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Ultrapowerpie -> The New New Paxian Revival Movement! (7/3/2013 18:04:02)

That's right folks, we're giving it one more shot! Thanks to Euky, Paxia is being given some much deserved attention, and I fully intend to capitalize on it and keep the ball rolling! Or at the very least if things fall flat again we'll have a nice archive of what happened for historical purposes (but let's not that happen).

This post will be updated as things develop, so keep coming back!

Useful links for your revival needs:
The letter that started it all (this time around)
A response to said letter that still has not been formally replied to
The first newsletter detailing Paxia's first event in a long time
An awessome Paxia Suggestion thread by the Moogle inspired by the past (under construction)
Clan Armors Suggestion by Slayer Ronin
Poems and Stories specifically about Xov's assault on Paxia

Have something you think should be added to the front post? Tell the Moogle here!

Table of Contents

1) What to do if your clan is dead after you poked with a stick- Reforming the government!
2) Paxia Post- A Newsletter perhaps...
3) More to come!

First order of Business for Reviving Paxia: How to revive your dead clan.

Have you come here to Paxia excited by a newsletter filled with something Paxia related? Are you an eager forumite ready to show your love for your clan but find it hard to show said love when your current government seems a bit... dead?

Fear not, for you are not alone in you predicament! Paxian Revivals happen because things are dead, and so when the time to wake up hits and no one's answering, it's time to remove the dead weight and start anew!!

First thing to do: Check your clan's government type. All clans except for Dynami and Nautica have Clan Council organizations of some sort, so please check those for leaders. If you don't see any recent posts, click their profile and look when they last logged in. if it's been a couple of months, good chance they may be gone. If it's over 6 months, definitely go to step 2 here.

Step 2: Post here! Here at the NNPRM we're trying to keep everyone active, and if a clan is dead as a doornail, we want to help the seeds sprout! (horrible analogy? you decide!!). Post your clan, explination of what's going on, who was in charge, links to verify your claims that your clan is dead in the leadership department, and if you yourself are interested in helping head the new government or know someone who is.

Step 3: Get more people intersted in your clan's leadership! It's lonely at the top, friends make it fun.

Step 4: Once things are hashed out, the Moogle (or another Clans AK) will assist with setting you up with the new thread, explain stuff/history to you and more!!!

Government Activity Status of All Clans (Please see Paxia FAQ for more info about clans):

Aerodu- Active, holding nominations right now, go check it out! Council thread
Dynami- May seem dead but they're there, lurking. Council thread
Geoto- Clan head, Oliver Bell, is still active so no need for government upheaval, but feel free to poke him. Council thread
Glacius- Overthrowing Dead Old Regime to eventually get to Restructuring Council thread
Igneus- Undergoing Restructuring Council thread
Lucian- Mostly active on their own Private forum, currently led by Eschaton Thunder with theosenia as second in command. Council thread
Nautica- Undergoing Restructuring Link to the Amphitheatre, the Nautican meeting grounds
Nocturu- Undergoing Restructuring Council thread

Note see this post for more info on what "restructuring" means.

You may want to know more about the clan's actual government and whatnot. Great interest, however right now I'm not going to put all that in here cause the Moogle is very buseh. It WILL get added, but if someone else wants to make a brief summary for their clan's goverment structure, feel free.

More importantly is the "Clan Head" a position that formally charges a forumite to act as liaison between AKs and his clan and also is the forum leader of the clan when you boil it all down. Note I said FORUM leader, not actual clan leader. That's currently your NPC.

Section 2: The New Paxia Post?

It's been suggested we have a newsletter. Teh Paxia Post was Paxia's newsletter during the Big Three, and can still be foundin traces here:

It's up to y'all if you want a newsletter. I'll contribute to it but I'm certainly not organizing it. So far, nothing has been set up on this.

Ok guys, I can only do so much by myself before I get tired. Have ideas for what we need here? Please post, especially in a fromat you'd like me to just copy and paste here!!!

Let's breathe new life to this island :D

EDIT: added the clan links and added to clan statuses, also made some small spelling corrections ~ Oliver Bell 07/02/13
EDIT2: updated Igneus' status ~ Oliver Bell 07/03/13

theosenia -> RE: The New New Paxian Revival Movement! (7/2/2013 15:51:02)

Great idea,Pie!
Let us all get well prepared.

You might want to correct the Lucian clan's "status" on your first post,though.From "unknown" to the following:

Clan Head: Eschaton Thunder.
Second-in-command: theosenia.
(You can find all the info you might need on the Representatives of Lucian Clan Council thread.)

