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Inn at the Edge of Time, The

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7/1/2017 5:18:07   

DragonFable & MechQuest

The Inn at the Edge of Time

Access Point: Falconreach (Books 1 and 2) -> Click on the rift in the sky, Falconreach (Book 3) -> Click on the wormhole in the sky
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: June 30th, 2017

Quests Available
Arbitrary Arena Random Goal Heuristic system (A.A.R.G.H. system)

Dragon Challenges!
Elemental Chaos

Oratath Challenge
Gelunguis Challenge
Trigoras Challenge
Dragon Challenge

Triple Trouble

Nefarious Challenges!
Cauldron Groupies
Jack Crescent
Blood Moon Random

Timetorn Matrix I
Timetorn Matrix II
Timetorn Matrix III

Legion Crawler
The Abomination
Undead Challenge

Otherworldly Creatures Challenges!
Sir Bearginion
Weird Duo

Super Sentog
Groundhog Dave
Big and Small

Uthuluc Simulacrum
The Primordials

Dreamspace Challenges
Mega Meowphant
Dream Duo

The Endless Invasion

Dreamspace Dryad
Kathool Simulacrum
Dominion of Dreams

Unfortunate Souls Challenges
Sinnocence, the Undying


Failed Doom

Azaveyran Challenges
The Emperor of the Sea Chickens
The Emperor: Extreme

The Unraveler
The Unraveler: Extreme

Magester Mislav
The Beginning and the End

Forgotten Beasts Challenges
The Hyperhydra

Ancient Duo


The Exaltia Tower
The Exaltia Tower: The Antechamber
The Exaltia Tower: The Spiral of Creation
The Exaltia Tower: The Reliquary
The Exaltia Tower: The Archives
The Exaltia Tower: The Apex

The Corrupted Seven
The Elemental Spirit of Envy
The Elemental Spirit of Greed
The Elemental Spirit of Gluttony
The Elemental Spirit of Lust
The Elemental Spirit of Wrath
The Elemental Spirit of Sloth
The Elemental Spirit of Pride
Pandora's Gauntlet

Displaced Fates
Challenger Gauntlet

Doctor When
Tainted Time

The Professor
Fractured Self

The Conduit
Summon Gem: Reaver
Summon Gem: Ayauhnqui
Summon Gems: Life & Death

Summon Gem: Ricterild
Summon Gem: Roktoru
Summon Gems: Crystal & Stone

Summon Gem: Illumina
Summon Gem: Intaym
Summon Gems: Duty & Rebellion

Inevitable Equilibrium
Inevitable Equilibrium

Lords of Chaos
Chaos Lord Escherion
Chaos Beast Hydra
Chaos Duo Escherion and Hydra

Chaos Twins

Chaotic Dragonbond

Kitsune, The Shogun

Wolfwing, the Outcast

Lost Fables
Yalla, the Arch-Druid
Braytes San, the Heretic
Conquest & Faith

Zeclem's Keep

Change of Heart
Al'nold, the Hare
Akaz, the Bullfrog
Majji, the Owl
The Baleful Brothers

