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Xplayer -> Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread #33 (4/17/2013 1:06:18)

Welcome to the OOC Room Life (Dis)Accomplishments thread!

Have you:

  • Had a recent personal victory?
  • How about a setback?
  • Maybe you aced an exam?
  • Perhaps you stepped on a Lego?

Then this is the thread for you!

All announcements of the above sort should be posted here. You may comment on someone else's announcement, but please take any extended conversations to PM or IRC as this is not meant to be a discussion thread. This thread will be routinely deleted and restarted as it approaches the size limit (usually around 30 pages.)

Galez -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread #33 (4/17/2013 1:37:01)

Dis: when playing soccer today the ball hit my stomach
Dis: has a really big bruise on my stomach
Acc: im okay though

Alpha Seagull -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread #33 (4/17/2013 6:25:33)

Acc: New Bench press record. 1 rep at 85 kilos.
Acc: New gym routine.
Acc: Squatted 6 at 90kg.
Acc: Deadlifted 6 at 90 as well.
Acc: Really starting Deadlifts and Squats today.
Acc: 3 gym sessions a week, plus 2 running sessions. 5 days of training a week.

Superemo -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread #33 (4/17/2013 23:31:08)

ACC: Second date with a girl was today.
Double-ACC: Third date is tomorrow.
Triple-ACC: Going to see The Evil Dead.
Quadra-ACC: Got some cinnamon-scented incense.
Penta-ACC: They have Batman Beyond on Netflix.

DIS: Cooked fried eggs without shoes today. Some of the grease splashed out of the pan and burned my foot. Not fun.

Silver -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread #33 (4/18/2013 1:05:13)

ACC: I beat all my friends of around my age in my apartment in swimming.
ACC: Beat almost all my friends in badminton as well!

Corvus Corax -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread #33 (4/19/2013 16:44:32)

Acc: Haven't drank soda in weeks. I think i've kicked the habit. :3

Memory of a Nightmare -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread #33 (4/20/2013 22:26:57)

Acc: Started working on a "techno-trance-lots-of-trumpets-and-horns-and-stuff" cover of Nightwish's "Nemo" in GarageBand. I've already done a lot of progress, mostly because I know all the chords. Now I get a fuzzy feeling inside when listening to what I've got so far. I've actually accomplished something this time. [:)]

Densoro -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread #33 (4/21/2013 0:20:35)

^ Dude, I'd love to hear that. Like actually. Hit me up when you feel it's ready for prime-time.

DIS: Feeling really low lately. So listless that I can't bring myself to read the stupid reference material for my upcoming essay. And by 'stupid,' I don't just mean 'something I feel like vaguely insulting.' Actually stupid.
???: Realizing part of what's got me so down. I guess it's what everybody kinda knew: breaking up with my childhood friend really did a number on my confidence. In the face of the responsible adults I meet on a regular basis and this whole crisis with losing my stepdad, those insecurities have all stepped further and further up.

Eukara Vox -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread #33 (4/21/2013 0:44:22)

???: I have two 12 year old boys. Not sure what that means...

ACC/DIS: My older son bought his own iPod. But now, with this "facetime" thing, I feel like I only have one child. My husband frequently asks if we have one or two kids because my older son and his best friend talk NONSTOP. I am glad he has this friend, but dang it, I want my kid back!

ACC: Got through in interview today to work at a camp that specialises in abused and foster children sponsored by our church.

DIS: Had to explain why I wasn't sure I was counselor material, which is why I applied for visual/media or other support staff. I know I am not counselor material, but having to explain it isn't comforting. I love kids, but I like being someone like a game director or craft or media. I get to interact with ALL of them, but they don't have to be dependent on me. I am not an emotional person, and these kids need that. I just don't think I could provide them with what they need from a counselor.

DIS: I don't know what I did... but I hurt something around my left shoulder blade and moving is excruciating. Will be going to see my husband's chiropractor Monday.

???: A potential teaching job for next year may entail teaching middle school algebra.

DarkDevil -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread #33 (4/22/2013 19:24:18)

DIS: the next test is next week and i think i aint ready
DIS: player age of empires 2 and reached the part where i made an army and attacking then game stoped working [:(]
DIS: my internet connection is now slow so i am unable to access any other game but AQ and DF but at least i can play those
ACC: got a new smartphone which made me happy
ACC: i dont have to leave the house for nearly a month but only 2 days next week.

Cataclysm -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread #33 (4/22/2013 20:31:09)

Acc: Hurling practice is coming along well. I've still got a long way to go, but I think I'm doing alright for someone who just started playing a week and a half ago.
Dis: I definitely messed up my left shoulder. Thing aches like mad. Looks like I won't be taking any more right shots for awhile.
Acc: Means I'm forced to work on my rather poor lefts.
Dis: Seriously, this shoulder thing is obnoxious. I can't put any weight into it and just stretching it hurts. No right striking is going to be a hassle given most of our drills focus on right hits... Oh well.
Dis: Probably shouldn't have tested if it was good enough to hit by smashing the sliotar. I think I felt something that I should not have felt.
???: Practice Wodnesday. No clue if my arm will be in decent shape by then. Plan to stretch it and work with it until then, though. Otherwise... I'll be practicing my left hits.

