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Gorillaphant Warfare

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6/16/2017 20:33:42   

Gorillaphant Warfare

Location: The Shears -> Up -> Right -> 2 Up Right -> Into the building -> Left -> Up -> Sir Leon -> Quests -> Sanctuary's Return -> Gorillaphant Warfare
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Oculus Tower and Tournament of Champions Part 2 / (Easy)
Release Date: June 16th, 2017

Objective: Determined foes pull out all the tricks! Watch out for the Rose Agent and his Gorillaphant tactics!
Objective completed: Aaaaaaahhhh! Run for it!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(2) Gorillaphant, (1) Rose Agent - Boss

Enraged G-phant(s)
Rose Agent
Rose Researcher

Rose Researcher's Mask (All Versions)

Access to Warfare Loot for DCs.

  • Sir Leon joins you as Guest A.

    *Continuing the events of where you and Leon last left off, both of you are confronted by the Rose Agent who is accompanied by a Manahuntress and a Rose Researcher.*

    ???: Well... this is a surprise...
    ???: But your visit, <Character>, however unexpected, is no less delightful!
    <Character>: Didn't you send me a letter telling me to come here?
    ???: Letter?
    <Character>: So you don't have a clue? You weren't the one that sent it?
    ???: No...
    ???: While the idea is tempting... I have strict orders from Master Lexoris to follow.
    ???: Whoever might have sent you that letter was not I.
    <Character>: Master who?
    ???: Master Lexoris! The Head of Research into Magic Control and Containment under Magus Z. An ingenious and brilliant mind that—
    <Character>: Eeeeasy. I get it.

    <Character>: I'm not asking for a full bio.
    <Character>: So, who does that make you then?
    ???: That—
    ???: ... You do not remember me?
    <Character>: Nope. Not a sausage.

    *The agent puts on his skull mask to help jog your memory; he takes it off to find that you are staring blankly at him; irritated, he repeatedly puts on and removes his mask, but your reaction does not change, until you put on a cheery smile.*

    <Character>: Uh... nice mask?
    Rose Agent: ... YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!
    <Character>: Hey now!

    <Character>: I am not saying we've never met... just that I don't remember you.
    <Character>: Did you read my terms of employment?
    Rose Agent: ... Beg your pardon?
    <Character>: I'm the Hero of Falconreach! Section 4C of Article 45 of the Hero code stipulates—
    <Character>: —that I'm only obliged to remember villains who were at least semi-memorable in the storyline!

    *The agent's eyes widen in disbelief while you smirk playfully; shortly afterwards, your expression returns to normal.*

    <Character>: But seriously, I don't know what you expected... I beat a bunch of lugs silly an average of five times a day.
    Rose Agent: But... I'm—

    *The agent is speechless, but the researcher is quick to interrupt his train of thought without hesitation.*

    Rose Researcher: Um... Maximillien, Sir.
    Rose Agent: ... What?
    Rose Researcher: The other one's taking the prisoner...

    *The agent's eyes widen again and he looks at the wall where the man used to be; just before Leon got caught, he placed the captive on the ground; he smiles at the aggressors awkwardly; the agent becomes frustrated.*

    <Character>: Drats... almost had him.
    Rose Agent: Step away from our prisoner....
    <Character>: Or what? You'll make us?

    *Two Gorillaphants shackled in the green bracelets arrive at the agent's side to help him deal with you and Leon.*

    Rose Agent: Or these Gorillaphants that have had their natural strength and endurance greatly enhanced by our new grade of Rose bracelets will make you...
    Enraged G-phant (1), Enraged G-phant (2) (in unison): *furious Gorillaphant growls*

    *You pause at the sight of the two new formidable opponents.*

    <Character>: Know what? I should stop asking stupid rhetorical questions.
    Leon: It doesn't look like taking the prisoner and making a run for it is an option anymore.
    Leon: Our foes want to crush the competition by way of enhancements.
    <Character>: Maybe, but they're not the only ones who can up the ante!

    <Character>: Ready for a fight, Sir Leon?