Warlic, the Blue Mage
Nythera, the Half Void Dragon
Teacher and Student

<Character> (NPC) (Angler)
<Character> (NPC) (Archivist)
<Character> (NPC) (Ascendant)
<Character> (NPC) (Avatar of Time)
<Character> (NPC) (Chickencow)
<Character> (NPC) (Chronocorruptor)
<Character> (NPC) (Chronomancer)
<Character> (NPC) (ChronoZ)
<Character> (NPC) (Cryptic)
<Character> (NPC) (DeathKnight)
<Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight)
<Character> (NPC) (Dragon Mage)
<Character> (NPC) (Dragon Rogue)
<Character> (NPC) (Dragon Warrior)
<Character> (NPC) (Dragonslayer)
<Character> (NPC) (Evolved DragonLord)
<Character> (NPC) (Frost Moglin)
<Character> (NPC) (Golden Necro)
<Character> (NPC) (Guardian)
<Character> (NPC) (Icebound Revenant)
<Character> (NPC) (Kid)
<Character> (NPC) (Necromancer)
<Character> (NPC) (Paladin)
<Character> (NPC) (Pirate)
<Character> (NPC) (Pirate Monkee)
<Character> (NPC) (Pumpkinlord)
<Character> (NPC) (Pyromancer)
<Character> (NPC) (Ranger)
<Character> (NPC) (Retro DeathKnight)
<Character> (NPC) (Riftwalker)
<Character> (NPC) (Rogue)
<Character> (NPC) (Shadow Hunter)
<Character> (NPC) (Shadow Walker of Time)
<Character> (NPC) (SnugglePanda)
<Character> (NPC) (Soulweaver)
<Character> (NPC) (Technomancer)
<Character> (NPC) (TimeKiller)
<Character> (NPC) (Togslayer)
<Character> (NPC) (Zardbie)

Cana's Jungle Parlor

AARGH Rewards

Dragon Challenges!
Destiny Upgrades
Destiny Reforging
Dragon Challenge Upgrade
Dragonoid Challenge Upgrade

Nefarious Challenges!
Blood Moon
Timetorn Matrix
Legion Armor

Otherworldly Creatures Challenges!
Leorilla Mane Belt
Big and Small

Dreamspace Challenges
Dreamspace 1
Dreamspace 2

Unfortunate Souls Challenges
Egomaniacs (Shop)
Distorted Doom

Azaveyran Challenges
The Unraveler (Shop)
Azaveyran Rewards

Forgotten Beasts Challenges
The Quadstaff
Ring of Otherworld

The Exaltia Tower
Exalted Armory

The Corrupted Seven
Envy Merges
Greed Merges
Gluttony Merges
Lust Merges
Wrath Merges
Sloth Merges
Pride Merges

Displaced Fates
Challenger Belts
Fractured Self (Shop)

The Conduit
The Conduit: Life & Death
The Conduit: Crystal & Stone
The Conduit: Duty & Rebellion

Inevitable Equilibrium
Inevitable Equilibrium (Shop)

Lords of Chaos
Staff of Inversion
Forced Reflection

Lost Fables
Jade Cleaver
Relics of Zeclem

Change of Heart
Teacher and Student (Shop)

Outer Area, showing rift with stark landscape

Left side, with Eternal Dragon of Time in the background

<Character> (NPC) (ChronoZ): Greetings, <Character>! How are you doing today? When are you in your timeline right now?
<Character>: Umm, I'm-
<Character> (NPC) (ChronoZ): No, wait, don't tell me! I forgot I can't know this. Or I'd go and help you, and Avatar of Time <Character> said I shouldn't.
<Character> (NPC) (ChronoZ): Sorry, this is a quirk of mine. I absolutely have to help anyone! Sorry! Forget about it!
<Character> (NPC) (ChronoZ): I'm trying to learn how to manage this urge! So sorry. Carry on!

Right side, sitting Archivist

<Character> (NPC) (Archivist): Oh, hi me! Have you taken on a challenge yet?
<Character> (NPC) (Archivist): They are a blast!
<Character> (NPC) (Archivist): You should also speak to the Avatar of Time <Character>. She's one of the founders of this place!
<Character> (NPC) (Archivist): And so am I!
<Character> (NPC) (Archivist): And five others!
<Character> (NPC) (Archivist): Avatar of Time <Character>, Chronomancer <Character>, Chronocorruptor <Character>, Time Killer <Character>...
<Character> (NPC) (Archivist): Me, the Archivist <Character>, Shadow Walker of Time <Character> (we call him Shadow, he's edgy!), ChronoZ <Character>...
<Character> (NPC) (Archivist): There was Epoch <Character> as well... but she's not with us anymore...
<Character> (NPC) (Archivist): *sigh*
<Character> (NPC) (Archivist): Now I've made myself sad...
<Character> (NPC) (Archivist): Please excuse me, I need to continue writing my diary...

