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Full Moon

Location: Book of Lore -> WAR!, Amityvale (Book 3) -> Thursday / Raven -> Quests -> Full Moon War!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: June 13th, 2014

Objective: Fight your way through the attacking were-creatures!
Objective completed: Who is attacking Amityvale?

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

War Meter

Wave 1: (3) Doomwood Werewolf, (1) Wereliger, (2) Alpha Werewolf, (1) Werebat
Wave 2: (3) Werebat, (1) Wereliger, (2) Doomwood Werewolf, (1) Alpha Werewolf
Wave 3: (1) Werebat, (2) Doomwood Werewolf, (1) Wereliger, (2) Werebat
Wave 4: (2) Doomwood Werewolf, (2) Alpha Werewolf, (1) Werebat, (1) Wereliger
Wave 5: (1) Doomwood Werewolf, (2) Alpha Werewolf, (1) Wereliger, (1) Werebat
Wave 6: (2) Werebat, (2) Alpha Werewolf, (1) Wereliger, (2) Doomwood Werewolf
Wave 7: (2) Alpha Werewolf, (2) Werebat, (2) Doomwood Werewolf, (1) Wereliger
Rare Wave: (1) Alpha Werewolf


Defender's Medal

Side Quests
Nitroglycerin Sponge Catapault
Full Moon DA

Thursday: Snarling were-creatures are attacking Amityvale, <Character>! You have to help us!

  • Talk

    Thursday: It's so good to see you, <Character>!
    Thursday: Since we last spoke... things in my beautiful Amityvale have... gone downhill.
    Raven: Downhill is an understatement. It's a constant battle to not drown in darkness and necromancy.
    Thursday: Raven and the Rose have kept the worst of the undead away...
    Raven: Rooting out vampire infestations is a passion.
    Thursday: Now, though, more werewolves than I've ever seen are stalking through the Doomwood. We need your help to protect Amityvale...
    Thursday: We need your help to protect our home.
    Raven: Look, <Character>... I know who you are. I also know what my best friend has to say about you...
    Raven: I definitely know when there are too many snarling, drooling furballs for me to handle.
    Raven: The only way to save Amityvale is to work together.
    Thursday: Please, <Character>, help us!

  • Heal
  • Invite Raven as a guest - Adds Raven as Guest A. (DA Required)
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    Obsidian Dragon

    Boss Fight (3,000,000 Waves): Howl at the Moon

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