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Laesa Forn

Location: Sulen'Eska -> Up -> 2 Up Shroomcase -> Left, Swirl of Color and Fragrance, Dancing On the Breeze

Quests given
A Song On the Wind
Swirl of Color and Fragrance
Dancing On the Breeze

Shops owned


When approaching Laesa Forn for the first time:
Laesa Forn: Hello...

  • Talk
    Laesa Forn: Please excuse me. I am in need of some help, and you appear quite capable.

    Laesa Forn: Before we settled here in Sulen'Eska, before we were the Vind, many of us lived in a place called the Sanctuary.
    Laesa Forn: We were a coalition of many races and backgrounds, all opposed to The Rose... but...
    Laesa Forn: Eventually, the Sanctuary was discovered. The Rose was not merciful. Many were lost or captured in the aftermath.
    Laesa Forn: Kara... found those of us who escaped and survived, and we hid away here, becoming the Vind.
    Laesa Forn: I would like to do something for the ones we lost in the Sanctuary, but I am required here in Sulen'Eska.
    Laesa Forn: Would you be willing to help me create memorials for those lost to The Rose?
    • Sure - unlocks additional dialogue.
    • I'm busy...
    After selecting 'Sure':
    Laesa Forn: Thanks for your help. These memorials, no matter how brief, will bring comfort and peace to any affected by The Rose.
    • Song on the Wind
      Laesa Forn: My mentor was lost in the battles in the Sanctuary. He taught me how to fashion windchimes from the odds and ends of the forest.
      Laesa Forn: They were beautiful in both sight and sound. If you can find the materials I require, perhaps you could hang them up in Falconreach.
      Laesa Forn: To provide comfort and peace without pride- such are windchimes, and such was my mentor.

    • Swirl of Colour
      Laesa Forn: I had a particular friend who loved flowers. She was from a farm outside of Swordhaven, and had heard stories of the magical Vindeflauers.
      Laesa Forn: We... had plans to one day travel to the wastes of Braughlmurk to find them... but The Rose put an end to that dream.
      Laesa Forn: If you could find some Vindeflauers for me, perhaps we could plant some along the road to Swordhaven. She would have liked that, I think.

    • Dancing Breeze
      Laesa Forn: My final request is for those that remain lost and scattered.
      Laesa Forn: Kara has done well, but there are still those who fled during the destruction of the Sanctuary who have yet to find their way to us.
      Laesa Forn: Perhaps this is... naive, but if we can set up some small magical windmills along the traveled roads....
      Laesa Forn: Maybe, just maybe we can show those in hiding that there is still hope, and that the cause is rebuilding.

    • Replay Intro - see initial dialogue when approaching Laesa Forn for the first time.

    • Leave
    After completing Dancing On the Breeze:
    Laesa Forn: I truly appreciate all that you've done for me, <Character>. The memories of my friends can be finally be at peace.
    • Quests - see dialogue after selecting 'Sure'.
    • Glad to help
    Swirl of Color and Fragrance

    Laesa Forn: Seeds are the beginning of new life. You've done well. We will preserve and propogate the Vindeflauer with magic, so that it may last.

    Laesa Forn: The Vindeflauer, in all its glory. While I'm still saddened that my friend could not be here to see it...
    Laesa Forn: Perhaps if you can plant it along the road to Swordhaven, it will brighten at least someone's day before The Rose gets to it.
    Laesa Forn: This flower, like life, is impermanent. But, like my friend, its beauty can still shine for those who need it, however briefly.

    Dancing On the Breeze

    Laesa Forn: I... see? Well, thank you for the materials, at least. We'll get started right away on crafting some windmills.

    Laesa Forn: I know it's not much, but the style should be unmistakable to anyone who lived at the Sanctuary.
    Laesa Forn: Thank you for all your help, <Character>. I will never forget all that you've done for us here in Sulen'Eska.

    Other information
  • Laesa Forn's Sulen'Eska dialogue has been modified during various Reimagined releases; any retired content has been archived here.
  • Lęsa Forn translates to 'Lock Antique' in English from Icelandic; perhaps referring to the Rose Emblems she previously accepted as currency, which were used to unlock access to the shroomcase.
  • Laesa Forn's dialogue was expanded on June 26th, 2020; more information can be found in the June 26th, 2020 Design Notes; consequently, both the Rose Emblem (Shop) and SulenEska (Shop) shops she previously owned were relocated to Paina Jainen.
  • Laesa Forn's appearance was updated and Sulen'Eska location was adjusted on July 31st, 2020; more information can be found in the July 31st, 2020 Design Notes.

    Old Appearance

    Thanks to
  • Jay for images, updated and additional dialogue, other information, and corrections.
  • Phastore for updated appearance.

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