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whackybeanz -> Mogloween 2013 (12/1/2014 1:23:19)

Mogloween 2013
Trick or Treating fun!

«If you have candy on hand when you enter this quest from Battleon or another quest, you will lose some candy and get the message "Some of your candy has spoiled!". Your current candy will be multiplied by sqrt(1/2).»

Trick or Treat!
Happy Mogloween! All of the adventurers are out trick or treating for candy! Earn candy then trade them in for cool masks and Pumpkin armor!
  • Trick or Treat! - 1 BATTLE, Monster List
  • Candy Trade!
  • Eat Some Candy - If you have candy: +100 HP & MP, else: "You do not have any candy."
  • Back to town...

  • The Children of... THE MEASURER - Battleon is too quiet. The students are missing... or are they? Dare you find out what is really going on this Mogloween?
  • Visit ZombieLand
  • Limited Time Mogloween Shop
  • Pumpkin Golems!
  • Go to Lockjaw House!
  • Collect Zorbak's MonsterManiacs!

    «You can also speak to the Werewolf King, Zorbak, Toil and Trouble. Guardians can click on the potion bag to refill potions if they have less than 4 on hand.»

    Werewolf King: Once a year comes the holiday we call MOGLOWEEN! Everything seems to become as scary as Darkovia, where I am from!
    Werewolf King: Trick or Treat and visit houses to collect candy and trade it for special weapons, costume armors, masks and other items!
    Werewolf King: Beware of the Moglins! Those cute little fellas can become a handful during the Festival. It is the one time of year that transforms them into giant Moglinsters!
    Werewolf King: I hope you brought your best gear and lots of room for Candy! I am going to try to wear each mask at least once before the festival ends! Now-- let's go get some CANDDAAYYYY!
  • Solve the mystery of the falling star!
  • Not right now-- Maybe later!

    Toil: The masks and prizes you trade your candy for are temporary. Your normal gear will return when you log out.
    Trouble: Happy Mogloween! Oh, and we've heard reports of "falling stars" around town -- see if you can find one!
  • Thanks!
    Toil: One more thing-- Our little sisters Bubble and Bubble are missing! Can you find them for us??
  • Search for Toil and Trouble's sisters!
  • Not right now-- Maybe later!

    Zorbak: Mehehehe... *ahem* This costume is great, don't you think? Everyone is mistaking me for Zorbak. I'm really just a 7 year old girl... yeah, that's right.
    Zorbak: Anyway, would you like to go on a quest for me?
  • Collect Zorbak's MonsterManiacs!
  • Zorbak's Ebil Pets!
  • Ghost Princess (The very first AdventureQuest quest ever released!)
  • Fight your clone!
  • No thanks
    Trick or Treat!

      «If you don't have a mask»

      Moglins: Oh no oh no oh no... you are not wearing a mask!!! (Why are we suddenlies so hungwy!)
      *Begins to transform*
    • Uh oh....

      1 BATTLE
      Green Moglinster
      Blue Moglinster
      Red Moglinster

      «If you have a mask»

      Moglins: Hiyas! Okays, lets play the Mogloween game! Choose a hand... if you choose correctly, you get a treat! Choose wrong and its tricky tricky time!
    • Left Hand
    • Right Hand

      «Randomly, you receive either a TREAT!!! or a TRICK!!!»
      «+X Candy!»
    • Yes!!

      Note: X ranges from 1 to 999.
      «The door opens, and a Hallow jumps out of the shadows»

      Hallow: *buuuuuurrrrrrrp*
      «You»: Oh NO... That thing must have eaten ALL of the candy in this house!! Why you little--
    • Fight!

      1 BATTLE
      Level 0-24: Sweet Hallow
      Level 25-44: Peppermint Hallow
      Level 45-64: Chocolate Hallow
      Level 65-84: Candy Hallow
      Level 85+: Hallow

    Candy Trading!
    «Prices below are paid using your Candy.»

