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Location: The Summoning (Cutscene), Frostvale (Cutscene), Zealot, The Evil Artifact, Caitiff

Quests given

Shops owned

The Summoning

Zealot: It is time, the 13th is here!

Zealot: We must succeed this time! Rana, start the invasion on Frostvale. Wund, take the cultists I assigned to you and summon Croft.
Zealot: We're changing the tactic this time... go now, and wait for the next assignments!


Zealot: There is no anger in this helm...

Zealot: Keep looking! I will not tolerate a failure! Continue the invasion, buy me more time.
Zealot: These little blue moglins. They must know something. I know what to do to make them talk...
Zealot: What is the status of the Croft team?

Zealot: We have enough forces to stall them, just make sure we'll find what we are looking for!


Zealot: Well <Class>, you are quite skilled, but...
Zealot: ... it's time I deal with you myself!

Zealot: Should I run now, master?

Zealot: As you wish, my lord!

The Evil Artifact

Zealot: We must find the artifact. If you fools do not find it soon, none of you will live to see the resurrection!

Zealot: Ghrrr! They're here! Find the artifact. Now. Whoever brings me the head of <Character> will get a special reward!

Zealot: YOU INCOMPETENT FOOLS! Master will not forgive us! I will punish you so hard, that y-


Zealot: Iím... sorry... Master....

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