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Voodoo Master -> Zoo Breakout (4/27/2013 2:58:12)

Zoo Breakout

Location: Monster Zoo -> Up Right -> Right -> Anoril -> Quests -> Breakout!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: April 26th, 2013

Objective: The elemental runes are failing in some of the zoo sections, can you stop the breakouts!
Objective completed: You've gathered the monsters and Anoril has fixed that section... for now!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes


Fire Section
(2) Flame-Ingo
(2) Lava Daver
(2) Lava Glob

Ice & Water Section
(1) Draydenfish Zombie
(1) Frost Drake
(2) Paindeer
(2) Puddle

Doomwood Section
(1) Draydenfish Zombie
(1) Gargoyle
(1) Mummy
(1) Paindeer
(2) Zombie Tog

The Sandsea Section
(1) Archeonaut
(1) Mummy
(2) Sandstone
(2) Sandstorm

Mountainous Section
(2) Archeonaut
(1) Earth Elemental
(1) Sandstorm
(2) Spiketoad

Forest Section
(1) Earth Elemental
(1) Frogidile
(1) Golden Cabit
(2) Mushroom
(1) Snuffleant

The Aquarium Section
(1) Frogidile
(2) Giant Piranha
(1) Lagoon Goon
(1) Puddle
(1) SeaMonkey

Zards Section
(1) Protozard


Monster Master Cap (I-VIII)

Anoril: Hero, there have been reports of the elemental runes failing in some parts of the zoo... I need your help to stop the breakouts!

  • Breakout!

    You are in one of the zoo's sections. Defeat all the monsters who have escaped. Once you do so, the quest is completed.

    Other Information
  • The breakouts are similar to War Waves, and the breakout from the Zards Section is similar to a Joke Wave. The character even says "Ew... drooly." while approaching the zard.

    Thanks to Stephen Nix for monster link.

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