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If you have an idea for a new guide topic that is not already covered by an existing guide, please use this thread to formally propose your suggestion.

Topic: What would be a working title for this guide?
Purpose: What does this guide hope to achieve? What is the objective here?
Reason: Why is such a guide useful?
Checked Threads: What threads have you checked to confirm that there is not already a guide on the topic in question, and what makes it different from other guides?
[b]Checked Threads:[/b] 
The AQW Guides AKs will be editing in feedback on your suggestion, mainly evaluating its feasibility. If the AQW Guides AKs find your guide topic useful, it will be added to the Guide Vacancies thread where prospective guide writers can fulfill the request. Note that if your request is approved, your post will be deleted.

The following guides have been discontinued. The AQW Guides Team is appreciative of the effort that has been put into these guides, but the topics in question are no longer needed. They are straightforward and can generally be completed without an aid.
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  • Heroes Heart Day
  • Lucky Day

    Thanks to Pae for the above template.

  • aang195 -> RE: =AQW= Guide Requests (7/8/2014 16:02:24)

    Topic: Guide to animations
    Purpose: To show people the items which have animations as well as a picture of the animation happening for people to see that animation as well.
    Reason: Animations are a new idea which have been released. A guide would help people see the different animations which occur, and therefore allow everyone to enjoy them. Also, if people are considering buying a certain item for the animation, it would help them choose the items based on the animation.
    Checked Threads: No guides have been created due to it being a new concept being introduced.

    NB: May I please make the guide if it has been approved

    Request denied. I don't feel this topic is guide-worthy; it isn't something that needs explaining in any great detail. If you wish to discuss this decision please PM me. Thanks. -Laos

    blitzacid -> RE: =AQW= Guide Requests (10/12/2015 12:04:50)

    Topic: Guide to Mother of Monster's story line.
    Purpose: To show people who don't know the 1st stage and where to go next in the story line.
    Reason: I have found myself lost in the story, I don't know where to go next and I think a guide about the new story line will be a great help for other players who're also lost like me.
    Checked Threads: No guides have been created.

    There is already the Storyline Walkthrough: Chapter 2 - Ancient Evils guide awaiting ownership in the Guide Vacancies thread. ~.Shadow//

    MQ dude -> RE: =AQW= Guide Requests (8/5/2016 8:14:25)

    Topic: Farming guide for NSoD and AFDL.
    Purpose: To guide players on the most efficient ways to acquire said items.
    Reason: There should've been a guide on NSoD before AFDL even arrived.
    Also, as someone who hardly ever farmed for Nulgath's items until now, getting AFDL is terribly confusing. Which quests should be done to get x? Which items should be kept or thrown away?
    Checked Threads: Comprehensive Legendary Items Guide-- it hasn't updated in a while :(

    My post here pretty much sums up where we are at with guides for these things, but basically it takes a while to make the guide and do it well. Both of these items will hopefully get an entry in the CLIG, but for now, other resources such as the Farming Discussion Thread are our stand-ins. ~Shadowhunt

    ChronoEye -> RE: =AQW= Guide Requests (8/28/2016 8:57:44)

    Topic: Sepulchure's DoomKnight Armor
    Purpose: To aid us members, like myself, to get the fast ways of getting the Armor.
    Reason: There are difficult parts ofthe farming progress, such as the first 102 Dark Spirit Orbs. A full guide for this armor (fast ways to farm, etc.) would be required/wished for. It'd also be even more useful, if we'd be told what class(es) are recommended to be used for the fast kills during this quest chain.
    Checked Threads: The Guides thread and even General Discussion. This one does not seem to exist.

    SDKA is already covered by the Comprehensive Legendary Items Guide. ~Shadowhunt

    juanz1996 -> RE: =AQW= Guide Requests (9/23/2016 21:48:24)

    Topic: Guide for non-mem/non-legend items that require member/legend to get.
    Purpose: To have a solid base about what can you do with your mem and be able to use after the mem expire for example, skyguard rep items, character page badges, items(weapons, helms, armors etc), classes you can get like chrono assassin, and etc etc.
    Reason: I meet a lot of people that buy membership for a short period of time and they wanna do the best before the membership expire. I know that there is a legend guide and some other but this idea is different.
    Checked Threads: I wasnt able to find anything like this.

    This is something that would be best incorporated into the Legend's guide, which is currently in need of a new owner. It does not need its own guide, and for the time being the Legendarea-free tag on the Wiki covers items that require membership to obtain but are useable as a Hero. ~Shadowhunt

    ari462 -> RE: =AQW= Guide Requests (8/6/2017 15:26:40)

    Topic: A Guide for Alchemy Combinations with Resulting Potions
    Purpose: The purpose is to show all combinations of reagents and the types of potions that may result from them.
    Reason: To start, the wiki's required reagents for potions are not accurate, or at least aren't complete. Second, there's no place that has all of this info in 1 easily accessible place.
    Checked Threads: There is a nice alchemy guide out there, but this guide is more focused on potion effects rather than creating the potions.

    This is something that would make an excellent addition to the current Alchemy guide, but does not warrant having its own guide. ~Shadowhunt

    Destroyer Type Z -> RE: =AQW= Guide Requests (10/31/2017 11:15:07)

    Topic: Useful/Recommended Class Weapon Damage Ranges
    Purpose: To determine or identify which weapon range best suits each class. Whether Stable damage (like 30-30 damage), Normal damage (like 27-33 damage), Unstable damage (like 0-60 or 10-50 damage) or super unstable (like unstable but with negative damage).
    Reason: to help confused people which weapons range they should pick for their class whether soloing, farming, PVP, or all of them in general.
    Checked Threads: Useful and Recommended Class Builds. There where some with which weapon range to choose but there where also many that don't have any guide to which weapon range is best suited for each class.

    This is often opinion-based and will become even more so after the rewrite, and can easily be asked in the Class Discussion Thread. It could be added to the new Useful/Recommended Class Builds guide when that gets made, but would be done at the discretion of the new owner. ~Shadowhunt

    Zordonic -> RE: =AQW= Guide Requests (10/13/2018 1:52:45)

    Sepulchure's Original Helm's Quest

    Location: Battleontown
    Gravelyn's 10th Birthday
    Requetments to Complate quest:
    -Gravelyn's DoomFire Token
    -You must Complate DarkThrone Saga to get it. Click on Gravelyn's Shop and you will find it there.
    -Lore's Champion Seal
    -You must Complate Chaos Saga, after this go to Book of Lore Achievements Chaos Saga and you will find it there it's a (misc) item.

    Request (if that's what this actually is) denied. Though guides for the various storylines may be warranted, the actual process of getting the Helm is incredibly straightforward and does not need its own guide. ~Shadowhunt

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