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Premium Gradient Sphere Staff

«Magic Ice Staff»

Also see other Gradient Sphere Staffs: Minor, Z Junior, Guardian, Lesser, Z Senior, «Normal», Major, Superior, Premium, Supreme

Location: Fading Warlic!

Level 	122	
PowLvl 	122	
Price 	1184353	
Sell	592176

Type: Magic
Element: Ice
Damage 	10 - 32	
BTH 	15

Hits: 6
Type: Magic
Element: Ice
BR%	198.63	
LS%	134.96	
+BTH	60
Rate: 20%

Warlic once wielded the power of the Gradient with his original staff! For saving him, he made you this copy!


Image and stats from Knightstar2001. Numbers from Aelthai. Updated Numbers thanks to In Media Res.


Special Starts out with:
BR%	1332	
LS%	905	
+BTH	50
  • Receives +10 BTH and deals *85/95 damage. With 6 equally powerful hits, each hit does 16.67% damage.

    All this has ALREADY been factored into the numbers above.

    August 15, 2013: Weapon was released.

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