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The Edge of Extinction
Paladin vs Necromancer

Location: Travel Map » Granemor » Go through Granemor Cemetery » Click on Halenro's Statue » Go! » Edge of Extinction

«Scene begins at the Paladin camp with Artix, Coueraservi and Halenro»

Artix: Well met, my fellow paladins! I have called this meeting because of a grave threat....
Paladins: *Groan*
Artix: Lore has been brought to its knees by all manner of necromancers across its history. While some have wielded their powers with care, all too often it has become an avenue for evil to subjugate others.
Artix: We have fought their ilk for many years. Yet the Mysterious Necromancers have continued to survive for all these years, passing their mantle along.
Artix: And to make matters worse, the arrival of The’Galin brought his Brilhado servants here, many of whom wield necromancy themselves.
Coueraservi: Some of those Brilhado have since become our allies. And not all necromancers use their powers for ill, as you have pointed out.
Artix: Yes, but the number of necromancers using their powers against the people of Battleon is growing. And it is growing at a much faster rate than our own order.
Artix: We need to purge Lore of necromancy, before it becomes too great of a power for us to face and it overtakes us all.
Halenro: I agree. The undead are becoming far too common for my tastes, a sign of the increasing might of the necromancers. We need to correct this matter before we are no longer able.
Coueraservi: I am still uncertain about this. Our order was founded on good and noble virtues. It seems unwise to instigate a conflict they did not start.
Artix: I understand your hesitation, friend, but I disagree. The necromancers and the undead have been the cause of much of the world’s conflict.
Artix: And you of all people should understand this. Think of your history with the dracopyre Donovan, and how he nearly corrupted you into his service.
Artix: If not for the aid of the Chosen, your resolve may have been broken and even your nature as a paladin would have been unable to fight off the infection.
Coueraservi: Donovan may be undead by his nature as a dracopyre, but he is not a necromancer, Artix.
Artix: I know, but it accurately represents the sort of enemies we face today.
Artix: The mere fact that the power of our enemies has grown so strong as to corrupt those of our own order is proof that we need to act before the situation is beyond our control.
Coueraservi: I see. Though I am not certain this is the right course of action... I suppose it is best to see it through and make certain that appropriate quarter is given.

«Scene switches to the Necromancer camp where Kaley, Zorbak and Kabroz are talking»

Kaley: Are you certain of what you’ve heard?
Zorbak: Absolutely. Artix’s paladins are trying to draw every necromancer in Lore out of hiding.
Kabroz: The wearers of the Mantle have already decided to fight. Even if you disobey, you will not be able to remain neutral in this. The paladins will come for you, as well.
Kaley: Unfortunately, it seems you are right. The survival of every necromancer in Lore depends upon a swift response to this conflict. And I am too well known to just disappear.
Kaley: It seems we have no alternative but to fight.
Zorbak: I’ve already spoken to the Brilhado. They will all join us... except for Diviara and Amilara.
Kaley: Are they still clinging to diplomacy, then?
Zorbak: So it seems. They are convinced that this war cannot bring anything but ill.
Kaley: And they may well be right. But this is a conflict they began, and it’s one that we shall finish.

All of Lore's Necromancers and paladins have gathered on the field of battle to settle things once and for all. You will decide the fate of Lore... will Lore be consumed in the darkness of the necromancers, or bathe in the light of the paladins? Choose wisely...

Twilly: Uh-ohs!! Those wily necromancers are up to something baaad! We need your help!!
Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please
  • Let me handle this!
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!

    Zorbak will aid you with his powers of Necromancy!
    Kabroz will aid you with his powers of Necromancy!
    Kaley Obsidia will aid you with her powers of Necromancy!
    One of Kabroz' Zombie Zards will fight by your side!
    Halenro will help you in battle!
    Coueraservi will help you in battle!
    Artix the Paladin will help you in battle!
    Potion Bag - Refills potions if you have less than 4 on hand. (Guardian Only)

    To Battle!
    Which side will you join?? Whichever side wins this war decides the fate of their class!
  • Join the Necromancers!
      The Necromancers are dedicated to learning the secrets of the darkest magical art: controlling and creating Undead, and gaining power from beyond the grave. Fight alongside the Necromancers to take control of the Paladins' holy land, and the secrets that its many dead hold!
    • Fight Paladins!
    • Return to Camp
  • Join the Paladins!
      The Paladins are sworn to help all people live peaceful lives, and battle the forces of evil wherever they may be. Join the Paladins and help defend their holy land and keep the dead buried there resting in peace!
    • Fight Undead!
    • Return to Camp
  • Back to Town

    «Regardless of who you decide to join...»

