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[image][/image]Cysero's Oily Splatula
A magic splatula filled with all your BBQ hopes and dreams and cravings! You can upgrade this item at the Black Market Moglin.
(No DA Required)

Location: BBQ Items
Price: N/A
Required Item: 1 Cysero's Slick Splatula
Sellback: 7 Dragon Coins

Level: 30
Damage: 42-60
Element: Fire
Bonuses: Crit +4, Magic Def +2, Pierce Def +2, Melee Def +2, WIS +1, END +1, CHA +1, LUK +1, INT +3, DEX +3, STR +3, Bonus +3
Resists: Water +3, Fire +3, Health -1

Special Name: Splatula Spin
Special Activation: Attack button
Special Effect: 1 hit of 400% damage
Special Element: As weapon
Special Damage Type: As weapon
Special Rate: 10%

Rarity: 8
Item Type: Scythe
Damage Type: Magic/Pierce/Melee
Equip Spot: Weapon
Category: Weapon


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