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«Mastercraft accurate fire spell. Does less damage, but can tag monsters as dragons.»

Also see:Level: 150
Power Level: 153
MP Level: 152
Price: 24,205,166 Gold
Sellback: 12,102,583 Gold
Location: The Dragon's Maze!

Element: Fire
Cost: 653 MP

Hits: 1
Type: Magic
Element: Fire
Damage: 112-336 plus 695% Stats
BTH: 48 plus Stats

If spell hit connects and deals >0 damage your opponent makes a save at a -20 penalty
    Level: 153 vs MonsterLvl
    Major: YourINT vs MonsterEND
    Minor: YourLUK vs MonsterLUK
***If monster fails the save:
  • If the monster is already a dragon, then nothing happens.
  • If the monster is dragonkin, then it gets tagged as a full dragon (and is no longer dragonkin)
  • Otherwise, the monster gets tagged as dragonkin.

    *Your opponent resists the curse!
    **Your opponent roars as the curse turns it into a half-dragon!
    ***Your opponent roars as pure dragon blood flows through its veins!
    ****Your opponent is already a full dragon!

    Warlic was able to turn the Mana Dragon's curse into a powerful spell! While it does low damage, it can partially turn your opponent into a dragon, making it weaker to dragonbane and dragon-slaying tactics!


    Image thanks to Dragoon23. Numbers thanks to In Media Res. Pop-ups and description courtesy of Travis Touchdown.


    Starts off as a standard spell, which is 179-537 damage plus 1110% Stats, with 38 BTH. The spell gets +10 BTH dealing *85/95 damage and by trying to tag enemies as dragon does 70.25% damage (factored into the numbers above)

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