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Oliver Bell -> Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread 6 (3/11/2014 3:10:06)

Ok guys a nice new thread, enjoy the continuation of the PUC.

So here's my proposal.

We play a game that's sort of like Risk, conquering areas as indicated by the map by the black lines. I gave each clan 3 areas and their own color that indicates the areas they control. The white areas are not owned by anyone at the start of the game.

Battles would happen in the weekend, but it'd be up to the clans to discuss where they intend to attack. There would also be a GameMaster, who's job is to collect the attack plans of each clan, which they would provide to him/her by PM.

After the weekend comes, there's the usual score tally thing. Maybe like... if two clans are going for the same uncontested area, the one who manages to raise their Defense Score more wins the spot. Attacking a clan would require for their Defense Score to drop below what it started as.

As another example, say Dynami is going after B7, but Igneus decides that they will attack owned Dynami lands. At the end of the weekend, Igneus has successfully lowered Dynami's D.S. which will result in their attempted capture of B7 to fail. This is a tad easier to do than to somehow keep score on the Dynami's attempted capture of B7 AND Igneus' attack on Dynami lands, that'd then occur in Dynami possibly capturing B7 but also losing an area to Igneus.

If anyone has better ideas for these, do tell.


The attack plans have ONE little thing to 'em. They will only be revealed AFTER each weekend plan. Sure, the clans can go about diplomacy and make treaties and plans, but for the sake of the game's secrecy and THRILL, we politely ask that they keep such actions a secret. Anyway, after the weekend is over, the map is updated along information being given out who did what, attacked who, repelled who's attack and so on.

The first round will sort of be crucial, as it will give each clan an idea which clan they should focus their effort afterwards, one way or another.

Also, each clan can only take ONE action per weekend. Like attack an enemy clan area or try to capture a free area.

Speaking of which, the free areas are currently labelled as A, B and C.

B currently has a LOT of free spots, but it's sort of a historical area so I figured it would be allright to make it tougher to control. In case people are upset about it, go ahead and say and I can cut down on 'em.

A is the route for Glacius, Nocturu and Geoto to go about in their own corner, primarily for Glacius since they lack any contact to the mainland, just like Aerodu, who have the C area for them, along Igneus and Nautica.

While Glacius really has no chance right now but to attempt capture of either A1 or A2, depending who they wish to go after, Aerodu has the chance of either capturing C2 or attacking Nautica.

I figured the best way to go about the uncontested areas which connect some Paxia areas to the main one is to make it a 2-step thing, so it won't be that Aerodu makes one move and by next week they're ready to invade the mainland.

I figured I might do a summary of the rules explained above in details:
-Monday to Friday, you get to decide where to attack. Battles for taking control of an occupied area are done during the weekend. The clan who has gained the most points wins. If the two or more clans manage to beat the defender's score raise, the defending clan lose, and the area is given to the clan who had a higher increase in points.
-Battles begin at Saturday 01:00 AM to Monday 01:00AM AQ Server Time (GMT-5 Eastern Timezone).
-You have until Saturday at 01:00 to AM your clan's battle plan to the GM (me). If it's not received by the GM until then, the clan is considered skipping it's turn.
-Battles are done in the Adventurer Server (free button on the homepage) to give a fair chance for every player to participate.
-Each clan has two actions during the week. That is 2 areas you can attack that are next to ones you already control.

As to not create any confusion or things that might get this thread delete, THIS IS NOT AN ACTUAL SUGGESTION FOR PAXIA IN-GAME!
This will be some sort of contest game for Paxians to play in, to fill the huge gap of inactivity so we can actually do something.

The current map of Paxia is above (or will be when I update it).