Also, we are extremely active! Both on the Forum AND in game. We have always been... [:D]

Good luck to all! For Paxia! :-)

Oliver Bell -> RE: The New New Paxian Revival Movement! (7/2/2013 16:00:13)

Good idea Ultrapowerpie though if activity does return to Paxia I reccomend ammending this:

Geoto- Clan head is still active so no need for government upheaval, but feel free to poke him

to say the rest of the council postions are available when there aare enough people to start an election.

mythicswords -> RE: The New New Paxian Revival Movement! (7/2/2013 16:00:20)


Have ideas for what we need here?

Maybe some sort of newsletter to know about paxia's whereabouts.
(I'm telling what i have in mind since i'm not sure of what could be useful to add in this post)

tommy2468 -> RE: The New New Paxian Revival Movement! (7/2/2013 16:08:11)


Have ideas for what we need here?

I am sure this will have been talked about a lot before, but I think that there should be in-game mention of the forums. It has been said numerous times that there are players that are completely unaware of the forums. This would be a task for a member of the game developers rather than Ultrapowerpie but UPP has a good voice in the forums here and can provide a good fight for that [:)]

The Clan Head of Glacius is Baron and I left him a PM the other day just asking him several questions about Glacius and his thoughts on the revival.

He has been online recently, but has not posted in quite some time. But I am hopeful that he will return to the forums to find a big surprise for him XD

Ultrapowerpie -> RE: The New New Paxian Revival Movement! (7/2/2013 16:19:07)

Baron is gone, long long gone from the forums, Glacius I am well aware needs an upheaval but I have arbitrarily made a process so Tommy, please follow said process and we'll get Glacius a little bit thawed out.

@Theo- Wait, you wut? Nonsense, you guys rarely post on the AEFs at all. The most active was with that read about Xov's letter, you haven't been....


*goes to the Lucian Private Forums*

YOU FIENDS! You've been lurking there all this time and didn't ONCE invite me for your famous Lucian Lemon Licorice? Just for that y'all pull double duty in helping out. I don't know what that means but rest assured you will do double of whatever it is.


More importantly, a newsletter is great. I will not be in charge of it. I'm already running enough stuff here to keep me occupied and I want others doing things to help spread the movement like a ripple effect. Or I'm lazy. Take your pick of explanations.

Updating first post... oh we need a list of all the clan heads right now... yeah I'll go add that too.

SIGMUND -> RE: The New New Paxian Revival Movement! (7/2/2013 16:23:49)


Enough said.

Oliver Bell -> RE: The New New Paxian Revival Movement! (7/2/2013 16:26:31)

I recommend you also link each clan's council thread, since those normally have some useful info, such as election rules and a list of current council members. For members trying to find out who their council and clan head are that is the thread to check.

Ultrapowerpie -> RE: The New New Paxian Revival Movement! (7/2/2013 16:28:00)

BTW, since Theo and Oliver are also AKs, are more then welcome to help edit the post and you are free to poke them to add info if I'm not around/is busy etc.

Currently doing something else so it's clear to update the first post. *grumbles about RL*

Oliver Bell -> RE: The New New Paxian Revival Movement! (7/2/2013 16:34:19)

Ok I will add the links to the council threads myself.
EDIT: added.

tommy2468 -> RE: The New New Paxian Revival Movement! (7/2/2013 16:39:47)

Just gonna put down here Glacius' current state. Every member of the High Command have left the forums.

And here is the link to the High Command forum:

The High Command's positions, forum names, when they last posted and the link to their forum page as proof:

Clan Head - Baron (last posted 5/15/2012)
Forum Page -

Cross-Clan Cordinator - 137ben (last posted 10/13/2011)
Forum Page -

Recruitment and Retention - brianspenceni (last posted 8/15/2011)
Forum Page -

Clan Artist - Cryogenesis (last posted 1/28/2011)
Forum Page -

War General - Arctic Ninja (last posted 7/16/2012)
Forum Page -

Oliver Bell -> RE: The New New Paxian Revival Movement! (7/2/2013 16:54:18)

I have added that the Glacius High Command are inactive to the first post, no real need to name them on the first post after they have been inactive for so long.

Ultrapowerpie -> RE: The New New Paxian Revival Movement! (7/2/2013 17:04:14)

Yeah, I know/knew those guys... sadly they are gone.

Alright, by the power invested in me by the AE forums as an AK of Paxia, and self-proclaimed Mog-Father of Paxia, I hereby declare the current members of the GHC too inactive to hold office and oust them from their positions. If they for some reason come back in the next few days or whatnot I'll be more then happy to reinstate them, but being inactive for that long simply will not do!

So, time for step 3/4: Get some friends. Tommy, see if you can find some other Glacians and then we can go and turn over thread ownership and whatnot to the new active Glacians...

Also, uhh, you guys need to decide on a clan forum description... actually let me go ask Goof something...

Carry on!!!

tommy2468 -> RE: The New New Paxian Revival Movement! (7/2/2013 17:07:54)

I'll go and take a look at the Glacius page and try find active members. I'll do my best!!!