  • Happy Face - 150
  • Paper Bag - 224
  • Tragedy - 590
  • Comedy - 450
  • Zorbak Mask - 911
  • Kabroz Mask - 616
  • Ghost Mask - 300
  • Princess Mask - 560
  • Tribal Beast - 320
  • Cthulhu - 1200
  • Mothman - 366
  • Doomanoid - 410
  • Gween Mask - 200

  • Extras!
  • Classic Masks!«If you do not have enough candy to get any item...»

    Whoops... you do not have enough candy to get this item! Time to do some more trick or treating!
  • Masks!
  • Special Items!
  • Back
    Mogloween Rares

  • Dark Comedy
  • Cyclops Trident of Light Z
  • Dark Comedy
  • Cyclops Trident of Light
  • Dark Comedy
  • Cyclops Trident of Light G
  • Dark Comedy
  • Cyclops Trident of Light Z
  • Dark Comedy
  • Dark Comedy
  • Cyclops Trident of Light Z
  • Dark Comedy
  • Cyclops Trident of Light Z
  • Dark Comedy
  • Cyclops Trident of Light
  • Dark Comedy
  • Dark Comedy
  • Cyclops Trident of Light G

  • Straightjacket Z
  • Straightjacket
  • Straightjacket Z
  • Straightjacket Z
  • Straightjacket G
  • Straightjacket G
  • Straightjacket
  • Straightjacket Z

  • Bomb-o-lantern Z
  • Bomb-o-lantern
  • Bomb-o-lantern Z
  • Bomb-o-lantern G
  • Bomb-o-lantern
  • Bomb-o-lantern Z
  • Bomb-o-lantern G
  • Bomb-o-lantern G

  • Something Z
  • Something G
  • Something
  • Something Z
  • Something Z
  • Something G
  • Something Z
  • Something G

    House Items
  • Mogloween Portal Painting

  • whackybeanz -> RE: Mogloween 2013 (1/20/2015 7:53:29)

    Children of the Measurer!
    Mogloween 2013

    Location: Mogloween - Main Town OR Mogloween Portal Painting

    «Scene: Battleon Inn. A child sits on the steps to the next floor, holding a ruler.»

    Yulgar: It's that time again. I wonder what weirdness'll haunt Battleon this year.
    Robina: I haven't seen Zorbak lurking around, so perhaps it will be a calm Mogloween? Maybe we will be fortunate and folks will be able to enjoy the evening and just hunt for treats?
    Yulgar: Hmmm, so the children'll get to hunt for treats this time, while «You» keeps an eye out for the stray monster?
    Robina: Precisely. Though, speaking of children, they've been quiet. Has Eukara Vox been testing them for the past few days?
    Yulgar: I... don't rightly know, but you're right. They've been quiet ever since that field trip to the farms.
    Robina: She didn't take them to Seahawk's Farm, did she?
    Yulgar: As weird as that place is, surely just a visit wouldn't do anything permanent to the kids? I mean, considering what she encourages in that school of hers...

    «Silence fills the room.»

    Yulgar: Right?

    «The scene fades to black and switches to Aria's Pet Shop. Aria is speaking to Hans, while two children can be seen in the background, unfazed by Aria's dog constantly growling at them.»

    Aria: I don't know, Hans. The animals won't have anything to do with them.
    Hans: I'll admit, her students have been acting weird, but they usually are.
    Aria: Hans! I am being serious!
    Hans: Okay, okay. Yes, something is wrong. The way they walk around, looking at all of us... I just don't know what is wrong with them.

    «The scene fades to black and switches to Warlic's magic shop. Warlic is in deep thought.»

    Warlic: (thinking) Something foul stirs the air...

    «Two children enter the scene.»

    Cassie: He Who Measures requires your sacrifice.

    «Timmy raises a ruler, with crayons tied around it, making it look like a voodoo doll.»

    Timmy: Your power will be given to He Who Measures.
    Warlic: Where is your teacher, Ms. Vox?

    «Cassie takes out a voodoo doll similar to that of Timmy's.»

    Cassie: He Who Measures will have her power, too.
    Timmy: He Who Measures waits for you.
    Warlic: This is very wrong. I need to find Ms. Vox. You two... aren't going anywhere.