Round One: Since we started a new game I decided to do these summaries like previous games. Geoto took 2 neutral spaces, B1 and B2. Glacius took 2 neutral spaces, A1 and A2. Aerodu failed to start flying high taking only C2 a neutral space and failing to take C7 from Nautica.
Round Two:Geoto took two more neutral spaces, B3 and B4, Lucian took another two, B6 and B7. Glacius attacked Nocturu but failed to take anything, Aerodu attacked the neutral C1 and Nautica's C7 and suceeded at taking both, bad luck Nautica.
Round Three: An interesting week, Geoto took the neutral B5, Glacius took A7 but failed in attacking A8 belonging to Geoto. Aerodu have left Igneus handing to the edge of oblivion after taking C3 and C4, Lucian had the worst week of us as it failed to take any spaces.
Round Four: A most interesting week, Geoto gained A14 but lost B3 to the surprise return of Dynami, who also took Lucian's B7. Lucian took C11, thus eliminating Igneus from the game, but could not break through Dynami. Aerodu suceeded in wiping out Nautica leaving us two clans down in one weekend. Glacius did not send in plans on time so could not take part in this round, if there are just 2 clans left I am willing to be more lenient but not in a massive multi-clan conflict like this.
Round Five:The beast that is Dynami is well and truely back, it fended off attacks from Geoto, Lucian and Aerodu like nothing, leaving all 3 clans gaining no spaces, while at the same time taking B5 and B6 from Geoto and Lucian. Glacius has made Geoto's day even worse taking A8 while finishing off Nocturu by taking A6. That just leaves us with active clans now. On a side note a big thank you to Digdog of Dynami for giving me a tip which allows much faster map updates.
Round Six: Once again Dynami fended off attacks from all sides yet also slipped into an old habit, not sending in plans of its own. Aerodu were closest with 279 gained to Dynami's 456, the gap is narrowing and Christmas holidays are approaching.
Round Seven: Dynami took two areas while fending off attacks all round.
Round Eight: A pre-Christmas twist, Dynami take massive losses across the board, Geoto took B3 and B8 while Lucian took B6 and B7 and Aerodu took B11 and C5. This leaves Dynami with just 3 areas, so one more bad weekend and it is over for them.
Round Nine: Dynami once again get an overwelming score but sent in no plans, the only area taken was a Geoto area taken by Aerodu, I get the feel some payback may be in order when Dynami is gone.
Round Ten: Dynami came back like a storm taking two Lucian areas, B6 and B7, meanwhile Geoto has retaken the land wrongfully taken by Aerodu, B8.
Round Eleven: Dynami unleash their strength again, taking a Geoto and Aerodu area, B8 and B11, They only had a gain of 70, less than normal, strange considering the Anti-Dynami alliance was undermanned this weekend with Heroes of the Scape being away.
Round Twelve: The tide of Dynami spreads further seizing C5 and B1.
Round Thirteen: Unlucky for Dynami. They lost 2 areas to Geoto, B5 and B8, and two to Aerodu, B11 and C5. Once again Dynami failed to send in any plans.
Round Fourteen: Dynami's collapse has continued, despite the war, losing B1 and B9 to Geoto and B7 and B10 to Aerodu; there was some unexpected competition between Lucian and Aerodu over B7 with both clans attacking it but in the end Lucian was 4 points behind Dynami so had no ability to challenge Aerodu for the area.
Round Fifteen: Dynami has been completely defeated! Both Lucian and Geoto attacked Dynami's last area in B6 but it was Geoto which got to claim it, alongside Aerodu's C5, eliminating Dynami after a long campaign; congratulations to the Anti-Dynami alliance. Now things will get interesting, with just Geoto, Aerodu, Glacius and Lucian in the game who will decide to attack whom?
Round Sixteen: Surprisingly nasty round for Geoto, being pincered between Glacius and Aerodu never looked like a great position but still. Glacius and Geoto attacked each other but in the end it was Glacius who emerged victorious taing A13 and A14. Aerodu meanwhile took C5 and B9 from Geoto.
Round Seventeen: Glacius and Aerodu are still crushing Geoto in a pincer with Aerodu taking B8 and B6 and Glacius taking A9. Things could have been worse if Glacius hadn't attacked A12, as for once Lucian got a positive score; a very large positive score. Ironically they sent in no plans and High Paladin their game master has announced he will not be doing so, even asking if he can surrender his clan's lands to Geoto. Meanwhile Geoto's attack on Glacius came to nothing, with a score just over -1000 it was pretty much doomed.
Round Eighteen: Geoto lost both B5 and B1 to Aerodu with another low score, however the RNG has struck in Lucian's favour granting the B6 and B7 from Aerodu and holding off the Glacius assault, which failed to take A10 and A12. Geoto is down to just 3 areas but it is not going to go down without a fight.
Round Nineteen: A bad week for Aerodu, Geoto reclaimed B1 and B5 and Lucian took B11 and B10, in addition Glacius took B8 from them; and also took A10 from Lucian. So this week all the clans made gains at Aerodu's expense, overall Geoto and Glacius gained 2 areas while Lucian gained 1 and Aerodu has lost 5. Lets see how this progresses next week.
Round Twenty: A nearly catastrophic week for Glacius, Geoto take A13 and A14 with just a 4 win lead, Lucian also reclaimed A10, Aerodu meanwhile took B10 and B11 back from Lucian. After all this Glacius is left with a very isolated B8 area, from which they tried to attack Aerodu.
Round Twenty One: An interesting week, Glacius reclaimed A10 and A13 but lose A8 to Aerodu, who also took B7 back from Lucian. Both Lucian and Geoto came up empty handed this week leaving Lucian with just three areas.
Round Twenty Two: A fairly quiet week, Glacius and Aerodu each lost an area to Lucian, A10 and B7. Everyone else's attacks failed.
Round Twenty Three: Much more active, Geoto took A7 and A13 back from Glacius, who failed in their attack on Geoto. Aerodu was able to sneak in though and take A14 from Geoto, but failed to take B7 from Lucian, Lucian meanwhile occupied B10 and B11. This map is starting to look a little weird again with Geoto's now rather isolated A7.