    See Fight Paladins / Fight Undead monster list below
    Full Heal after battle #2

      «When the Necromancers/Paladins defeated 50% of the opposing force, a new cutscene 'A Brewing Storm' was unlocked for them.»

      «Scene: On the outskirts of Battleon, Amilara and Diviara talk.»

      Amilara: This conflict is entirely foolish. Too much blood being spilled for no real gain.
      Diviara: It is not the fight I am concerned about. It is this storm.
      Diviara: It seems to have started soon after the fighting began, and it has been spreading rapidly. And observe...

      «Strange lightning flashes around the dark clouds.»

      Amilara: ... indeed, this storm seems quite unnatural. I have never seen anything quite like this. Perhaps we should try to convince them to cease hostilities once more?
      Diviara: There is no purpose in that. They will never listen. Hatred of their enemies has blinded them to all else.
      Diviara: All we can do at this point is hope that they will see reason before it is too late.

      «Scene fades.»
    «When the Paladins defeated 100% of the Necromancer forces...»

    «Scene: Battleon. The Paladins have defeated the Necromancers; the town is very dark.»

    Artix: This fight is over. Take the remaining necromancers and lock them up, and bring the ringleader here to me!

    «A Paladin nearby raises his sword. Two others lead Kaley Obsidia to Artix.»

    Artix: At long last, the necromancers will be eliminated from Lore. The scourge of the undead will be purged!
    Kaley: Necromancy will never be destroyed. Thought we may be defeated, we will merely return to the shadows and bide our time, as we always have.
    Artix: Then we will simply purge the shadows of your vile kind as well.
    Artix: We will not kill you, though. There is no honor in that. We will imprison you and your kind, and find a way to rid Lore of your corruption forever.

    «The storm overhead suddenly shows forth a great display of lightning, striking many of the Paladins and Necromancers.»

    «You»: Are you both alright?
    Artix: I... think so... but I feel strange.
    Kaley: I've certainly felt better.

    «Artix and Kaley stand up.»

    «You»: This storm is definitely not natural...

    «A strange humanoid coalesces from the lightning. Artix and Kaley back away from the strange figure.»

    Artix: And i think that thing might have something to do with it! Necromancer, we must temporarily pause our conflict.
    Kaley: Agreed.

    «Artix and Obsidia each try to use their powers to combat the flashing figure, but their magics fizzle out.»

    Kaley: ... My magic isn't working.
    Artix: Nor mine!
    «You»: That thing seems to be disrupting magic. We likely can't use spells against it.

    «Halenro enters.»

    Halenro: Then we'll do it the old-fashioned way!

    «Halenro moves to strike, but the figure sends a huge bolt of lightning at him, knocking out of the Scene.»

    Artix: Halenro, no!

    «Artix and Obsidia receive the same treatment.»

    «You»: Looks like it's up to me, then!«The clouds above Battleon dissipate.»

    «You»: It seems that the storm has passed, along with that... thing. But what was it?

    «Diviara Celegra enters.»

    Diviara: I can't speak to that, but I believe this situation is more severe than we may have anticipated.
    «You»: What do you mean?
    Diviara: Ever since the storm started, I have been monitoring its effects on ambient magic across Lore.
    Diviara: It seems this storm was brought about by an excessive concentration of magical energy in one location...
    Diviara: Specifically, the sort of magical energies associated with necromancers and paladins.
    Diviara: And as soon as that storm reached full strength, right before the creature appeared... all traces of that magic vanished.
    «You»: Vanished? I can see how a spell's effects might vanish, but... how can an entire form of magic just stop working?
    Diviara: Much of Lore's magic originates along ley lines. Paladins and necromancers drew from a particular branch of these lines. However, it seems their lines are now irreparably damaged.
    Diviara: The excessive number of people trying to draw from that same source has... 'overloaded' it, in a sense. And now they function for no one, and it is unlikely they can be repaired.
    «You»: You mean that these lines are permanently damaged? That would mean their powers are... gone! What will happen to their orders?
    Diviara: With their source gone, it seems likely that they will be unable to use their magic until they find some way around this complication.
    Diviara: If they do not, then... paladins and necromancers may well cease to be.
    «You»: So that's it, then? All of Artix's powers, and Kaley's... they're all powerless, now?
    Diviara: Not all of the magic is lost, it seems. Traces of it remain within those who previously had these powers, and in artifacts and equipment as well.
    Diviara: But the magic stored within these objects and people would not last forever.
    Diviara: And when it does finally fade, none of us can be certain of what will happen.