Inside the Inn

Lower Floor, Entrance

<Character> (NPC) (Chronomancer): Salutations, <Character>! Please peruse the challenges we have prepared for you!
<Character> (NPC) (Chronomancer): They were made just for you!
<Character> (NPC) (Chronomancer): You know what they say, the only one who knows what's best for you is you yourself! Bahahaha!
<Character (thinking): Is this a cult...?
<Character (thinking): Smile and nod. Just smile and nod...

Lower Floor, Lobby

<Character> (NPC) (Avatar of Time): Hello again, <Character>. The challenges are in the atrium, you just missed them. Or perhaps you want to talk? I can heal you, as well.
  • Talk
    <Character> (NPC) (Avatar of Time): What do you wish to know?
    • Again?
      <Character> (NPC) (Avatar of Time): You've been in this place before. You simply don't remember. None of you do. It's how it's designed.
      <Character> (NPC) (Avatar of Time): You enter, you train, you hone your skills for future endeavours, you talk with other versions of you, you leave, you forget.
      <Character> (NPC) (Avatar of Time): But your body doesn't. Any experience and any loot obtained here stays with you.
      <Character> (NPC) (Avatar of Time): Your body remembers, your backpack gets heavier, but you forget. It's very convenient that way.
      <Character> (NPC) (Avatar of Time): And I have to explain it to you all over, and over, and over... again...
      <Character> (NPC) (Avatar of Time): This is what me, <Character>, <Character>, <Character> and <Character> signed up for... and I endure.

    • Where am I?
      <Character> (NPC) (Avatar of Time): The Inn at the Edge of Time. The best of us came together to create this pocket dimension, in order to make the other you better.
      <Character> (NPC) (Avatar of Time): It was after one of us died...
      <Character> (NPC) (Avatar of Time): We swore to make a training arena for other <Character>, so that other you will be prepared for what future, your individual future, holds.
      <Character> (NPC) (Avatar of Time): And yes, we don't refer to us in plural form. <Character> suggested it. It made things confusing.
      <Character>: As if it isn't already...
      <Character> (NPC) (Avatar of Time): On another note, please don't be alarmed when guests suddenly change. The Inn is in a constant state of flux.

    • Challenges?
      <Character> (NPC) (Avatar of Time): There are a lot of them. Let me see your number...
      <Character> (NPC) (Avatar of Time): Hmmmmm... Ah.
      <Character> (NPC) (Avatar of Time): Number 1337.
      <Character> (NPC) (Avatar of Time): You're still quite new here. More challenges will open up to you in the future. Your future. As in... based on time spent in your timeline.
      <Character> (NPC) (Avatar of Time): Time doesn't flow here.
      <Character> (NPC) (Avatar of Time): In here, everything already happened.
      <Character> (NPC) (Avatar of Time): I won't try explaining it, you won't get it. You are one of the... simple <Character>.
      <Character>: I don't like you.
      <Character> (NPC) (Avatar of Time): I know, you said it so many times. I endure, however.

    • Other... me?
      <Character> (NPC) (Avatar of Time): There is a lot of you here. From all of the timelines. We come in all shapes and sizes. But we share the name and destiny.
      <Character> (NPC) (Avatar of Time): Well... not all of us. 96% of us. The other 4% is a different story. We don't let them in here.
      <Character> (NPC) (Avatar of Time): You come and go so frequently it's sometimes hard to keep track of us. But I endure. Feel free to talk with yourselves.
      <Character> (NPC) (Avatar of Time): And timeline events information exchange is pointless, though. And no fighting with yourselves in here.
      <Character> (NPC) (Avatar of Time): There are designated challenges for that.

    • Books?
      <Character> (NPC) (Avatar of Time): We have a large collection of books that fade in and out of time. Feel free to peruse what's available.

    Lower Floor, Fireplace

    <Character> (NPC) (TimeKiller): It's so... empty out there. Calling it the Edge of Time was so fitting. Endless nothing...