    «Warlic raises his crystal ball. In an instant, the two children are surrounded by a translucent sphere, and Warlic vanishes. The scene focuses on the now trapped students, flashing a demented smile while holding their rulers...»

    Cassie: He Who Measures will have all things.

    «The scene fades to black. Warlic arrives at the Battleon school, and the classroom he enters is dimly lit. Tables have been flipped and lay on the floor, and many ruler voodoo dolls are pasted all around the classroom.»

    Warlic: Ms. Vox?


    Warlic: What... what did you do this time?

    «Back in the outskirts of Battleon...»

    «You»: (thinking) There is something weird going on... I just can't put my finger on it. It's quiet. It's the eve of Mogloween. Though I have seen nothing out of the ordinary, something in the air feels malevolent.

    «Lady Tomo enters the scene.»

    Lady Tomo: Very apt word for this day, «You».
    «You»: My Lady! What brings you here and away from your home?

    «Warlic enters the scene.»

    Warlic: I requested her presence. We need her expertise, I fear.
    «You»: We do? You're the resident magic expert, but Lady Tomo's the expert on... Uh oh.
    Lady Tomo: Warlic and I have been looking into the town and the surrounding areas. There are many in danger if what I suspect is true.
    Warlic: Ms. Vox's children are not themselves. Something happened to them the last time they left town on a field trip.
    «You»: I keep telling her to conduct class more traditionally, but nooooooo...
    Lady Tomo: What she does is fine, what is attracted to her methodology is not.
    Warlic: Or her magic... *grumbles*
    «You»: Then let's get back to town and start unraveling this mystery.

    «AAIEEEEE! A scream emits from within town!»

    Lady Tomo: Sooner, better than later.

    «Returning to town, you spot children tugging a huge creature, with the Battleon residents bounded to it by rope!»

    «You»: Hey! Kids! Stop what you are doing.

    «Cassie and Timmy turn to face you.»

    Cassie: Warlic is back. He must come with us. Bring him.

    «Timmy takes out his voodoo doll again.»

    Timmy: Yes, He Who Measures will need his sacrifice.
    Warlic: What? I left you two in my shop, surrounded by a barrier.

    «Cassie takes her voodoo doll out too.»

    Cassie: You thought you were more powerful than He Who Measures?
    Timmy: He Who Measures cares for us. He released us from your imprisonment.
    «You»: Speaking of imprisonment...
    Cassie: Now, faithful ones, seize Warlic. He must be brought to the meeting place.

    «A few children surround Warlic and Lady Tomo while the rest tugs the creature away.»

    «You»: We... have to fight them? But they are just children!
    Lady Tomo: They may be children, but what fuels them and holds them captive is not. Warlic? Surely you can create something to help «You»?
    Warlic: Um... sure...

    «An instrument appears on Warlic's hand.»

    Warlic: Just use this. It will not hurt them, just distract them so we can get away. Their weakness... as her students...
  • Take gun!

    «You are equipped with the Homework Cannon and cannot switch weapons for the following battles.»
      1 BATTLE: Jimmy
      1 BATTLE: Maddie

      Full Heal
    «You»: That was... GENIUS! Distracting them with work. No other students on Lore would fall for that but hers. Now, let's go take care of this weirdness.
    Warlic: I have a notion they are out on Seahawk's Farm. That is the only location where anything this strange would happen and no one think twice.
    Lady Tomo: Yes, that is where I feel drawn.
    «You»: Then, we go there.

    «Scene: Seahawk's Farm»

    Seahawk: Why are her children BACK HERE!?
    «You»: Well, we think that your farm has created-
    Warlic: What «You» is trying to say is that something unnatural has happened here that you are not already aware of.
    Warlic: Something took hold of the children while they were here on their last field trip. We need to fix things so you can return to... normal.
    Seahawk: I never gave them permission to be here! I told Ms. Vox that. She promised that she would skip my fields. But, next thing I know, the students were tromping through my rows and veggies.
    Seahawk: Sure, they looked a little out of it, but they are children. I don't expect them to look intelligent all the time.
    Lady Tomo: Where was Ms. Vox?
    Seahawk: How should I know? Maybe one of my Frankencarrots or Pea Ditties got her for allowing the little droolers on my property.
    «You»: So, she wasn't with them? How long ago was that?
    Seahawk: A few days? Maybe?
    Lady Tomo: Then I understand what I felt a few days ago. Everyone is in danger.

