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Ghost Rusters!

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9/29/2013 3:23:51   
Times Silent Keeper

Ghost Rusters!

Location: Battleon » Aria's Pet Shop » Ghost Rusters!

«Scene: Battleon. A scream echoes out from Aria's pet shop and you rush over to her shop. You find Aria with both hands on her mouth.»

«You»: Aria! I heard a scream-- are you okay?
Aria: It was HORRIBLE, «You»!
«You»: What happened?
Aria: I was polishing a new sword I just purchased and a monster came in and attacked me!
«You»: That's horrible! What kind of monster was it?
Aria: I'm... not sure.
Aria: Now that I think about it, it kind of looked like my uncle Leo.
«You»: Your uncle Leo? Why would your uncle attack you? That doesn't make sense.
Aria: Even less than you think. Uncle Leo died when I was five.
«You»: ?!?!
«You»: So what happened?
Aria: I tried to fight him off with the sword, but he backed me up against the counter and knocked it from my hands!
«You»: Then what?
Aria: I...I thought I was... dead... so I just closed my eyes....
Aria: When I opened them again, it was gone!
«You»: Gone?
Aria: It just disappeared! And «You»....
Aria: It took my sword.

«Another scream is heard from outside!»

«You»: That sounded like Valencia. I better investigate!
    Full Heal
Valencia: «You»! Thank goodness it's you!
«You»: What happened, Valencia? I heard a shriek.
Valencia: You got me. Ghost attacks have been happening all over Battleon!
«You»: What kind of ghosts?
Valencia: I believe I recognized a couple of them. As far as I can tell, they're ghosts of dead heroes mostly.
«You»: Why would the ghosts of dead heroes be attacking people?
Valencia: I can't say, but this one stole one of my swords. It was really old and pretty rare.
«You»: This doesn't make sense.

«Another scream from somewhere!»

«You»: Here we go again...
    Full Heal
«You»: This is going to get old quickly.
Valencia: Why would a ghost need a sword?
«You»: I don't know. The same thing happened to Aria 'bout 20 minutes ago.
Valencia: Aria? Why would she need a sword?
«You»: (Shrugs) I don't know. I didn't get a chance to ask her.
«You»: Anyway... where did you find the sword that was taken?
Valencia: Off the back of a travelling salesman. I figured I'd make a pretty penny reselling it.
«You»: Hmm, I wonder if Aria bought her sword from the same salesman?
Valencia: Possibly. Do you think it's a coincidence?
«You»: No, I don't believe in coincidences.

«Scene: Back at Aria's Shop»

Aria: «You», they're back! Ghosts scoured through here, almost as if they were looking for something. What's going on?
«You»: I don't know. I came back as quick as I could, but there was yet another ghost attack.
Aria: Oh my! Was anyone hurt?
«You»: No, but this ghost took a sword from Valencia.
Aria: ????
«You»: Tell me, did you buy your sword from a traveling salesman?
Aria: Yes, I did. Was there something wrong with the sword?
«You»: I'm not sure. Out of curiosity, why did you want a sword to begin with, anyway?
Aria: It was to be a present for Hans.
«You»: I see. There is something about those swords.
Aria: Yulgar would be the most likely person to talk to about swords. Maybe he can help you figure out what is going on!
«You»: That's a good point. If you're sure you're okay, I'll go talk to him.
Aria: I'm fine, really. I was just shaken up a bit.
«You»: Okay, I'll check back later. I won't be going far.
    Full Heal
«Scene: Yulgar's Inn»

«You»: There's all types of ghost creatures all over town!
Yulgar: So what do you expect ME to do about it?! YOU'RE the hero!
«You»: ?!?!
Yulgar: Oops... *ugh* Sorry, «You», I'm a bit on edge.
Yulgar: Some fool is going around town and selling cheap weapons. It's cutting into my business.
«You»: Mhm. I heard about that.
Yulgar: His swords are cheaper than anything I can make! I can't compete with him!
«You»: Any idea who this individual is?
Yulgar: As far as I've heard, he's not from around here. I hope he shows up -- I'd love five minutes with him!
«You»: Okay, this person is definitely connected in some way to these attacks. I need to find him.

«A scream from outside!»

«You»: Here we go again!
    Full Heal
«You find the merchant who has been selling the weapons.»