    Random Encounter 1:
    <Character> (NPC) (Paladin): I am after I defeated Sepulchure. How about you?
    <Character> (NPC) (Cryptic): I am- Wait!!! Sepulchure is a bad guy in your timeline!?
    <Character> (NPC) (Paladin): She isn't in yours!?!?
    <Character> (NPC) (Cryptic): SHE?!?!?!?!

    <Character> (NPC) (Soulweaver): I have gotten enough Dragon Merits for the best prize!!! I can't wait to use my new gear! Hopefully I look into my bag after I leave...

    Random Encounter 2:
    <Character> (NPC) (Dragon Mage): You guys also just got your Dragon Amulets?!
    <Character> (NPC) (Dragon Rogue): Yeah, it rules!
    <Character> (NPC) (Dragon Warrior): Look at my rad armor!!!
    <Character> (NPC) (Dragon Rogue): Nice!
    <Character> (NPC) (Dragon Mage): Nice!
    <Character> (NPC) (Dragon Rogue): That reminds me, how did you get yours?
    <Character> (NPC) (Dragon Mage): I...
    <Character> (NPC) (Dragon Warrior): Umm...
    <Character> (NPC) (Dragon Mage): I don't know...
    <Character> (NPC) (Dragon Warrior): Same...
    <Character> (NPC) (Dragon Rogue): Yeah, isn't it weird?
    <Character> (NPC) (Dragon Rogue): I KNOW I got it, but I don't know how...
    <Character> (NPC) (Dragon Mage): Yeah...
    <Character> (NPC) (Dragon Warrior): Yeah...

    Random Encounter 3:
    <Character> (NPC) (Rogue) (Male): I mean, look at us! We're the same! We share interests, we like the same food, the same activities!
    <Character> (NPC) (Rogue) (Male): It's a match made in Celestial Realm!!!
    <Character> (NPC) (Rogue) (Female): ...
    <Character> (NPC) (Rogue) (Female): I already have someone...
    <Character> (NPC) (Rogue) (Female): Besides, you are... me...
    <Character> (NPC) (Rogue) (Male): Exactly!!! We are ment for eachother!
    <Character> (NPC) (Rogue) (Female): ...
    <Character> (NPC) (Rogue) (Female): I will do these challenges some other time...

    <Character> (NPC) (Necromancer): Ah, Serenity. She died in my timeline, you know. But it was okay, I reanimated her.
    <Character> (NPC) (Necromancer): She now bakes bread and puts me to sleep, like before.
    <Character> (NPC) (Necromancer): The villagers weren't too happy about that, though.
    <Character> (NPC) (Necromancer): It's fine, though. They are now reanimated as well! Falconreach has never been so perfect!

    <Character> (NPC) (Angler): I am the most powerful fisherman the world has ever known! I have caught ALL the fish! I bet you can't say the same about yourself, huh?

    Random Encounter 4:
    <Character> (NPC) (Kid): I don't know how I got here...

    <Character> (NPC) (Shadow Hunter): Hey, do you have any tips for defeating Wargoth?
    <Character> (NPC) (Technomancer): Wargoth? Who's-
    <Character> (NPC) (Technomancer): HEY!!! No spoilers!!!

    <Character> (NPC) (Evolved DragonLord): I don't know how to feel about the Dragon challenge...
    <Character> (NPC) (Evolved DragonLord): I mean, I am the DragonLord, preserving dragons should be my top priority.
    <Character> (NPC) (Dragonslayer): I have no qualms with killing dragons. Heck, I even destroyed the dragon egg given to me. No lady ain't tell me what my destiny is!
    <Character> (NPC) (Evolved DragonLord): !!!