Round Twenty Four: A rather standard week in ways but not a good one for Geoto having lost A7 and A13 back to Glacius leaving the clan with just a few areas left. Lucian faired well in its Aerodu campaign taking B9 and C3 from them with little difficulty. Both Geoto's attack on Glacius and Aerodu's attack on Lucian failed badly.
Round Twenty Five: Geoto stands on the brink with just 3 areas left after Glacius took B1 and B2 this week. Geoto's attacks on A13 and A14, one Glacius and one Aerodu both ended in failure leaving them badly off. aerodu faired badly against Lucian with them losing another 2 areas, B8 and C5. Next week looks to be a crucial part of this conflict.
Round Twenty Six: Next week may be Geoto's last stand after losing B3 and B4 to Glacius, leaving just B5 left in their control. Aerodu's attack was surprsingly successful with them pushing back Lucian from C3 and C5 with an incredibly high score. Next week will decide if this war between 4 clans will become 3 anytime soon.
Round Twenty Seven: We all knew it was coming, Geoto made a bold last stand but Glacius took their last territory, B5, eliminating them from the game. Aerodu made some significant advances taking both B8 and B11 from Lucian. Only 3 clans left who will win?
Round Twenty Eight: An interesting week, Lucian lost to Aerodu by just 7 points and as such lost B10 and B7. Aerodu's victory was mired though by the loss of B8 and A14 to the Glacius clan. The map certainly looks a litttle strange with Lucian's B9 now being completely isolated. However Glacius is now the largest clan on the map by far and owns almost half of it, could we be looking at our next winner?
Round Twenty Nine: An interesting week, Lucian took B7 and B10 from Aerodu and Glacius limited themeselves to just taking C5, I guess they want to work with Lucian for now. Next week might be quite interesting with Lucian only having B11 to target belonging to Aerodu. A bad week for Aerodu and more seem likely to come unless they get some high scores, but at least the map doesn't look quite so strange now.
Round Thirty: A slow week, Glacius forgot to send in plans and their defence proved insufficient to stop Aerodu who launched a successful counter attack taking C5 from Glacius and B7 from Lucian. I think this is the first time a clan has had 2 territories cut off from their main forces, still the map is looking a little odd again as a result.
Round Thirty One: The Kingdom war is raging yet the PUC still goes onwards. The map has taken an even stranger appearence this week after Aerodu seized A12 and B10 from Lucian, neither Glacius or Lucian took anything and Lucian's position is starting to look precarious, they will need to stop Aerodu's momentum if they want to win this.
Round Thirty Two: The Kingdom war may be distracting everyone as it has been as quiet week, yet Aerodu's attack on B9 and B6 means Lucian is now threatened with extinction as they only have two areas left, next week will be their last chance to counter attack. If they fall it will be a straight up Glacius v Aerodu showdown for the title.
Round Thirty Three: Despite having two '3's in the round name, as of this week we are now down to just two clans; Glacius and Aerodu. Aerodu delt the death blow to Lucian seizing A10 and A11 with a comfortable lead in the score. This game seems to be reaching its end but as we all know at this stage neither side will want to lose, with equally large empires I doubt it will be an easy win for either side. Still good luck to both, you may yet have a long bitter struggle ahead for the win and the trophy.
Round Thirty Four: No change this week but Glacius will be kicking themselves, they got the higher score but forgot to send in plans, as such the map remains unchanged. Could this be the calm before a very large storm?
Round Thirty Five: Calm followed by... more calm. Glacius again failed to send in plans and will be kicking themselves for it,but with a new person now set to send in Glacius' plans we may be set for that storm next week, I certainly hope so two weeks in a row of no change is pretty unusual.
Round Thirty Six: Glacius finally sent in plans and another win allowed them to take A10 and A12. Aerodu better watch out, as for me I am just glad some progress has been made.
Round Thirty Seven: Aerodu are back with a vengance, comfortably taking A12 and B8. Things are getting interesting, with one win a piece since Lucian fell it is still anybody's game, lets see who manages to break the tie first.
Round Thirty Eight: Aerodu won the battle but failed to send in plans, so no change.
Round Thirty Nine: Glacius return strongly taking both A11 and A12 with a comfortable margine.
Round Fourty: Swings and roundabouts here as Aerodu take A12 and A14 with a comfortable lead. Both clans are matching each other win for win, but soon one side will have to give.
Round Fourty One: A complete reversal of last week, Glacius reclaimed A12 and A14. This stalemate is starting to get tedious if one of them doesn't break soon this could be a long game. On the plus side updating the map took literally the time it takes to copy the previous image from round 39.
Round Fourty Two: Glacius won again taking B6 and B7, is the tide beginning to turn in Glacius' favour, guess we will find out next week.
Round Fourty Three: If the tide did turn then the wind has narrowly forced it back for now, Aerodu took A14 and B7 but by a rather narrow margine of just 12 wins.
Round Fourty Four: Its another Aerodu win taking both A7 and A13, perhaps this marks a permanent shift in momentum? However, we will have t wait until next week to see if they can make it a hat trick.
Round Fourty Five: Aerodu further press the advantage taking A6 and A8, looks like they definately have the momentum to win. If Glacius want to reverse the flow of things they have very little time left to do it.
Round Fourty Six: Aerodu take even more territory firmly spliting Glacius in two, they took both A1 and A9. Glacius will need to play with everything they have to make a comeback from this position.
Round Fourty Seven: Another win for Aerodu as they take A2 and A10, looks like Glacius' string of defeats goes on unbroken and they are seriously running out of time to turn this around, to be specific they have just 5 rounds left.
Round Fourty Eight: Forever known as the round that never was, since Glacius surrendered before it began. As such the map has been given a coat of red and next week a new game will start. Congratulations on your well earned win Aerodu!

