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Voodoo Master -> Barvra (8/13/2013 13:34:38)


Location: Soulless, Edelia

Quests given

Shops owned


Barvra: ...besides, you are supposed to do it by yourself Katia! It is your homework.

Barvra: Take a responsibility for once and weave that backpack!

Barvra: goodness, sweetie!

Barvra: Let me look at you, it's been over a year, you should visit more often!

Barvra: How are the hands?

Barvra: I didn't touch anything in your room, stay as long as you want! Want me to make you something to eat?

Barvra: Oh. Well, we didn't move him, he's in his room. I'm sure he'd love to see you!


Barvra: You'll be fine, Katia. Me and my soulally will be here, waiting and rooting for you! And when you're done, we'll go and eat as many pies as you like!

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