    Lower Floor, Inside the room

    Random Encounter 1:
    <Character> (NPC) (Retro DeathKnight): There are these Death Knight brothers in my timeline, and they are crazy powerful together.
    <Character> (NPC) (DeathKnight): We should form a Death Knight Order together! We would be unstoppable!
    <Character> (NPC) (Icebound Revenant): But won't we forget anything that happens here?
    <Character> (NPC) (DeathKnight): Oh...
    <Character> (NPC) (Retro DeathKnight): Awwww...
    <Character> (NPC) (DeathKnight): Aww...

    Random Encounter 2:
    <Character> (NPC) (Chickencow): I hate people...

    Random Encounter 3:
    <Character> (NPC) (Ascendant) (Left): We even, like-
    <Character> (NPC) (Ascendant) (Right): -finish each other, like-
    <Character> (NPC) (Ascendant) (Left): -sentences!
    <Character> (NPC) (Ascendant) (Right): And we also-
    <Character> (NPC) (Ascendant) (Left): -like, look the same!!
    <Character> (NPC) (Ascendant) (Right): No way, we are-
    <Character> (NPC) (Ascendant) (Left): -like, from the same timeline!!!
    <Character> (NPC) (Ascendant) (Left) & (Right): Whoa!
    <Character> (NPC) (Ascendant) (Left) & (Right): Jinx!!
    <Character> (NPC) (Ascendant) (Left) & (Right): DOUBLE JINX!!!
    <Character> (NPC) (Ascendant) (Right): When did you come here?!
    <Character> (NPC) (Ascendant) (Left): Like, just now!
    <Character> (NPC) (Ascendant) (Right): OMA, saaame!!!
    <Character> (NPC) (Ascendant) (Left) & (Right): AAAAAH!!!

    Random Encounter 4:
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Pssst, hey! Hey you! <Character>! Do you want to buy... a spoiler? Just 1000 gold per one. Hmm? So? Yeah yeah?
  • Sure...
    Accepting will subtract 1,000 Gold from your inventory and gives you a hint of your past/present/future events. Refer to the spoilers for dialogue.

