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Voodoo Master -> Supervillain Showdown! (1/25/2014 12:58:37)

Supervillain Showdown!

Location: Aeris Battlespire (Book 3) -> Right -> Batoro and San Robin -> Fight!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: January 25th, 2014

Objective: Can you defeat the new residents of the Battlespire? No masks allowed!
Objective completed: You've taken down one but are you ready for the next challenge?

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Hel-X-e - Boss
(1) Corvus, (1) Oz - Boss
(1) Violet Feline - Boss
(1) Razen Al Ghoul - Boss
(1) Toxic Myra - Boss
(1) Chaosface Amon - Boss

San Robin

Aeris PvP Trophy

*The character, Batoro and San Robin enter the arena*

San Robin: Are you ready to fight, <Character>?

Choose any of the villains (more will unlock as you beat them one by one). The quest ends each time you beat one of them.

  • Hel-X-e
    San Robin: The first villain in the line is Hel-X-e. She may seem like a harlequin but don't be mistaken. She's nimble, strong, and her poison isn't funny at ALL!

    Fight Hel-X-e.

  • Scare Ravens
    Batoro: Well done <Character>! The next villain, or "villains" are the Scare Ravens.
    San Robin: They're two mutated raven brothers named "Corvus" and "Oz"! They can heal themselves and steal your mana!

    Fight Corvus and Oz.

  • The Violet Feline
    San Robin: I still remember the first time Roblos and I had to fight the Ravens... *shivers* that will never be a good memory!
    Batoro: The next villain shows that the cat indeed HAS claws! Salene Kyle AKA The Violet Feline is a cat burglar with a strange affinity to cats...
    Batoro: ...but she is a charming lady and her charm can be blinding for everyone!

    Fight Violet Feline.

  • Razen Al Ghoul
    San Robin: The next villain will be a tricky one!
    Batoro: Razen Al Ghoul is a master of defense and has a healing trick up his sleeve.
    Batoro: I hope you bought a strong weapon because he won't be beaten so easily, good luck hero!

    Fight Razen Al Ghoul.

  • Toxic Myra
    San Robin: The next villain is really Toxic...
    San Robin: Toxic Myra has evil in every (plant)fibre of her being.
    San Robin: She can control plants to poison you, I hope you have green thumbs because you're going to need them with this one!

    Fight Toxic Myra.

  • ChaosFace Amon
    Batoro: The next villain is ChaosFace Amon!
    Batoro: Due to some horrible incident with a slime he was mutated to this gooey mass and can slowly melt through your defences!

    Fight ChaosFace Amon.

  • Random Fight!
    San Robin: You took them all down, <Character>! They're not done yet though... can you defeat them when more than one is attacking?

    Fight a random combination of 3 of the aforementioned villains.

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