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Adolescent Dragon Knight's Scales

«Fire shield. Mastercraft; gains some MRM if the monster is burnt.»

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Location: The Dragon's Maze!
Element: Fire
Level	75
PowLvl	75 MC
Price	9682
Sell	4841

Melee	+11
Ranged	+6
Magic	+11

Fire	-21

If the monster is burnt, the shield gains +9 to its Melee, Ranged and Magic defenses.

A dragon's scales allow it to deflect attacks from its enemies with relative ease. This shield will protect you from Fire, Melee, and Magic attacks, and makes it even easier to avoid damage from any foe you've burned.


Numbers thanks to In Media Res. Description thanks to Shiba. Image thanks to Dragoon23. Additional thanks to Shiba and Dragoon23. Write up thanks to Bu Kek Siansu.


November 17, 2013: The shield was released.

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