    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): ?sdrawkcab siht daer ot dlog ruoy tneps ylsuoires uoY (Translation: You seriously spent your gold to read this backwards?)
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): ...and Artix slew Vayle in cold blood.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): A baleful eye. A coming crow. A rotting vest. There are powers that fill the void left when the Mana of the Core is...
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): A good cup of Earl Grey tea and a black Decahedron.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): A great Wizard dwells in the South.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): A secret of ages past dwells in the North.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Abel.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Aegis takes the ferry.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Aelita.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Alteon is Amedeus.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): An alien race from a world of darkness arrives suddenly to Lore.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Aquella is the Water Orb's Aegis.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Belle dies.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Belle is more important than you know.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Beware the Warden of Elysium Blank.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Captain Blackberry conspires to summon the Braken with the power of the Wind orb.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Celestia is your closest ally against Wargoth.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Chilly was not actually a Nec-snow-mancer.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Dangerous monsters are on the rise in every corner of Lore.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Darkness falls and obscures the sun.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Demento sees the end of war, settles down and takes up Yulgar's forge in Falconreach.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Don't fail Sam a second time. He might not be able to take it.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Don't trust the Flower.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Draco sacrifices themselves for your own dragon, Fluffy.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Drakath stabs Sepulchure in the back after having gathered all the Elemental Orbs.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Dwarfs have gems as their navel.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Eis'aker, Land of Swords.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Elysium Blank has four division commanders.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Falwynn will defeat the King of Nothing.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Goethe's Elixir can't cure anything.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Gramercy is Sepulchure's mother.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Gravelyn has three sisters.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): He rides on the morrow.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Infernal. Fairwind. Phantom. Arcana.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): It is still Behind you.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): It likes to play games with you.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): K. V. was here.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Kathool's madness never left you and grows every day. Hehehehehe...
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Konnan matures and becomes are wonderful big brother.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Light and darkness, not one but two.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Murk is the First Weaver.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Never forget what you did to Falwynn.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Nifaria's words contain no deceit. Trust her.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Nivalis' plans are most chilling. He desires to take Isathaara's power for himself and turn to ice the whole of Lore.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): NOVA will save you.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Noxus is responsible for the death of Vayle's brother and Artix's village.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): One like Wargoth walks Lore.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): One Sword is dead, but the King doesn't know it yet.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Only the Six Heroes can defeat the White Tyrant.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Sally is an wonderful girl. Full of princesses, sparkles, and pink dresses.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): San Robin is one of the Falconreach spies.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Serenity finally passes of old age, having lived a fruitful life.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Seven five five.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Seven heroes have slumbered and not awakened in millennia.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Swordhaven burns with excitement from one man's latest symphony.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): The Antagonist awaits you.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): The Fire Orb endures Akriloth's annihilation.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): The future is lost.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): The Hidebehind was not the last.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): The Land of Dragons and the Land of Fables must reconcile their differences once more.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): The Mana Core is made out of people.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): The Mana Core rapidly diminishes in the next few years.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): The Messenger is to be listened.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): The moon is Safiria's old friend.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): The next spoiler is true.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): The Orb of Bacon is an outsider. It is the key.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): The pie is a lie!
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): The previous spoiler was false.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): The real Warlic died years ago.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): The stranger poster at the request board can be trusted.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): The third Serenity is the strongest of all.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): The Traveler wanders.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): The true Avatar of Time is always watching.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Theano does not succeed... but he does.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Theano is your greatest ally.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Theano misses his wife and son dearly.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Theano wishes to bring back a weapon.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): They are coming...
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): This statement is false.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Through his Eyes, Inanitas watches you.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Trey Surehunter is no longer of this world.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Truffles and honeydew go well with a loaf of bread.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Trust Circe in your hunt for Vilmor. She will not fail you.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Vayle marries the love of her life from her small hometown. Edgar proudly stands at the wedding as the best man.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Vilmor is not what he appears.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Warlic causes an Elemental Dissonance.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): What you seek lies on the "Forums"
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Who is the Gatekeeper?
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Willbreaker.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Without heart, head.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Xan is an Infernal, turned by Wargoth after the Atealan invasion.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Years have passed since Sekduat's defeat yet he still remains. Too much of the Sandsea's history dwells within him to disappear just yet.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): You have the dragon you are supposed to have.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): You visit Tomix often, his children look up to you.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): You'll soon see the Blade Of Awe again...in a manner of speaking.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Your shoelaces are untied!
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Your silver-haired friend dies.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Zapp's penpal is trustworthy. You can place your faith in her and know that it will not be wasted.
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Zhoom is all right.

  • No
    <Character>: You are from a different timeline, how would I know if what you are giving me is true?
    <Character>: Besides, once I leave I won't remember anything you told me!!!
    <Character>: You're a scam!
    <Character> (NPC) (DoomKnight): Hey, a man's gotta eat. Hehehehe...

    Upper Floor with golden mask attached to the wall

    <Character> (NPC) (Chronocorruptor): Don't talk to me.

    Random Encounter 1:
    <Character> (NPC) (Riftwalker): You look sooo cute! Where do I get this outfit?
    <Character> (NPC) (Frost Moglin): The village of Frostvale! I’m just coming from celebrating Frostval.
    <Character> (NPC) (Riftwalker): Frostval? You mean Avatarmas?
    <Character> (NPC) (Frost Moglin): Huh, that’s very interesting. It seems our timelines celebrate different holidays!

    Random Encounter 2:
    <Character> (NPC) (Zardbie): Uuuuurrrrgggghhhh....

    Random Encounter 3:
    <Character> (NPC) (Pirate): I be gettin' seasick... *urp*

    Random Encounter 4:
    <Character> (NPC) (Guardian): I don't think I will be staying here long, this place gives me the creeps...

    Cana's Jungle Parlor

    Cana: Well, you're a familiar face. Cana, the Barberian, at your service. For a price, I'll set you up with the best hairstyles this side of timespace!