    *Leon looks at you with a smile; he removes a vial of mana from his belt and smashes it on the floor; the droplet immediately shapes itself into an upgraded mana-infused sword for Leon to use in combat.*

    Leon: Ready when you are, <Character>!

  • Battle! - begins battle with 2 Gorillaphant and Rose Agent.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to The Shears.

    *You and Sir Leon battle the Rose Agent and the two shackled Gorillaphants until you both emerge victorious.*

    Leon: Your game is up, Rose Agent. Tell us what the Rose is doing here.
    Rose Agent: ...
    Rose Agent: Research.
    <Character>: What for? What are you seeking to accomplish with this research?
    Rose Agent: Do you seriously pretend not to know, <Character>?
    <Character>: No?
    Rose Agent: For Peace and Justice, of course!
    Rose Agent: To put a stop to all the evils that have brought pain to friends! Family! Loved ones!
    Rose Agent: With this research... we can make sure every thing that has caused harm can be controlled...
    Rose Agent: ... that all things that try to bring the evils of misery and suffering to our door step are robbed of their ability to do so!
    Rose Agent: And to protect common people from being wronged! Just like you do! Our goals and aims are the same!
    Rose Agent: We seek to accomplish the same th—
    <Character>: That's nothing like what I do! When a bad guy shows up, I stop them and leave it at that. That's how you—
    Rose Agent: Stop them from what?! Going on to continue with their trespasses again?!
    <Character>: No, I just—
    Rose Agent: STOP BEING NAIVE!
    Rose Agent: Does stopping any number of Necromancers, time and time again, ever prevent them from returning—
    Rose Agent: —and raising more of our dead loved ones to come and rip us to shreds!?
    Rose Agent: Did vanquishing the Pyromancer Xan all those times ever stop him from continuing to wreak havoc around the Kingdom?!
    <Character>: No, but...
    Rose Agent: But nothing!
    <Character>: Putting every person that ever made a wrong choice in chains won't stop people from making wrong choices!
    Rose Agent: You're blinded by your own glory.
    Rose Agent: Not protecting people, but simply letting all the monsters that walk this world continue to wreak destruction on the innocent!
    <Character>: If you'd only listen to me, you'd know that's not true—
    Rose Agent: And I believed in you! That you had the world's best concerns at heart!
    Rose Agent: But if that's the danger you're going to expose the world to...
    Rose Agent: ... then you might as well just stay here!

    *The agent flees the scene in a fit of rage, tears now streaming down his face; you call out to him, but it's pointless.*

    <Character>: No, wait! You've got it all wrong! Come back!
    Leon: <Character>!
    Leon: Forget about him for now! We need to get this man out of here!
    Leon: He hasn't stirred at all since we found him... I think he is in need of serious medical attention!
    <Character>: ... Right. Just give me a second to grab the stuff he dropped and put it in my backpack. Could be useful.

    *You hear a loud, startling rumble that causes you to panic.*

    <Character>: ...What was that?!
    ???: Warning...
    ???: Self-destruction mechanism of this facility activated...

    ???: Breakdown imminent in... T-1 minute.
    Leon: This place is going to come down in mere moments!
    <Character>: Avatars!!

    <Character>: Grab his legs! We have to run!

    *Scene cuts to black; off-screen, you and Leon carry the man and fortunately make it out of the the facility with just thirty seconds to spare.*

    ???: Breakdown imminent in... T-30 seconds.

    *Scene fades back in to depict a lone green bracelet that was dropped on the ground as a mysterious figure approaches it.*

    ???: Breakdown in 15...

    *The figure made of an armored wood grabs the shackle.*

    ???: Breakdown in 5...

    *Scene fades to black.*

    ???: Countdown complete.

    ???: Self-destruction engaged.

    *In the shadows, a man briefly chuckles.*

  • Complete Quest
  • DC Reward Shop - opens Warfare Loot for DCs shop.

    Other information
  • Chronologically, it is recommended to complete the quest A New Discovery before this quest and continuing with The Shears' story.
  • Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • Absorbed the energy of the Gorillaphant!

  • Next Up: Rose Pajamas

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