See previous threads for previous games. But if you just want to see the result they are on this trophy made by Heroes of the Scape.

Lord Markov -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread 6 (3/11/2014 14:25:56)


Don't get too comfortable High Paladin. We don't take too kindly to having what is rightfully ours taken away from us.

But everybody knows that Paxia is owned by Lucian, we just have fun letting you guys pretend to conquer it[;)]

Oliver Bell -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread 6 (3/12/2014 16:48:33)

Not sure you should be making claims like that, Lucian may be doing well but overconfidence can quickly lead to your downfall.

hict98 -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread 6 (3/12/2014 21:46:23)

@High Paladin We are not a clan to be triffled with. If you make an enemy of us, you will surely regret it.

tommy2468 -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread 6 (3/13/2014 8:33:17)

Don't forget that Glacius is still going strong. We may not be the biggest clan and we may not have the loudest voices, but our influence affects all of Paxia.

Lord Markov -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread 6 (3/13/2014 14:40:12)

Oh I wasn't talking about our great scores this game, I meant in-game stuff. And either way I was just kinda joking. Still, Aerodu better make sure its airship doesn't get light-nuked.

Heroes of the Scape -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread 6 (3/13/2014 14:43:18)

You have a very long way to go before you can even think about scratching our airship let alone nuking it.

Oh, and it is finally ready to be posted. Prepare Geoto for your very overdue prize from last game will be posted/linked to tonight.

Lord Markov -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread 6 (3/13/2014 14:57:38)

Well while you're over here HotS, were any of you birdies attacking Lucian last round?

Actually I think who Glacius decides to go against this round might end up being a fairly major factor in who finally wins the war.

Oliver Bell -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread 6 (3/13/2014 16:47:22)

Nice to hear the trophy is almost done Heroes of the Scape, can't wait to see what it looks like.

Heroes of the Scape -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread 6 (3/13/2014 17:05:57)

@High Paladin: I can confirm that no one in my squad attacked Lucian.

