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Greenguard Region

Access Point: Travel Map (Book 3) -> Kingdom of Greenguard -> Greenguard Region


  • Swordhaven
    The Rose is in control of Swordhaven and, for the most part, it seems at peace. Old friends, and enemies, await you in the capitol of Greenguard, as long as you keep the peace in the city you should be safe though.


  • Espina Rosa

  • The Nest
    A quiet location in the forest, unless you count the sounds of playing children often heard here.

  • The Shears
    An inn placed in the scenic foothills.

  • Helm's Harbor
    Swordhaven's very own harbor! Once a private dock for King Alteon's armada, now available for the public. Ships all over dock here, exchanging goods and services.

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