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Rose Agent

Location: Caught in a Vise, A Decisive Blow, A New Discovery, Gorillaphant Warfare

Quests given

Shops owned

Caught in a Vise

Rose Agent: It seems The Vind got to the dravir settlement earlier than expected, General.

Rose Agent: Still hot on the trail we laid out for them, sir.

Rose Agent: Sir?

Rose Agent: Understood, sir.

Rose Agent: ...

Rose Agent: I will not, General Akanthus! Sir!

A Decisive Blow

Rose Agent: What? How did you–

Rose Agent: Such savagery. General Akanthus was right. You Vind are dangers to Lore.
Rose Agent: This dragon has been... tamed. It is under my command. The command of The Rose.

Rose Agent: You'll get your chance to meet him. After you're pacified.
Rose Agent: Guards! Guards! The Vind is here!

Rose Agent: And who are you supposed to be?

Rose Agent: No matter. Just another threat to be brought low!

Rose Agent: No... it can't be! I know you! You're... you're... you're <Character>!
Rose Agent: And you're helping the Vind!
Rose Agent: I must... No... This isn't right! I must inform General Akanthus.
Rose Agent: Dragon! Help me, dragon!

Rose Agent: General... Akanthus... I must not fail...

A New Discovery

???: ... opened on its very own?

???: Isn't it wonderful that we meet again...

???: ... <Character>?

Gorillaphant Warfare

???: Well... this is a surprise...
???: But your visit, <Character>, however unexpected, is no less delightful!

???: Letter?

???: No...
???: While the idea is tempting... I have strict orders from Master Lexoris to follow.
???: Whoever might have sent you that letter was not I.

???: Master Lexoris! The Head of Research into Magic Control and Containment under Magus Z. An ingenious and brilliant mind that—

???: That—
???: ... You do not remember me?

Rose Agent: ... YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!


Rose Agent: ... Beg your pardon?

Rose Agent: But... I'm—

Rose Agent: ... What?

Rose Agent: Step away from our prisoner....

Rose Agent: Or these Gorillaphants that have had their natural strength and endurance greatly enhanced by our new grade of Rose bracelets will make you...

Rose Agent: ...
Rose Agent: Research.

Rose Agent: Do you seriously pretend not to know, <Character>?

Rose Agent: For Peace and Justice, of course!
Rose Agent: To put a stop to all the evils that have brought pain to friends! Family! Loved ones!
Rose Agent: With this research... we can make sure every thing that has caused harm can be controlled...
Rose Agent: ... that all things that try to bring the evils of misery and suffering to our door step are robbed of their ability to do so!
Rose Agent: And to protect common people from being wronged! Just like you do! Our goals and aims are the same!
Rose Agent: We seek to accomplish the same th—

Rose Agent: Stop them from what?! Going on to continue with their trespasses again?!

Rose Agent: Does stopping any number of Necromancers, time and time again, ever prevent them from returning—
Rose Agent: —and raising more of our dead loved ones to come and rip us to shreds!?
Rose Agent: Did vanquishing the Pyromancer Xan all those times ever stop him from continuing to wreak havoc around the Kingdom?!

Rose Agent: But nothing!

Rose Agent: You're blinded by your own glory.
Rose Agent: Not protecting people, but simply letting all the monsters that walk this world continue to wreak destruction on the innocent!

Rose Agent: And I believed in you! That you had the world's best concerns at heart!
Rose Agent: But if that's the danger you're going to expose the world to...
Rose Agent: ... then you might as well just stay here!

Other information
  • Rose Agent previously appeared in the retired quest A New Worry; any retired content has been archived on its respective entry.
  • Also known as Maximillien.

    Unmasked Appearance

    Thanks to Jay for images, other information, and corrections.

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