  • Talk
    Cana: I've seen all sorts of you here so pardon me if I don't recognize you right away.
    Cana: That said, I'm always happy for your business. Take a seat on the mushroom and let me know what you'd like!

    Upper Floor with "TRS was here" graffiti

    <Character> (NPC) (Togslayer): It's going to be alright, <Character>.
    <Character> (NPC) (Shadow Walker of Time): I don't know, <Character>...
    <Character> (NPC) (Shadow Walker of Time): I'm feeling so... empty.
    <Character> (NPC) (Shadow Walker of Time): It's like I'm unfinished.
    <Character> (NPC) (Shadow Walker of Time): Like I'm here... but I'm not, at the same time, you know?
    <Character> (NPC) (Shadow Walker of Time): I've been feeling like this for a very long time. I just want it to be done!
    <Character> (NPC) (Togslayer): I am here for you! But you should really talk to Archivist <Character> about this, he knows something about what you are going through.
    <Character> (thinking): I shouldn't intrude.

    Random Encounter 1:
    <Character> (NPC) (SnugglePanda): I love your costume! So festive!
    <Character> (NPC) (Pumpkinlord): This is NOT a costume...

    Random Encounter 2:
    <Character> (NPC) (Pirate Monkee): *monkey noises*
    <Character> (NPC) (Ranger): This... can't be me...

    Random Encounter 3:
    <Character> (NPC) (Pyromancer): I'm going to forget anything that happens here, huh?
    <Character> (NPC) (Pyromancer): Heh, not as long as I write it all down! Loophole!

    Random Encounter 4:
    <Character> (NPC) (Golden Necro): I can see it in your eyes, you want to be me! Well, you won't be, because I am me!

    Other information
  • Some of the rooms in the inn's interior, including the patrons, randomly change appearances every time you enter them.
  • Cana's Jungle Parlor currently offers 67 hairstyles for 5,000 Gold each, but only for DA players.
  • From April 22nd, 2020 until April 27th, 2020, Necrotic Sword of Doom (All Versions) was temporarily banned from The Inn at the Edge of Time challenges, and a Necrotic Sword of Doom Rack was implemented for fast storage/retrieval of the Necrotic Sword of Doom from the player's bank; while the ban was lifted on April 27th, 2020, the rack remains; more information can be found in the April 24th, 2020 and May 1st, 2020 Design Notes.
  • Pop-up headlines in the location:

  • Looks like where you'd drop off your Necrotic Sword of Doom. If you had one.
  • Stored Necrotic Sword of Doom in bank.
  • Necrotic Sword of Doom returned from bank.
  • You require 1000 gold to purchase a SPOILER!

  • When hovering mouse cursor over the objects in the inn:

  • "It's a sock."
  • "This looks like a diagram of a birth of a planet."
  • "A pitch black mirror and some boxes."
  • "A portrait of Serenity."
  • "Something's not right about this clock."
  • "I think this is for distributing... beverage?"
  • "That's not creepy at all!!!"

  • quote:


    As the name might imply, the challenges are endgame content for the most advanced of players. They're there for people who enjoy extremely difficult fights. They're supposed to be, well, a challenge. Calling them cheap or unfair isn't too accurate a complaint as everything you need to beat them is in the game, provided you have a Dragon Amulet.
    Try familiarizing yourself with a variety of classes (for this fight I'd recommend Ranger, Cryptic, or Ascendant) so you know what kinds of playstyles are at your disposal. Try using gear that raises stats such as Crit and All resistance. Try training up your alchemy and getting extra potions from the Cloak Scrap or Pale Sea. Try seeing how different stat builds affect your platstyle. Try different stat builds on your dragon and determine how he can best help you. Try using food items such as Seaweed and Zard Kebob to heal or give your stats a boost. Practice against the solo fights penalty-free, so you can become familiar with the bosses' mechanics and map out a strategy. Victory isn't given to you on a silver platter, but if you try you can do it!


    One of Secundus's soul threads is found in the same room as <Character> (DoomKnight) is located in, but it is present only whenever he appears.

