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Possessed Sword

«Ice pet. May reduce the monster's accuracy.»

Also see Haunted Sword and PoZZessed Sword.

Location: Ghost Rusters!
Level	62	142
PowLvl	66	145

Price	1143	4774218
Sell	571	2387109

Element: Ice
Training Difficulty: -66

Hits: 2
Type: Melee
Element: Ice
Damage	4-12	12-36
Stat%	142.9	282
BTH	21	41
Effect: Until the beginning of your next turn, whenever the monster makes a hit against you, it makes a save:
    Level: PowLvl vs MonsterLvl
    Major: YourCHA vs MonsterDEX
    Minor: YourLUK vs MonsterLUK
**If it fails the save, then that hit takes -12 BTH. Note that the pet has to actually attack in order to gain this effect; if you have set your pet to stay back or it gets paralyzed, this effect won't occur.

This sword is haunted -- by a friendly ghost! It'll fight by your side, and even help parry some of your enemy's attacks!

(All proceeds go to Aria's pet shop.)


Image and basic stats thanks to Dragoon23. Numbers thanks to Ash and In Media Res.


Starts off as a standard pet:
Level	62	142
PowLvl	66	145

Damage	12-35	33-100
Stat%	402	793
BTH	16	36

To compensate for the accuracy reducing effect, the pet does 75.3% damage. It also gains +5 BTH on its attack, but does *85/90 damage. Since there are two hits, each hit does 50% damage.


September 19, 2013: The pet was released.

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