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Lucky 13

Location: Lucky Day Storybook -> Chapter 6 -> Chapter 6
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: March 15th, 2013

Objective: It's the sneevilchauns' Lucky Day!
Objective completed: Maybe 13 isn't the sneevilchauns' luckiest number but you did find the right box! Now you should really get rid of the rest of this dust....

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(4) Flying Eyeball
(3) Gorillaphant
(2) Lion
(4) Slime
(8) Sneevilchaun
(3) Tog
(2) Wyvern
(1) Sneevilchaun, (1) Wyvern, (1) Slime - Boss

Magus Hansa

Colorful Treasure Chest
Light Treasure Chest
Shaking Treasure Chest


*In an abandoned building, under a pile of old documents, a Sneevilchaun finds a little chest with two words, "Lucky Dust", and a picture of Au'Mydas on it...*

The character is in Surewould forest. Fight all the golden monsters and Sneevilchauns in your way.

*In your wandering, you can find Magus Hansa and her Rose guard. They have caught a gilded gorillaphant. You may also find a full-heal drink elsewhere in the woods.*

Magus Hansa: Ah, <Character>, so good to... sense you again.

  • Talk
    Guard: Halt! Leave now!
    Magus Hansa: Please, Windrush, there's no need to fight right now.
    Guard: Do you have any idea who this is?! The amount of head injuries to recruits in this area has gone up 64% since they... they thawed out.
    Guard: As if this area wasn't hostile enough before....
    Magus Hansa: Not everyone believes in the mission of the Rose. At the moment, though, I believe that <Character> shares a common interest with us.
    <Character>: Are you so sure about that?
    Magus Hansa: Surely, you've noticed our... gilded friend here?
    <Character>: I didn't think that gorillaphants fell under the magical category. Is this a new Rose tactic?
    Magus Hansa: This poor fellow had a run in with one of those poor, cursed Sneevilchaun's.
    Magus Hansa: Perhaps you remember, Au'Mydas?
    <Character>: Great, Au'Mydas... I've already defeated him.
    Magus Hansa: Yes. Twice. If I recall correctly.
    Magus Hansa: He's being... contained in Swordhaven now, after constant attempts to escape your more "conventional" jails.
    Magus Hansa: It seems that whoever was in charge of cleaning up after his last arrest missed a small box of golden "Lucky Dust."
    Magus Hansa: I'm sure it was... accidental, leaving a small but incredibly dangerous magical item behind.
    <Character>: ...
    Magus Hansa: I've been working to help the poor creatures affected by the dust but they've all become very agitated.
    Magus Hansa: Perhaps you could... make my job slightly easier by knocking them out?
    Magus Hansa: Be very careful of any Sneevilchauns in the woods as well... If they've got any dust, you might find yourself... slowed.
    Magus Hansa: You can always return here for a cure, though.
    Magus Hansa: The box of... whatever dust is left is in the beginnings of a new golden box fort to the Northeast.
    Magus Hansa: I trust you can recover and dispose of it properly?

  • Cure Me
    Magus Hansa: Yes, of course, please remember to be careful when fighting any Sneevilchaun's you come across.
    • Cure
      You are cured from the Sneevilchauns' magic.
    The quest ends when you pick up the box in the fort.

    Pop-up headline before approaching Magus Hansa:

    "Hansa's Guard glares at you."

  • Note - All the monsters, except from the Sneevilchauns, are golden.

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