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    8/25/2017 20:03:18   

    Books that can currently be read:


    The Last Stand of Ehr'Ishin

    (Page 1) As my guide led me through the massive gates of Ehr'Ishin, I could feel the cool rush of mana flow over me.

    Power, that was what they held here, hoarded behind the shining pillars of the temples of the Elements. What used to be temples, I corrected myself.

    (Page 2) Across all the Elemental Plains, there was no bastion of the Exalted as might as Ehr'Ishin, with its white walls towering over fields and distant forests, its spires reaching to the heavens.

    Despite the ongoing war, word of cities falling and refugees flocking every day, there was still a semblance of normalcy. Young families browsed markets and children chased their toys between the towering pale alleys.

    (Page 3) Yet soldiers and guards dotted every street corner, every parapet manned by the finest Exalted guards in their black striped armor. Not keeping a watch on the city, but waiting for the first sign of attack.

    (Page 4) The second thing that hit me after the invigorating flow of mana, was the collective tension in the minds of the Exalted. Sure, they could play at living normally, but with the flow of Exalted refugees pouring in around me, there was no question as to how the war fared.

    And everyone knew it. From the smallest child to the oldest guardswoman, the rolling thunderclouds of war were surely making their way to Ehr'Ishin.

    (Page 5) Ah, but I was here for a reason. Even as the alarms were sounded on the walls, and I was rushed forward, and the screams and pleads as the gates were closing, and I was pulled from street to back alley, as the sounds of battle engines clashing against elemental monstrosity echoed through the sky, and I was brought to the base of the great spire of Ehr'Ishin-

    (Page 6) The great spire.

    Brilliantly constructed, dependent on the flow of mana to sustain its great height, it towered over all else in the city. The center of technology and magical research.

    The sole reason Ehr'Ishin was still stand. Barely, from the roars and crunching of the battle outside. But standing. You'd enter and float to the desired floor, and my destination was the very top.

    (Page 7) -even as I lifted myself skyward with my escort, reflecting on the rush of researchers and guards desperate to create the next thing that would save the war-armor, weapons, creatures, as they no doubt had been for weeks now- I sincerely hoped they would succeed, though I knew that there already was an answer.

    and we arrived.

    (Page 8) It was rather gaudy. They spared no expense letting anyone who saw it know that this was, indeed, the great artillery of the great spire of Ehr'Ishin. Covered in gleaming filigree and design, mostly ornamental, it was no surprise why they were struggling. Too many Celestials and you end up with the prettiest weapon that can't cut butter. Celestials budiling what came out of an Infernal's mind. Story of the Exhalted alliance right there.

    (Page 9) But I was here to see it through.

    New glyphs and runes were drawn around the artillery, connecting it to the city, the mass of mana available. Threads of mana were snapped, unwoven, and rejoined.

    (Page 10) When the storm burst and the Elements themselves came through to crush fair Ehr'Ishin, when their flaming boulders and thunderous strikes assailed the walls and shields of the city, here because their pride demanded that they see their own word undone, the cannon was set. There was no use praying that the weapon would work, for it was turned toward our creators. I looked down at the city in turmoil- chaotic- in the throes of battle for survival.

    (Page 11) There would be survivors. Not here. But elsewhere in the Plains. Those that stayed low in the shadows, in the deepest caves, under the tallest trees. And they would be free.

    We aimed the artillery. I completed my spell.

    (Page 12) As I feel my threads of mana unravelling, I hear surprise, acceptance, from the Exalted around me.

    This miracle weapon had a cost to win the war, and power doesn't come cheap. The people of Ehr'Islin would defend it with their lives, and push back the onslaught of the Elements.

    As I fade away, I just hope it will be enough.

    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 2
    8/25/2017 20:03:59   

    Thanks to
  • TFS for inn challenge information.
  • AdvancedRavenV5, docblade, OpprobriousPinecones, and Phastore for additional spoiler information.
  • Jay and Rubioalto for other information and corrections.

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