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Neron's Request

Location: Amityvale (Book 3) -> Up -> Thursday / Raven -> Quests -> Neron's Request
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Swamp Lake
Release Date: October 3rd, 2014

Objective: Magus Neron has requested your presence!
Objective completed: Time to go out on patrol!

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


Magus Neron


Thursday: <Character>, Raven says that Magus Neron has requested your presence. He has something he'd like you to do.

After completing The Locket:
Raven: Magus Neron has requested your presence. He has a task for you.

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    Magus Neron: Ah, <Character>. I'm glad you've come. Raven and Thursday have told me much about you...
    Magus Neron: ... things that put you in a much better light than the descriptions I've received from Rose communications.
    <Character>: I haven't had very many positive interactions with your organization. I tend not to take it well when someone freezes me in a giant block of ice.
    Magus Neron: You seem to have taken it better than Arch Magus Jaania. I supposed a few years versus hundreds can make that difference.
    <Character>: I'm not here to discuss what happened to me. I was told you wanted me to do something?
    Magus Neron: Yes, of course. Part of the reason I was sent to Amityvale was due to my medical and healing knowledge. Once upon a time I was doctor...
    Magus Neron: ... it brought me joy to help my family, my neighbors, to make them well when they were sick, to improve their health when it was failing.
    Magus Neron: There are things on this world, though, that not even my medicines or healing spells could combat...

    *He raises his head a bit, and some of his face is revealed. His left cheek is horribly scarred. Then, he lowers it again*

    Magus Neron: When the great red dragon appeared in the sky and burnt my small village to the ground I couldn't save them. I could barely save myself.
    Magus Neron: Now I've been sent to this town... this Doomwood...
    Magus Neron: ... that is threatened by something just as dangerous as that dragon and I will not fail in my quest to save them.
    <Character>: Amityvale is well protected. You've done a good job with that. Everyone here much safer than they were before.
    Magus Neron: That was just the first step though, <Character>. When you're fighting an infection, you need to try and make sure it doesn't spread.
    <Character>: Infection? You mean the werewolves?
    Magus Neron: And the vampires. I'm here to try and find a cure to both of these curses.
    <Character:> ... I haven't heard of any cure other than, well, death.
    Magus Neron: Once an individual has been cursed they're usually too dangerous to study.
    Magus Neron: Chaney made an attempt when his brother was turned and... you saw how that turned out.
    Magus Neron: Unfortunately, all his notes disappeared along with him and his brother.
    Magus Neron: There are so many questions left unanswered.... All of which could possibly lead to a cure.
    <Character>: If someone is turned, they fundamentally change, though.... I don't see how there is any way of coming back from that.
    Magus Neron: How much do they actually change though? With vampires, they still retain their physical appearance.
    Magus Neron: Werewolves have shown some capacity for understanding and speech.
    Magus Neron: No one has ever gotten close enough to really look though without becoming infected themselves.
    Magus Neron: Are vampirism and lycanthropy really a curse? Or is it a virus? Are vampires and werewolves related somehow?
    Magus Neron: How does it spread? Is it just through a bite or does there have to be an exchange of blood?
    Magus Neron: If there is some kind of cure, will it work on those who have lived with the curse for years or only on those who have just been turned?
    Magus Neron: If this is a magical curse, what happens if you drain the magic from the cells? Is there anyone who is immune?
    <Character>: I... I don't know.
    Magus Neron: Neither do I, <Character>, but I am trying to find out, which is why I need your help.
    <Character>: What can I do? I don't have any experience with finding cures for stuff....
    Magus Neron: Regular patrols are sent outside the walls of town, to make sure that the surrounding forest stays clear of danger.
    Magus Neron: They bring back more and more reports of werewolves and vampires, though.
    Magus Neron: I need you to go out, help clear away the danger and bring me back samples of werewolf and vampire blood and hair for study.
    Magus Neron: I've tried to task this my soldiers but none of them can get over their fear of the infected to collect proper samples of what I need.
    <Character>: Will samples of blood and hair actually help?
    Magus Neron: There are some things in nature and magic that can only be revealed through the blood.
    Magus Neron: There are things that affect the body that leave their traces in your hair.
    Magus Neron: Yes, <Character>, I think these samples will help very much in answering my questions.
    <Character>: Alright, I'll get them for you.
    Magus Neron: If you speak with Raven, she can get you started.

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