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Voodoo Master -> When? (12/1/2013 5:05:05)


Location: Thankstaking Storybook -> Chapter 8 -> Oishii -> When?
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: November 29th, 2013

Objective: Doctor wants to pay you back for everything you've done in the past...
Objective completed: Man, it's like those were the original monsters or something... To Be Continued!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(20) Sneevil

Doctor When
Mr. Voltabolt


Temporary Item
Electric Hair


*You are checking your picnic basket on the path to Swordhaven.*

<Character>: Let see... Oishii said to get magic beans, golden apples and.... Ew. Carrots. I hope I didn't forget anything...
<Character>: I just want one drama free Thankstaking, where I can eat, watch bloozeball, and then snooze. None of this Voltabolt-iz-ze-greatest-denzitz-zcientizt stuff again....

*You hear a strange sound.*

<Character>: I apparently spoke to soon... what is that noise? It sounds like the mechaturkey has a cold.

*Doctor When's blue phone booth appears in front of you, and a young man gets out of it; he has glasses, a goatee, and a bowtie.*

<Character>: Where did you come from....
Doctor When: When.
<Character>: ... What?
Doctor When: I'm the Doctor.
<Character>: Who?
Doctor When: When.
<Character>: What?
Doctor When: No, When.
<Character>: ... I'm just going to call you Doctor. Now, why are you here?
Doctor When: I owe you a trip.
<Character>: I have no idea who you are... how do you owe me a trip?
Doctor When: Let's just say it's payback.
<Character>: What?
Doctor When: I'm paying you back for your... bravery during the dark days of Sepulchure. Besides, haven't you ever wondered how the phone box works.
<Character>: Not really. Cysero said it was all just timey wimey stuff. How did you get it from him anyways?
Doctor When: ... Oh... me and Cysero go way back. I owe him a few things too.
<Character>: I don't think I have time to do anything with you anyways, though. I need to get this stuff to Oishii...
Doctor When: It is a time-travelling phone box. I think you'll be fine.
<Character>: Where do you want to take me?
Doctor When: Oh, you'll love it, not even Cysero has been there yet! It's called Stormca... Stormrage, very exciting place.
<Character>: Hmm, that does sound better than, ugh, carrot picking.
Doctor When: Let's go then!

*You and Doctor When enter the phone booth.*

<Character>: You really should do something about this "smaller on the inside" thing...
Doctor When: ... Could you move to the side a little, I just need to put in the right number...
<Character>: Oh! I almost forgot! I should call Lim and tell him what time to come to dinner!
Doctor When: Nooooooooooooo!

*The phone booth dematerializes, then reappears in a forest.*

<Character>: This has terrible reception. What is this, gnomish tech?
<Character>: With as few actual phones that there are, you'd think you'd be able to get through. Let me just go send him a quick message then...

*You exit the phone booth.*

<Character>: Wha... where are we?
Doctor When: The better question is when. What did you dial.
<Character>: 867-5309. I think... you kind of jostled me.

*Doctor When facepalms.*

Doctor When: Always go in first....
Doctor When: We've gone back at least 20 to 60 years...
<Character>: That's... kind of a large range. Considering.
Doctor When: You're not sure what you dialed?
<Character>: You jostled me!
Doctor When: Do you recognize anything around here?
<Character>: It kind of looks familiar... I'm sure if we keep going through the woods we'll find something.

*You fight many sneevils as you search the forest for any clue as to when you are; eventually you stumble upon Dr. Voltabolt's house.*

<Character>: Ugh, sneevils everywhere and this... I recognize. Voltabolt. It looks different though.
Doctor When: Someone is coming. Hide!

*You and Doctor When hide in the bushes; an older lady carrying a basket passes by.*

<Character>: Is that... is that a grandma? I... I always knew he had relatives but I never pictured them... like that.
Doctor When: They must be celebrating Thankstaking.

  • Equips Electric Hair.

    Doctor When: Let's get you in disguise and see if we can figure out when you took us to.
    Doctor When: Perfect.

    *Doctor When and you, now wearing a Voltabolt-style wig, stand in front of the Voltabolt house; the door opens, and a man very similar in appearance to Dr. Voltabolt greets you.*

    Mr. Voltabolt: Hello! I... Hertz? Is that you?! I haven't seen you since you were knee high to a gorillaphant!
    Mr. Voltabolt: Get in here! We were just sitting down to Thankstaking dinner!

  • Complete Quest!

    Next Up: Food Fight!

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