    «Lady Tomo, Warlic and you leave the scene.»

    Seahawk: Why can't people just leave me and my veggies alone...

    «The scene fades to black and you begin moving through Seahawk's fields. While doing so, you meet a few of Seahawk's creations! For the following battles, you are allowed to select weapons.»
      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
    «The captured Battleon residents as well as a tied up Eukara Vox are seen. Children stand beside a fire, raising all their voodoo dolls.»

    Cassie: He Who Measures will be here!
    Timmy: All hail He Who Measures!
    Cassie: We call upon you, He Who Measures. We ask that you look at our offerings and find favor with us.
    Timmy: Yes, we have done all that you have asked.
    ???: Where is the mage?
    Cassie: He will be here, my lord. I promised, I will fulfill.

    «The fire becomes brighter and grows larger. A translucent, red figure appears from the fire.»

    ???: Yes... yes, my children, bring me forth! Bring your paradise forth and be rewarded!

    «The fire rages and the being begins to materialize. Shortly after, the grotesque demon fully materializes, baring its sharp fangs.»

    Demon: Mahahaw haw haw! I have come! Bow, for I am Hruza.

    «Lady Tomo, Warlic and you enter the scene.»

    Cassie: Behold, He Who Measures! It is Warlic, as I promised!
    Hruza: Along with more to feed my needs...
    Hruza: Another like me... delicious. Seize them, my children. Bring them to me, to your master. Make me happy.

    «You equip Warlic's Homework Cannon and ready for battle against the children. You are not allowed to switch out of the weapon for the following battle.»
      1 BATTLE: Maddie
      1 BATTLE: Jimmy

      Full Heal

      1 BATTLE: Timmy
      1 BATTLE: Cassie

      Full Heal
    Hruza: GRAWR! How dare you come to my party and hurt my followers! You shall pay!
    «You»: Lady Tomo, Warlic, please release the ones tied up while I fight this demon!
    «You»: You do not come into my world and use children to do your nefarious deeds. You are despicable! Face me, you coward, and stop hiding behind children!
    Hruza: You do not know what it is you fight, weakling. But, very well. Be ready to die!

    «You can switch weapons for the following battle.»
      1 BATTLE: Hruza Silenstvi
      Full Heal
    Lady Tomo: I know you. You do not belong here, Hruza Silenstvi. You were banished from our realm for a reason. And now, it is time for you to go back.
    Hruza: NO! I will not go back!
    «You»: I don't think you have a choice. Lore is not your home. You are not welcome here.
    Hruza: And yet, SHE is!
    «You»: Yep. Time for you to go away.
    Lady Tomo: Ready, Ms. Vox?
    Eukara: As I will ever be. Let's just hope my magic cooperates.
    Lady Tomo: Indeed...

    «Lady Tomo and Eukara begin focusing their magic. A swirling portal appears behind Hruza and sucks him into the vortex. The magical control over the children also vanishes.»

    «You»: Good riddance. How... did you two do that?
    Eukara: Secret only I will ever know. Now, my poor students...
    Jimmy: Ms. Vox! Why are we still at the scary blue man's farm?
    «You»: It's a long story... why don't you just follow all of us home?
    Cassie: Um, «You»? I thought your use of 'nefarious' was very good. Ms. Vox likes for us to show how smart we are, too.
    Children of The Measurer

  • Homework Cannon [L. 5, 25, 45, 65, 85, 105, 125, 135, 145 G]
  • Measures Totem [L. 5, 25, 45, 65, 85, 105, 125, 135, 145 G]
  • Homework Cannon Z [L. 48 Z, 125 Z]
  • Measures Totem Z [L. 48 Z, 125 Z]

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

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