    «Scene fades. New Scene: Near the Guardian Tower, Coeuraservi warches and Artix bends over a fallen Halenro.»

    Artix: It seem his injuries were too great, and my magic has been greatly weakened by the battle.
    Coeuraservi: It is not your fault, Artix.
    Artix: Yes, it is. I led him, and all of you, into this battle. And so many have fallen that we are in tatters. Now I must make amends for what I've done, and rebuild our order.

    «He stands and turns to Coeuraservi.»

    Artix: At least you seem relatively unharmed, my friend. Come, we should go.

    «He exits in a run.»

    Coeuraservi: Yes... come to think of it, I should be dead, too. My injuries were certainly grievous enough, yet my body is unblemished, as if not a single enemy touched me.

    «He glows blue.»

    Coeuraservi: What is going on here?

    «He transforms into his Dracopyre form, Scarscale.»

    Scarscale: ... this cannot be! Have I been infected this whole time? Was my paladin magic helping to keep the sickness at bay?
    Scarscale: I must go find Dewlok at once. No ordinary moglin's healing magic can fix this.

    «The Scene fades... but not before showing Halenro's face. New Scene: Kaley Obsidia speaks to Morgul.»

    Kaley: So few of our order remain. And yet I notice that few casualties occurred within the Mantle's own ranks.
    Morgul: They did as they always do, my lady... they sent their pawns into combat and stayed hidden themselves.
    Kaley: Of course. They have always looked out for themselves. And while that is a trait I can respect, their actions placed me in harm's way. Something I will not forgive easily.
    Kaley: Morgul, know that if you follow me down this path, you will be their enemy.
    Morgul: I am, as always, your faithful servant, my lady.
    Kaley: Then return to Granemor and prepare my lair. We shall be using it much earlier than I anticipated.
    Kaley: I do hope that my 'investments' there were well-spent?
    Morgul: I think you shall be most satisfied with the results...

    «Scene fades.»

  • Unlocked when Necromancers hit 40%, with updated tiers of the Bonethrill Staff series
  • At 60%, the Skull Club series was updated, with new tiers added to the shop
  • At 80%, the Necrostaff series was updated, with new tiers added to the shop

  • Bonethrill Staff [L. 1]
  • Bonethrill Staff [L. 21]
  • Bonethrill Staff [L. 41]
  • Bonethrill Staff [L. 61]
  • Skull Club [L. 70]

  • Necrostaff [L. 70]
  • Bonethrill Staff [L. 81]
  • Necrostaff [L. 90]
  • Rotten Skull Club [L. 90]
  • Bonethrill Staff [L. 101]

  • Lumpy Skull Club [L. 110]
  • Necrostaff [L. 110]
  • Bonethrill Staff [L. 121]
  • Cracked Skull Club [L. 130]
  • Necrostaff [L. 130]

  • Bonethrill Staff [L. 131]
  • Bonethrill Staff [L. 141 G]
  • Calevera Club [L. 150 G]
  • Necrostaff [L. 150 G]

  • Necromancer Cloak [L. 38]
  • Obsidian Cloak [L. 50 G]

  • Randomizing Beam [L. 54]
  • Randomizing Curse [L. 54]
  • Randomizing Ray [L. 92]
  • Randomizing Blight [L. 92]
    Paladin Class

  • Unlocked when Paladins hit 40%, with updated tiers of the Holy Bow series
  • At 60%, the Paladin Guard series was updated, with new tiers added to the shop
  • At 80%, the Undead Axe series was updated, with new tiers added to the shop

  • Holy Bow [L. 1]
  • Holy Bolt Bow [L. 21]
  • Holy Blaze Bow [L. 41]
  • Holy Flare Bow [L. 61]
  • Undead Axe [L. 70]

