mortal: I know what he is, and I know who he is, and I know what he's done.
    True Mortal: I had hoped he might have some insight that would help us deal with both Nivalis AND Isathaara.

    True Mortal: Unfortunately, he did not. He did, however, promise to aid us in the fight. He is a great Pyromancer no matter his madness.
    True Mortal: He will be a great help when the time comes. Difficult times lay ahead.

    True Mortal: I know.
    True Mortal: I hear him.

    True Mortal: You can come out now... Nivalis.

    True Mortal: I did.

    True Mortal: So that's the way of it? You'll force your way into and through the gates attempting to control all of us?
    True Mortal: You would pervert the workings of beings greater than us in your war against life itself? Good luck with that.
    True Mortal: You may be biting off far more than you can chew.

    Other information
  • Also known as Letalis.

    Appearance in Falconreach
    Appearance with Thorn
    Side View Appearance
    Side View Appearance with Thorn
    Old Appearance

    Also See: True Mortal (forum user)

    Thanks to
  • Stephen Nix for image.
  • Zevox for appearance with Thorn image.
  • Slayer Zach for side view appearance image.
  • Jay for side view appearance with Thorn image.
  • Niki for additional dialogue information.

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