I have messaged a number of clan members that have shown forum activity within the past few months.

I have asked that they leave a little post in the "Glacius Awakens for War" thread (below) that I created earlier today to notify that they are still active

Ultrapowerpie -> RE: The New New Paxian Revival Movement! (7/2/2013 17:53:57)

That'll work, I need to finalize things with Goof to make sure he's ok with all this since he's head mod around here so in the mean time....

Oh, history threads! Not every clan has a history thread, or updated one! That in addition to a newsletter are good starting points!!!

0Neo -> RE: The New New Paxian Revival Movement! (7/2/2013 18:12:59)

not sure what to do but here I am on Nocturu's behalf. Already pmed our high revenant to see if he can come here and do...whatever @Ultrapowerpie wants the clan's true representatives to do

EDIT: I've checked the current high council members of Nocturu and discovered our scions' last logged in was made a month ago and our high revenant last logged in a couple months ago. While not dead, the Nocturu high council doesn't seem to be active for the current event so I'm here to represent Nocturu until they appear. I've already pmed the members of the high council, all we can do now is wait

this are each of the NHC forum pages:

our leader, high revenant .Discipline:
our scion of data, Riffus Maximus:
our scion of art, miss Helixi:

there is no scion of war

EDIT X2: I've pmed clan members that last posted 2 months ago or less. I think there is a good enough chance we'll find some Nocturu representatives

EDIT X3 it pains me to announce Riffus Maximus, our scion of nightmares and data gatherer is leaving us. The NHC is now half of what it should be and I haven't heard anything from our scion of art or our high revenant

Ultrapowerpie -> RE: The New New Paxian Revival Movement! (7/2/2013 20:17:10)

Ok, Nocturu is at least one scion short, so unless the rest are all gone 0Neo can easily step into the now vacant positions. Since the other guys are AKs I'll poke around see if they're ok.

IN the meantime I do have approval from SCAKK to do the whole turnover process so once Glacius gets hopefully one or two more people we'll get that setteled...

Ok so that just leaves Igneus and Nautica for unknown/dead dead.

0Neo -> RE: The New New Paxian Revival Movement! (7/2/2013 20:24:46)

@Ultapowerpie just wanted to note the NHC is composed of the high revenant and 3 scions. As of now, we're 2 scions short and the remaining members haven't heeded the call

Ultrapowerpie -> RE: The New New Paxian Revival Movement! (7/2/2013 20:31:32)

Alright, unless we get more Nocturu member sthis will be easy to sort then... Give them a day or two, I talked with Eukara (their head mod), she says they're wrapping up school.

Ok, so I'm initiating a new project, called "Update the Paxia FAQ"

Very simple, just post information you want added about your clan. Specifically I am adding a forum section to this FAQ to describe the forum aspects of the clans and whatnot.

Have at it :D

dragonfire1423 -> RE: The New New Paxian Revival Movement! (7/2/2013 22:34:56)

As you said, Nautica is dead... Like... REALLY dead. I just checked back there, and the last post from anyone is from December last year. Many links are nuked, and the members themselves haven't been active much at all. Is there any type of separate forum we could post to call them out into the open?
I think it's safe to bet that if it isn't mentioned elsewhere, no-one in Nautica will know of the Clan forum's existance, and I'd hate to see a clan wiped of the face of Lore without me orchestrating it.

Jokes aside now, the previous Nautican council disbanded because there was no sense of NEED in the forums. No one had power, and therefor no reason to stay for the party.

I have no power there at the minute, so I can't exactly do much in the way of fixing things up without an AK to nuke stuff, nor do I have the time.

LegendaryFighter -> RE: The New New Paxian Revival Movement! (7/3/2013 0:57:23)

I wasn't around back when Paxia was still active so am not very familiar with the politics, but I am a member of Igneus and would be willing to help revive it if any of the leadership is still around and needs some help.

0Neo -> RE: The New New Paxian Revival Movement! (7/3/2013 1:03:39)

@LegendaryFighter welcome to the revolution, since no-one else is around you will be the representative of Igneus for the first post on this thread, it'll tell you what to do although I recommend you should pm the current leaders and see if they're still around

CH4OT1C! -> RE: The New New Paxian Revival Movement! (7/3/2013 1:12:44)

I'm happy to stand up and help for igneus as well, after all, it is my duty to help

0Neo -> RE: The New New Paxian Revival Movement! (7/3/2013 1:14:48)

@CH4OT1C welcome as well, you can talk to LegendaryFighter and decide how Igneus will act. Again, I encourage you to pm your leaders

LegendaryFighter -> RE: The New New Paxian Revival Movement! (7/3/2013 1:21:29)

The only leader left in Igneus is Clan Head sacchi; I PMed him to inform him of the revitalization if he isn't following the forums, but until and if he replies it's just us.

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