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Rose Emblem

Location: Sulen'Eska -> Up Right -> 2 Up Left -> 2 Right -> Laesa Forn -> Merge Shop, Sulen'Eska -> Up -> Left -> Paina Jainen -> Rose Emblem Shop
Level/Quest/Items required: Turn in 2 Rose Emblem to Lojaali Vero None

Swamp Axe (I-V)
Swamp Stick (I-V)
Swamp Sai (I-V)

Laesa Forn: If you have more Rose Emblems, I can shape them into weapons and armors for you to use against those who would end magic.
Paina Jainen: Hello there! If you've gathered any spare Rose Emblems, I may be able to requisition some spare weapons for you.

Other information
  • This shop was relocated from Laesa Forn to Paina Jainen on June 26th, 2020; no additional items were added, however.

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