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Arena at the Edge of Time

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10/3/2021 19:57:00   

Arena at the Edge of Time

Access Point: The Inn at the Edge of Time -> Enter the inn -> Approach board labeled "Challenges!"
Requirements: None
Release Date: May 3rd, 2019

Quests Available
Arbitrary Arena Random Goal Heuristic system (A.A.R.G.H. system)

Dragon Challenges!
Elemental Chaos

Oratath Challenge
Gelunguis Challenge
Trigoras Challenge
Dragon Challenge

Triple Trouble

Dragon Challenges 2
Gorgok, the Relentless
The Guardian Dragon (Arena)
Willowshire Burns (Arena)

The Fang and the Scales
Akriloth, the Protector

Covetous Fortune

Nefarious Challenges!
Cauldron Groupies
Jack Crescent
Blood Moon Random

Timetorn Matrix I
Timetorn Matrix II
Timetorn Matrix III

Legion Crawler
The Abomination
Undead Challenge

Otherworldly Creatures Challenges!
Sir Bearginion
Weird Duo

Super Sentog
Groundhog Dave
Big and Small

Uthuluc Simulacrum
The Primordials

Otherworldly Creatures Part 2
The Kittypillar
The Platinum Cabit
In Wanderland

Eulin II

The Protus Symbiote
Star-Eating Serpent
Devoured Horizons

Dreamspace Challenges
Mega Meowphant
Dream Duo

The Endless Invasion

Dreamspace Dryad
Kathool Simulacrum
Dominion of Dreams

Mega Fluffy Tog
The AdventureFiend
Myths of Aspenvale

Goose Dragon, the Untitled
Goose Dragon (Chaos)
Goose Dragon (Extreme)

Junipurr, the Overgrown
The Adjudicator
The Weight of Life

Unfortunate Souls Challenges
Sinnocence, the Undying


Failed Doom

Azaveyran Challenges
The Emperor of the Sea Chickens
The Emperor: Extreme

The Unraveler
The Unraveler: Extreme

Magester Mislav
The Beginning and the End

Forgotten Beasts Challenges
The Hyperhydra

Ancient Duo


The Exaltia Tower
The Exaltia Tower: The Antechamber
The Exaltia Tower: The Spiral of Creation
The Exaltia Tower: The Reliquary
The Exaltia Tower: The Archives
The Exaltia Tower: The Apex

The Corrupted Seven
The Elemental Spirit of Envy
The Elemental Spirit of Greed
The Elemental Spirit of Gluttony
The Elemental Spirit of Lust
The Elemental Spirit of Wrath
The Elemental Spirit of Sloth
The Elemental Spirit of Pride
Pandora's Gauntlet

Displaced Fates
Challenger Gauntlet

Doctor When
Tainted Time

The Professor
Fractured Self

Displaced Fates 2
Thyton, the Shadow of the Wind
Greg, the Cricket
Masters of Wind

The Clashening

The Conduit
Summon Gem: Reaver
Summon Gem: Ayauhnqui
Summon Gems: Life & Death

Summon Gem: Ricterild
Summon Gem: Roktoru
Summon Gems: Crystal & Stone

Summon Gem: Illumina
Summon Gem: Intaym
Summon Gems: Duty & Rebellion

Inevitable Equilibrium
Inevitable Equilibrium

Lords of Chaos
Chaos Lord Escherion
Chaos Beast Hydra
Chaos Duo Escherion and Hydra

Chaos Twins

Chaotic Dragonbond

Kitsune, The Shogun

Wolfwing, the Outcast

Discordia, The Maestro

Ledgermayne, The Incarnation

Tibicenas, The Djinn

Khasaanda, The Prophetess

Iadoa, The Chronomancer

Lionfang, The Zealot

Corvak, the Eternally Devoted
Alden Alteon, the Broken King
The Fallen Kingdom

The Chaos Slayers

Lost Fables Chapter I
Yalla, the Arch-Druid
Braytes San, the Heretic
Conquest & Faith

Zeclem's Keep

Sek-Duat, the Eternal
Noxus, Claw of the Necropolis
Unending Empires

Lost Fables Chapter II
Keelhaul, the Sunken
Duskbolt, the Tempest
Blades and Bones

Dreadblight Aius, Accursed Keeper
MechaYeti, Bane of the North
Accursed Hunt

Wanderer of the Wastes

Change of Heart
Al'nold, the Hare
Akaz, the Bullfrog
Majji, the Owl
The Baleful Brothers

Warlic, the Blue Mage
Nythera, the Half Void Dragon
Teacher and Student

Dragon and Lord
Dragon and Master
Ice and Dragons

Doomed Reality
The Doomed Savior
The Doomed Destroyer
Fallen Purpose

Tenets of the Devoted
Uaanta, Avatar of the Makers
Notha, Bane of Destiny
The Balance We Make

Tomix, the Weaver on a Mission
Drakonnan, the Forge of Vengeance
Retribution and Reclamation