  • Holy Rage Bow [L. 81]
  • Undead Axe of Light [L. 90]
  • Holy Bane Bow [L. 101]
  • Undead Axe of the Sun [L. 110]
  • Holy Burst Bow [L. 121]

  • Undead Axe of the Stars [L. 130]
  • Holy Light Bow [L. 131]
  • Holy Wrath Bow [L. 141 G]
  • Undead Axe of the Galaxy [L. 150 G]

  • Holy Armor [with cape] [L. 38]
  • Holy Armor [L. 38]
  • Golden Holy Armor [with cape] [L. 50]
  • Golden Holy Armor [L. 50]

  • Holy Paladin Guard [L. 70]
  • Consecrated Paladin Guard [L. 90]
  • Blessed Paladin Guard [L. 110]
  • Purified Paladin Guard [L. 130]
  • Exalted Paladin Guard [L. 150 G]
    Edge of Extinction

  • Unlocked when Paladins hit 100%, after ending the war dialogue

  • Paladin's Gift [L. 10]
  • Paladin's Memento [L. 30]
  • Paladin's Artifact [L. 50]
  • Paladin's Tradition [L. 70]
  • Paladin's Heirloom [L. 90]
  • Paladin's Estate [L. 110]
  • Paladin's Bequest [L. 130]
  • Paladin's Legacy [L. 150 G]
    Monster List

    Acclaimed Warrior (1)
    LightZard (1)
    RayZard (1)
    Sunray (1)
    Cyclops (5)
    Fusian (5)
    Paladin Artillery (5)
    Paladin Axe Master (8)
    Paladin Captain (8)
    Cyclops (15)
    Fusian (15)
    Paladin Artillery (15)
    Distinguished Warrior (18)

    LightZard (20)
    RayZard (20)
    Glowing Sunray (21)
    Bright Sunray (26)
    Cyclops (27)
    Paladin Artillery (28)
    Paladin Axe Master (28)
    Paladin Captain (28)
    Cyclops (32)
    Fusian (35)
    Paladin Axe Master (38)

    LightZard (40)
    RayZard (40)
    Lighted Sunray (41)
    Titled Warrior (46)
    Cyclops (47)
    Paladin Artillery (48)
    Paladin Axe Master (48)
    Paladin Captain (48)
    Fusian (55)
    Cyclops (56)
    Renowned Warrior (58)

    LightZard (60)
    RayZard (60)
    Beaming Sunray (61)
    Cyclops (66)
    Paladin Artillery (68)
    Paladin Axe Master (68)
    Paladin Captain (68)
    Fusian (75)
    Eminent Warrior (78)

    LightZard (80)
    RayZard (80)
    Incandescent Sunray (81)
    Blinding Sunray (82)
    Cyclops (86)
    Paladin Artillery (88)
    Paladin Axe Master (88)
    Paladin Captain (88)
    Fusian (90)
    Fabled Warrior (98)

    LightZard (100)
    RayZard (100)
    Twinkling Sunray (101)
    Fusian (105)
    Cyclops (106)
    Paladin Artillery (108)
    Paladin Axe Master (108)
    Paladin Captain (108)
    Enraged Sunray (110)
    Legendary Warrior (114)

    Fusian (120)
    LightZard (120)
    RayZard (120)
    Blazing Sunray (121)
    Cyclops (126)
    Paladin Artillery (128)
    Paladin Axe Master (128)
    Paladin Captain (128)
    Fusian (135)
    LightZard (135)
    RayZard (135)
    Mythical Warrior (137)

    Enlightened Sunray (141)
    Cyclops (146)
    Paladin Artillery (148)
    Paladin Axe Master (148)
    Paladin Captain (148)
    Brilliant Sunray (149)
    Fusian (150)

    Undead Knight (1)
    Deery (2)
    Death Knight (4)
    Crazy Cornelius (5)
    Undead Archer (5)
    Undead Spellsword (5)
    Undead Mage (5)
    Mummicane (7)
    Big Zombie (9)
    Pygmy Zombie (9)
    Rotting Corpse Zombie (9)
    Zombie (9)
    Frankencarrot (10)
    Undead Elf (10)
    Undead Knight (11)
    Zombie Zard (11)
    Deery (12)
    Rotting Corpse Zombie (14)
    Undead Mage (15)
    Undead SpellSword (15)