Lord Markov -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread 6 (3/13/2014 19:19:31)

Oh that's good to know. Hmm wait that sounds a bit sarcastic. No sarcasm intended.

hict98 -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread 6 (3/13/2014 22:54:50)

There were no orders to attack Lucian. If someone did, they were not told to and there is no sarcasm intended in this.

Lord Markov -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread 6 (3/14/2014 14:26:30)

I meant my reply sounded kind of sarcastic. Or maybe it just sounded sarcastic to me because I can be a very sarcastic person if you get me going.

Warmonger DragonJax -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread 6 (3/14/2014 21:26:30)

I saw the trophy Geoto got yesterday and I made a new trophy with the trophy which was presented to us but I made it using Paint becuase I din't use it in a long time- TO THE TROPHY !
Anyways can somebody brief up how to play this game as I have no clue?

Oliver Bell -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread 6 (3/15/2014 0:16:25)

As for the game I can handle that part. Each weekend I take a screenshot of the scores in the Paxia defence area, got to Paxia then defence forces, the clans compete by sending in plans through a member of their choice, I normally handle it for Geoto. Each clan selects up to 2 areas on their border to attack each weekend, to take the area their gain in score must be greater than the oppossing clan; or they should lose the least if both scores have gone down. On Monday at 1:00 am servertime I take an ending screenshot then as game master I work out the results, which are posted along with the ending screenshot, then after redistributing areas I update the map on the first post; this process then repeats.

EDIT: Forgot to mention the screenshots come from the free server not the guardian one, since they don't syncronize very often it is best to do all the fighting on the free sever.

Heroes of the Scape -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread 6 (3/15/2014 0:37:28)

I had designed the trophy based on the Coach's Trophy. I am a huge fan of its simplistic design. I tried to stay true to it as much as possible. With the possibility of many more PUCs to come there is plenty of room for more victor "plaques".

For those of you who haven't seen it, Here it is.

Oliver Bell -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread 6 (3/15/2014 1:07:17)

Ok time to start this round, starting screenshot, good luck everyone.

hict98 -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread 6 (3/16/2014 14:11:16)

Well it looks as if I'm not going to be able to help Aerodu this week. There is a small chance I can send my secondary though, but if I do I still won't help too much. Good luck everyone![:)]

Oliver Bell -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread 6 (3/17/2014 1:10:18)

Ok guys this weeks PUC is over, ending screenshot, now the all important results.

This week Geoto attacked B1 and B5, Aerodu territory. Geoto lost 98 while Aerodu lost 128. Geoto took B1 and B5.
Lucian attacked B11 and B10, Aerodu territory. Lucian lost 15 while Aerodu lost 128, Lucian took B11 and B10
Glacius attacked A10, Lucian, and B8, Aerodu. Glacius gained 84 while Lucian lost 15 and Aerodu lost 128, Glacius took A10 and B8.
Aerodu attacked B6 and B7, Lucian territory. Aerodu lost 128 while Lucian lost 15, Aerodu's attack failed.

An interesting week, map update coming soon, though feel free to check my math.
EDIT: Map updated.

hict98 -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread 6 (3/17/2014 8:32:02)

Well I assure you, next weekend will not be the same

tommy2468 -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread 6 (3/17/2014 13:58:39)

I must say I am quite happy with this week's results XD Although I think everybody was preoccupied with the war taking place :P

Lord Markov -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread 6 (3/17/2014 14:53:54)

Lucian is doing quite well for simply riding the highs and the lows here.

Grimrow -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread 6 (3/19/2014 20:40:23)

Interesting how fragile the balance is. I hope for the sake of the other clans that the round is concluded switfly, it must be quite boring for them to not participate for their own clans.

Also thank you Heroes of the Scape, really cool trophy!

Lord Markov -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread 6 (3/20/2014 15:38:17)

I HOPE *wink wink nudge nudge* that Geoto will do Lucian and Glacius the same favor that they did Geoto before and not attack them since Geoto can't reach Aerodu, just help Lucian and Glacius take Aerodu down.

tommy2468 -> RE: Paxia Ultimate Conquest thread 6 (3/20/2014 16:28:17)

I think this PUC must be one of the most active in terms of Clans. As far as I remember, the Ultrapowerpie mentioned that Geoto, Aerodu and Dynami were the main clans that took part in the PUC and we have Geoto, Aerodu, Dynami, Lucian and Glacius taking a good active part in this game so far :)

And not even that, but I'd say that there has been some shock from the rising of Lucian and Glacius :P Gotta say that this is a great tug-of-war territory game :D

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