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Horde's Wrath Z

«Fully Offensive Wind armor. Can deal more damage against Truphma enemies. Mastercraft; pays for the lack of downtrigger»

Also see other Horde's: Temper, Reckoning G, Reckoning, Fury, Outrage, Indignation Z, Indignation, Retribution, Wrath Z, Wrath, Ire

Location: Xov's Fire I
Element: Wind

Type	Z
Level	120
PowLvl	130 MC
Price	11000Z 
S <48h	9900Z
  >48h	5500Z

Melee	47
Ranged	47
Magic	47

Fire	77
Water	77
Wind	44
Ice	91
Earth	51
Energy	77
Light	77
Dark	91

Hits: 1
Type: «As Weapon»
Element: «As Weapon»
BR%	612.5
Stat%	1197.5
+BTH	16

  • Armor Lean x1.25.

  • Every turn, there is a 20% chance of dealing 150% damage against Truphma enemies.

    This garb is similar to the one worn by Eukara Vox, beloved schoolteacher and Guardian of Creativity. It provides great Wind resistance, as well as good Earth resistance and a chance of dealing greater damage to Truphma and those corrupted by them!


    Numbers and image thanks to Ash. Image, description and additional info thanks to Dragoon23. Format and additional help thanks to Koree. Write up thanks to Bu Kek Siansu.

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