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Cold Shoulder, A

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8/24/2018 20:30:56   

A Cold Shoulder

Location: Stoneheart Fall (Books 1 and 2) -> True Mortal -> Quests -> Rise of Nivalis -> A Cold Shoulder
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The First Guardian
Release Date: August 24th, 2018

Objective: Go talk to Aisha and try to convince her to pull her dragons out of service to Nivalis. Hopefully she doesn't try to eat you this time.
Objective completed: Aisha refused to help, but she didn't try to kill you, so that's a win.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Ice Dragon
(2) Ice Elf Warrior
(3) Polar Dravir
(1) Ice Dragon, (1) Ice Elf Warrior, (1) Polar Dravir - Boss

True Mortal

Ring of Winter's Rage (I-V)

Access to ACS Loot for DCs

True Mortal: You must have questions.

  • Quest!

    *You return to Stoneheart Fall where True Mortal awaits your return to offer his congratulations for your feats during your travels around the world to seek the other gates and their guardians.*

    True Mortal: You have been attuned to all the gates. Welcome, finally, to the Brotherhood.
    <Character>: Well thank you. Now, I've got some questions for you.
    True Mortal: I thought that you might, after talking to Caeternam.
    <Character>: Why did you go poking around in places that humans aren't meant to go?
    True Mortal: It was my thirst for knowledge. I desired to expand my knowledge of planes of existence beyond this one.
    True Mortal: The elemental planes, I believed, held the secrets to life on Lore.
    True Mortal: My thirst for these secrets led me to develop spells that would allow me not only to survive on the planes...
    True Mortal: ... but would allow me to navigate them like a native.
    True Mortal: The spells worked, and I was able to move freely and without suffering from the extreme cold I had found.
    True Mortal: I was able to detect two creatures within the range of my magic, so I went in search of a guide.
    True Mortal: Unfortunately, the closest of the two was Isathaara.
    True Mortal: To my ultimate and abiding misfortune, I ventured too close, unable to sate my curiosity.
    True Mortal: When he awakened, he broke his bonds... and my body.
    True Mortal: Caeternam rescued me, forgetting his duty, and Isathaara escaped. When he escaped he attacked me with a ferocity that left me stunned.
    True Mortal: As he tore into me, I knew that I would die, paying the greatest price for my folly. Caeternam healed me, and then held me for judgement.
    <Character>: And that's when they made you a guardian.
    True Mortal: More than just a guardian. They made me a prison. They tore me down to my bare essence, then reconstructed me.
    True Mortal: They enabled me to contain within myself the power that was Isathaara, and the essence of him.
    True Mortal: As they did this, I suffered. They realized I was in pain. They did NOTHING to alleviate that pain.
    True Mortal: I knew agony that few mortals have ever had to endure.
    True Mortal: It is nothing short of a miracle that survived the process.
    True Mortal: Then they gave me the task of aiding in the recapture of Isathaara with the added task of being his jailor.
    True Mortal: I was promised a long life as long as I accomplished the tasks set before me.
    True Mortal: It was this reason that I was physically destroyed and rebuilt.
    True Mortal: A normal human could serve the purpose for most creatures, but I had to be rebuilt completely. No normal mortal could have contained Isathaara.
    <Character>: That's... not much fun. Do you resent what they did to you?
    True Mortal: I think at first I did, but I've had a long time to think about it, and honestly, I understand their point.
    True Mortal: It was I, after all, who had freed Isathaara from his prison.
    True Mortal: Most times we are given one chance to live our lives, and I made the same mistakes that others have made...
    True Mortal: ... and admittedly quite a few that were worse than others have made. I reflected on this as they restored my body.
    True Mortal: At this time my captors told me much about Isathaara and his history, as well as his subsequent capture and imprisonment.
    <Character>: Did they tell you he would escape again?
    True Mortal: No. They only told me that I would host more than one prisoner before all was said and done.
    True Mortal: Now, we must leave this discussion. I have an important task for you.
    True Mortal: It's come to my attention that Nivalis has brought many of the Ice Dragons over to his side with a promise of easy prey and YOUR defeat.
    True Mortal: As I understand it, they haven't forgotten your role in the war against them during your time struggling to obtain the orbs.

    *There is a brief moment of silence as he contemplates how to deal with Nivalis's newfound alliance with these dragons.

    True Mortal: I need you to travel north, meet with Aisha and speak with her about recalling the Ice Dragons in order to remove them from the service of Nivalis.
    True Mortal: It may not succeed, but we MUST try.
    True Mortal: The fewer allies he has, the harder his task will become.
    True Mortal: And quite frankly, while I realized you have faced large numbers of dragons before, they weren't aided by a cryomancer like Nivalis.
    <Character>: Let's just hope she has forgotten our last... encounter.

    *Fades to black. You travel through a snowy field in the Northlands to seek out the Ice Elf city once again. You encounter some of Queen Aisha's troops and defeat them at ease along the way. Inside the foundations, Aisha is kindly tending to one of the ice dragons just as you arrived.*

    <Character>: Lady Aisha, you seem to have a few less followers around these days.

    *She coldly looks at you without turning around while you greet her with a cheeky smile. Aisha is now infuriated by your presence given that she remembers her history with you and Galanoth.*

    Aisha: YOU!

    Aisha: How dare you intrude in my territory!
    Aisha: I have not forgotten our last encounter. You made it worse by consorting with that Dragon Slayer.
    <Character>: I understand that, Lady Aisha. I offer my apologies.
    <Character>: I would not have intruded if the need weren't great. Your followers, Aisha, are abandoning you and turning to follow the Ice Giant, Nivalis.

    *She continues to stare at you, holding onto a pre-existing understanding that the recent events you described have affected her too, but she is too cynical to feel any sympathy for those that defected.*

    Aisha: I have noticed a diminished flight of late...
    Aisha: So, they follow that fool Nivalis, do they? So be it, let them follow him. Straight to disaster, as they deserve.
    <Character>: Actually, I was hoping you would call them to you. You always did have a way with your kind.
    Aisha: When you took the Ice Orb, you also took away most of the power I used to control my fellow Dragons.
    Aisha: I can give them orders all day long, but they have free will to resist.

    Aisha: I cannot help you.
    Aisha: Moreover, I wouldn't help you, if I could.
    Aisha: Unfortunately, I also know that Nivalis must be stopped.
    Aisha: His goal will have disastrous consequences for all life on Lore, not just those who love warmth and life.
    Aisha: I will let you live, in the hope that you prove to be as much trouble to Nivalis as you have been to me.

    *There was a moment of silence before you are able to respond given that you are disappointed by the ice queen's response.*

    <Character>: Well... thank you, Aisha. If you change your mind, I would be grateful.
    Aisha: Leave. NOW.
    <Character>: Right. Leaving now.

    *You depart from the Ice Elf city and hike through the dark forest near Stoneheart Fall to return to True Mortal to deliver him the disappointing news.*

    <Character>: Well, that was productive...
    <Character>: Better let Latalis know that Aisha-

    *You abruptly come to a stop when you discover a hideous surprise up ahead.*

    <Character>: *quiet gasp*

    *You peek through the bushes and you discover that True Mortal has come face to face with an old pyrokinetic foe whose identity is none other than Xan himself. Fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • DC Rewards - Opens ACS Loot for DCs

    Next Up: Alliance

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