«You»: Finally! I believe you're the one I've been looking for.
Savvy Merchant: Looking to buy a weapon? Sorry, but the ghosts took them all.
Savvy Merchant: (And I hope they took that little blue devil away with them.)
«You»: Little blue devil? I should have known.
Savvy Merchant: He said he'd supply the weapons and I'd sell them for a cut. He never said they were cursed!
«You»: I have a feeling it's more than that. Do you have any idea where I can find him?
Savvy Merchant: I was to meet him in about 20 minutes to give him today's take.
«You»: If it's all the same to you, I think I'll keep that appointment for you.
Savvy Merchant: Be my guest. Just tell the little thief I still expect my cut!

«Scene: Near the meeting spot with Zorbak»

«You» (Thought): This is the place. Need to be careful, this place is crawling with--
  • Ghosts!
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal
    «Scene: Inside a dilapidated hut. Rusted swords can be seen lying all over the place.»

    «You» (Thought): Hmm old, rusted weapons. I seem to be on the right track.

    «Further in the hut, you see a machine churning out "polished swords" from rusted swords.»

    «You»: My keen sense of awareness tell me this is the right place. Now where's the little "blue devil".

    «Zorbak enters the scene.»

    Zorbak: «You»! What're you doing here? I'm totally legit this time! You've got nothing on me!
    «You»: Nothing but selling old, cursed weapons as new ones! I have to say thought, I am literally astounded what you can fit inside a two-room hut.
    Zorbak: One, they're LIKE new, and two, what do you mean "cursed"?
    «You»: It seems that whoever buys one of these weapons gets attacked by ghosts, who then steal them back.
    «You»: Let me guess: you know nothing of this?
    Zorbak: Of course not! I just found a cheap source of old, unwanted weapons. I clean 'em up and sell 'em. I know nothing of curses!
    «You»: And where exactly is this "source"?
    Zorbak: Well, err, I can't reveal my source! It's not good business.

    «Several skeletal souls come floating into the scene!»

    «You»: Looks like you have some other company. Maybe I'll just leave you to them to work things out.

    «The scene fades to black. When it reappears again, production has stopped, the cauldron in charge of polishing the weapons spilled over, the machine not in operation anymore. All the weapons are gone.»

    Zorbak: I've been robbed! Whadda ghosts need old rusted weapons for anyway?
    «You»: ... Zorbak, PLEASE tell me you weren't robbing graves for old weapons to resell.
  • -.-;

    Zorbak: "Robbing" is such an ugly word. I prefer to think of it as "recycling"!
    «You»: For the love of-- I don't believe it! This is actually low even for you!
    «You»: I'm thinking some time in a cell in the Guardian Tower might be the solution to this little adventure.
    Zorbak: A cell! Whoawhoawhoa, now let's not be too hasty! No one was hurt, and all the weapons have been returned to their (previously living) owners.
    «You»: Except for the people who bought your stolen loot. You better repay everyone, or else get used to the taste of Guardian-brand gruel!
    Zorbak: "REPAY"?! I don't know the meaning of that word! It's just not good business!
    «You»: Suit yourself. The other inmates lost their basketball last week... hey, you're about the size of one, aren't you?
    Zorbak: Meh! Fine!
    «You»: And before I forget, your salesman still expects to be paid.
    Zorbak: Mehhh. Yes, "mother", I'll play nice.

    «The scene fades to black. Back at Aria's pet shop...»

    Aria: You not serious? Grave robbing?
    «You»: I'm afraid so.
    Aria: And the ghosts were just looking for the weapons stolen from their graves?
    «You»: That's about the size of it.
    Aria: I think this is the lowest Zorbak has ever sunk! What are you going to do with him?
    «You»: I'm making him pay everyone back as well as his sales person. He stands to lose a lot of money!
    Aria: There's probably no worse punishment for Zorbak.
  • The End!
    Ghost Rusters

  • Rough Rust Reaver [L. 2]
  • Rust Reaver [L. 22]
  • Robust Rust Reaver [L. 42]
  • Refined Rust Reaver [L. 62]
  • Raucous Rust Reaver [L. 82]

  • Ruthless Rust Reaver [L. 102]
  • Reliable Rust Reaver [L. 122]
  • Righteous Rust Reaver [L. 132]
  • Revered Rust Reaver [L. 142]

  • Haunted Sword [L. 2, L. 22, L. 42, L. 62, L. 82, L. 102, L. 122]
  • Possessed Sword [L. 62G, L. 142G]
  • PoZZessed Sword [L. 82 Z]

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  • Guardian Tower!
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