    Crazy Cornelius (20)
    Undead Zard (20)
    Deery (22)
    Zombie Zard (22)
    Banshee (23)
    Death Knight (24)
    Undead Archer (25)
    Undead Mage (25)
    Undead Spellsword (25)
    Mummicane (27)
    Big Zombie (29)
    Pygmy Zombie (29)
    Rotting Corpse Zombie (29)
    Zombie (29)
    Frankencarrot (30)
    Undead Elf (30)
    Deery (32)
    Banshee (34)
    Crazy Cornelius (35)
    Undead Knight (35)
    Mummicane (36)

    Undead Zard (40)
    Deery (42)
    Insubstantial Banshee (43)
    Death Knight (44)
    Banshee (45)
    Insubstantial Banshee (45)
    Undead Archer (45)
    Undead Mage (45)
    Undead Spellsword (45)
    Zombie Zard (45)
    Insubstantial Banshee (46)
    Mummicane (47)
    Big Zombie (49)
    Pygmy Zombie (49)
    Rotting Corpse Zombie (49)
    Zombie (49)
    Frankencarrot (50)
    Insubstantial Banshee (50)
    Undead Elf (50)
    Undead Knight (50)
    Insubstantial Banshee (54)
    Big Zombie (55)
    Crazy Cornelius (55)
    Insubstantial Banshee (58)

    Immaterial Banshee (60)
    Undead Elf (60)
    Deery (62)
    Immaterial Banshee (62)
    Immaterial Banshee (63)
    Death Knight (64)
    Zombie Zard (64)
    Undead Archer (65)
    Undead Mage (65)
    Undead Spellsword (65)
    Immaterial Banshee (66)
    Mummicane (67)
    Big Zombie (69)
    Pygmy Zombie (69)
    Rotting Corpse Zombie (69)
    Zombie (69)
    Frankencarrot (70)
    Immaterial Banshee (70)
    Undead Zard (70)
    Crazy Cornelius (75)
    Immaterial Banshee (75)
    Undead Knight (75)
    Zombie Zard (75)

    Undead Elf (80)
    Deery (82)
    Wispy Banshee (83)
    Death Knight (84)
    Undead Archer (85)
    Undead Mage (85)
    Undead Spellsword (85)
    Mummicane (87)
    Big Zombie (89)
    Pygmy Zombie (89)
    Rotting Corpse Zombie (89)
    Zombie (89)
    Frankencarrot (90)
    Undead Knight (90)
    Undead Zard (90)
    Zombie Zard (90)

    Crazy Cornelius (100)
    Undead Elf (100)
    Deery Elder (102)
    Incorporeal Banshee (103)
    Death Knight (104)
    Incorporeal Banshee (105)
    Undead Archer (105)
    Undead Knight (105)
    Undead Mage (105)
    Undead Spellsword (105)
    Undead Zard (105)
    Zombie Zard (105)
    Mummicane (107)
    Big Zombie (109)
    Pygmy Zombie (109)
    Rotting Corpse Zombie (109)
    Zombie (109)
    Frankencarrot (110)

    Crazy Cornelius (120)
    Ethereal Banshee (120)
    Undead Elf (120)
    Undead Knight (120)
    Undead Zard (120)
    Zombie Zard (120)
    Deery (122)
    Death Knight (124)
    Undead Archer (125)
    Undead Mage (125)
    Undead Spellsword (125)
    Mummicane (127)
    Big Zombie (129)
    Pygmy Zombie (129)
    Rotting Corpse Zombie (129)
    Zombie (129)
    Frankencarrot (130)
    Deery Veteran (132)
    Crazy Cornelius (135)
    Ethereal Banshee (135)
    Undead Archer (135)
    Undead Elf (135)
    Undead Knight (135)
    Undead Mage (135)
    Undead Spellsword (135)
    Undead Zard (135)
    Zombie Zard (135)

    Grand Deery (142)
    Spirited Banshee (143)
    Death Knight (144)
    Undead Archer (145)
    Undead Mage (145)
    Undead Spellsword (145)
    Big Zombie (149)
    Pygmy Zombie (149)
    Rotting Corpse Zombie (149)
    Zombie (149)
    Zombie Zard (150)
    Deery Ancient (152)

    Entry thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf. New location thanks to In Media Res. Correction thanks to battlesiege15.

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