Nightly -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread #33 (4/22/2013 20:50:53)

Acc: Decided to rejoin the forums for at least the summer. Which will start in two weeks.
Dis: Need to get pass finals first.
Acc: Nothing hard there, just need to study for one class and get 80% or less on my other finals to get A's and another 4.0 for the semester.

Womba -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread #33 (4/23/2013 6:04:49)

Dis: Can't breath again... constant headaches... lots of bone aches from storms. Did I ever mention how much I STRONGLY dislike warm weather?

Dis: Went to the Civil War V fighting game tournament over the weekend. It was boring. It was awfully disappointing.

Dis: People on me every day over every little thing. I'm not a robot, I DO have stress. These constant naggings only serve to make me less and less likely to do anything.

Wildroses -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread #33 (4/23/2013 8:07:33)

ACC: I think I've finally made a full recovery from the gastro that flattened me back in Easter. Now not only am I at work 9-5 five days a week, I am actually working for all those hours. There were some days I would spend hours staring blankly at a computer screen doing nothing but watching the minutes tick by while being thankful nobody was asking me to do anything.
DIS: The last two days have been a haze of exhaustion and stress after an innocent question from me prompted my manager to do a quick check of the confidential files which turned up an awful lot of holes in the information we sent to a government investigating team several weeks ago. I suppose it's good we realised what had happened and sent corrected and complete information, but part of me wishes I'd kept my stupid mouth shut, especially after we got given a deadline of lunch today.
ACC: Made the deadline. Now to deal with all the work which piled up while we were going over the confidential files...

Corvus Corax -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread #33 (4/24/2013 13:14:15)

Dis: My mini vacation is over. Back to work I go.
Acc: I have a job to go back to. (hugs job)

Silver -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread #33 (4/24/2013 13:56:57)

Acc: Caught a "minor" shoplifter today. I went to buy bread, and I saw a man stealing lollipops. The shopkeepers and I caught him though.

Memory of a Nightmare -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread #33 (4/25/2013 2:15:29)

Dis: So much to do, not enough time. Like reading 300 pages of a book until tomorrow. I'll have like 4 hours of spare time to do this.

Travis Touchdown -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread #33 (4/25/2013 14:37:38)

ACC: So, I'm actually working out some sort of exercise regiment. Not particularly heavy, considering how out of shape I am and I need to build myself up before I can go full bore without hurting myself, but a regiment all the same.
ACC/DIS: Also *trying* to diet to go with it. Unfortunately, I've hit a few walls there-- namely the fact that "healthy breakfast", "reasonably filling", and "quick" cannot seem to work out a way to fit into the same sentence.
DIS: What I could also do without is the fighting. Yeah, I know I've needed to do this for years, but I wish my family wasn't making me miss the almost hermit-esque life of a private dorm. >_> I mean, for crying out loud, if you guys KNEW the most minor of things that evolve into a drop-down dragged out fight around here...
DIS: Bad ankle's been flareing up again, making the exercise a bit dicey. I walked off the soft shoulder of one of the gravel roads around here and my ankle did not appreciate the landing. Three days now it's been hurting... hope it stops soon.

Lazz -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread #33 (4/27/2013 13:51:09)

ACC: This youtube video called "Thomas in da club" just made my day. Why hadn't I heard about this before?

Cataclysm -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread #33 (4/28/2013 23:57:19)

Dis: Hurling was brutal today.
Acc: Ended up doing a lot better than I thought in the end, though. Looks like I'm not so shabby.
Dis: Still got a long way to go. Need to work on cranking hits better and hitting people harder.

Stray Cat -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread #33 (4/30/2013 6:37:55)

DIS: Ran out of milk.
ACC: Discovered the bliss that is coffee with a load of thickened cream stirred into it.
ACC: Anzac biscuits.

UnderSoul -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread #33 (4/30/2013 18:18:45)

ACC: Due to certain circumstances, I find myself a... I suppose "kid lawyer" descibes it.
DIS: Just found out around 32 members of my... extended family were arrested recently.

Xplayer -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread #33 (4/30/2013 19:48:19)

Acc: New avvy of my plush from the convention a week ago.

kors -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread #33 (5/2/2013 8:45:11)

ACC: Snow day!
DIS: Now school may end on a monday...
???: First time my home state has ever had school canceled due to snow(!) in May!
SUPER DIS: Power went out almost 20 minutes ago...

Nightly -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread #33 (5/2/2013 10:05:21)

ACC: Officially done with my first year of college ^^

Acc/Dis: Still waiting for my finals grades. Pretty nervous!

Dis: I miss my college buddies ;-;

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