Alz'ein, The Broken Horn
Etaos, Breaker of the Mind
Dance of the Stars

Ties That Bind
Achilles, the Charnel
Patroclus, the Stygian
Never Apart

Safiria, the Vampire Queen
Amaris, the Lover's Moon
Everlasting Night

The Creatioux Ancient
The Decadere Ancient
Void Reunion

The Eggsalted Meateor
Eggsalted Chickencow

Ash Dragonblade
Drakath Slugwrath
Gotta Start Somewhere

The Red Dragon
First Encounters

Zorbak, Master of Ebil
Artix, the Mighty Paladin
Doomwood Duo

Darkon, the Conductor
Suki, the Ex-Paladin
Swan Song
Swan Song (Extreme)

J6, the Gunslinger
Master Twang
Passion & Peace

Carnax (Extreme)

Beyond the Stars
The Lost Constellation


AARGH Rewards (All Versions)
Timewarped Veteran (House)

Dragon Challenges!
Destiny Upgrades
Destiny Reforging
Dragon Challenge Upgrade
Dragonoid Challenge Upgrade

Dragon Challenges 2
Willowshire Burns (Shop)
Great Dragon's Claw
Covetous Fortune (Shop)

Nefarious Challenges!
Blood Moon
Timetorn Matrix
Legion Armor

Otherworldly Creatures Challenges!
Leorilla Mane Belt
Big and Small (Shop)

Otherwordly Creatures Part 2
In Wanderland (Shop)
Lagohm Champion
Devoured Horzions (Shop)

Dreamspace Challenges
Dreamspace 1
Dreamspace 2

Extra Fluffy Tog
The Weight of Life (Shop)

Unfortunate Souls Challenges
Egomaniacs (Shop)
Distorted Doom

Azaveyran Challenges
The Unraveler (Shop)
Azaveyran Rewards

Forgotten Beasts Challenges
The Quadstaff
Ring of Otherworld

The Exaltia Tower
Exalted Armory

The Corrupted Seven
Envy Merges
Greed Merges
Gluttony Merges
Lust Merges
Wrath Merges
Sloth Merges
Pride Merges

Displaced Fates
Challenger Belts
Fractured Self (Shop)

Displaced Fates 2
Masters of Wind (Shop)
Arena Clashening Merges

The Conduit
The Conduit: Life & Death
The Conduit: Crystal & Stone
The Conduit: Duty & Rebellion

Inevitable Equilibrium
Inevitable Equilibrium (Shop)

Lords of Chaos
Staff of Inversion
Forced Reflection
Lionfang Gear
The Fallen Kingdom (Shop)

Lost Fables Chapter I
Jade Cleaver
Relics of Zeclem
Unending Empires (Shop)

Lost Fables Chapter II
Blades and Bones (Shop)
Wastes Wanderer

Change of Heart
Teacher and Student (Shop)
Ice and Dragons (Shop)

Doomed Reality
Unreal Doom

Tenets of the Devoted
The Balance We Make (Shop)
Retribution and Reclamation (Shop)
Star's Tears

Ties That Bind
Never Apart (Shop)
Everlasting Night (Shop)
Void Reunion (Shop)

Gotta Start Somewhere (Shop)
Rolith's Backup Hammer (Shop)
Doomwood Duo (Shop)

Debris 2 (Shop)
Passion & Peace (Shop)

Beyond the Stars
Blinding Star Shard Merge


Other information
  • Arena at the Edge of Time provides endgame challenge content for advanced players; it is separated into various boards for ease of navigation:
    • Navigate the Arena Board by selecting a button on the main screen to be taken to its Challenge Board.
    • Navigate the Challenge Boards by selecting buttons to begin various solo or group fights, exploration or endurance challenges, or access prize shops.
    • Left and right directional arrows allow ease of navigation between Challenge Boards.
    • Back on the Arena Board, an A.A.R.G.H. Banner is placed to the right:

      • Navigate the A.A.R.G.H. Banner by selecting buttons to begin a random challenge or access a prize shop.
      • Counters for accumulated Timewarped Medal and Timewarped Trophy items, as well as A.A.R.G.H. win streak, are displayed.
  • Due to ever-expanding content, the Arena at the Edge of Time received its own zone alongside the Kerfluffle solo and group challenges on May 3rd, 2019.
  • DoomKnight V1 was banned from use during the Arena at the Edge of Time as of The Primordials solo and group challenges; all prior challenges allow the use of this class.
  • Various weapons with powerful specials are reduced during the Arena at the Edge of Time:
  • Guests are no longer permitted in all Arena at the Edge of Time challenges as of February 13th, 2021.
  • Book of Lore access was disabled in the Arena at the Edge of Time on June 11th, 2021.
  • Adventure Mode, introduced on June 11th, 2021, is suppressed in all Arena at the Edge of Time challenges.
  • Arena at the Edge of Time UI received various visual updates, including counters for accumulated Timewarped Medal and Timewarped Trophy items, as well as A.A.R.G.H. win streak, on October 1st, 2021.

    Thanks to
  • Peachii for original entry and additional links.
  • DemonicDarkwraith for additional links and other information.
  • Stephen Nix for additional links.
  • AstralCodex for corrections.

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