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Missed Raven

Location: Amityvale (Book 3) -> Up -> Raven -> Quests -> Missed Raven
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Locket
Release Date: February 27th, 2015

Objective: Find your way safely through the Doomwood!
Objective completed: Thursday was the only one in Amityvale to welcome Raven in, now Raven won't rest until she saves Thursday!

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0



Raven of the Mysts Cloak (I-VI)
Runed Hawk Cloak (I-VI)

Misc. Items
Emerald Key

<Character>: Raven?
<Character>: Umm...
Raven: I'm fine, <Character>. I'm just... thinking.
<Character>: I've been to meaning to ask. How did you get to be friends with Thursday? Thursday... well, last time I was here, she was kind of a loner.
Raven: You... really want to know?
<Character>: You're Thursday's friend, and a good one, but you're still a part of the Rose, and she very much loves the...
<Character>: ... the "magic" of Doomwood and the eternal night here. You seem to have very different values.
Raven: Thursday is my best friend. She was the only one to help me when everything had been taken from me.
<Character>: ......
Raven: I'm not from this area... I'm not even from this continent.
Raven: I was born across the sea, where magic is revered. Where those without it are treated like lesser beings.
Raven: My parents weren't "gifted" with magic.
Raven: My father was a scholar though and worked for the Enchanters Guild.
Raven: My mother... my mother had a less honorable profession.
Raven: I don't remember much, but I still remember the white bark of the trees....
<Character>: What made you leave your home and come all the way across the ocean then?
Raven: It... it was my fault.
Raven: My magic... manifested.
Raven: It meant that the Enchanters would take me. I'd be swept into the Guild and my parents might never see me again.
Raven: So, we left in the night.
Raven: They never blamed me... they always told me it was to find a better life, a life where it wouldn't matter if they had magic or not, but I knew why.
Raven: I think that was the last time I ever saw them smile....
Raven: Standing on the deck of that ship, the wind filling the sails, it was almost like we were flying... and they said it was going to be an adventure...
Raven: Except, we had nothing but the clothes and the food the captain gave us. My parents paid every last coin just to get us across the ocean.
Raven: We watched the ship sail away from the beach, then turned to face our new "adventure"... and it seemed like we never stopped running after that.
Raven: We landed after you were frozen, <Character>, and it was a dark time.
Raven: Elementals still raged, necromancers raised their undead minions from their pick of skeletons, and bandits roamed the woods.
Raven: My mother was able to fight off some of the danger but we tried to avoid most of it by hiding and travelling at night until one night...
Raven: ... well, the night never ended. There's nothing quite like the Doomwood anywhere else in the world.
Raven: My parents were terrified that the Sun had been eaten again.
Raven: Wolves howled throughout the night, it felt like we were always being watched, even if we couldn't see a thing... then...
Raven: ... then this thing came crashing through the trees.
Raven: It was... it was silver and had spikes for hands... my father shouted at me to hide... my mother tried to fight it and...
Raven: ... they paid for it with their lives. There was nothing I could do... so I ran.
Raven: Someone was shouting to stop... but I had to get away.
Raven: With wolves howling, vampires hissing, and whatever that... thing was chasing me, I just tried to hide and find my way to someplace safe.

*You play as Kid Raven, navigating through Doomwood, avoiding any wolves, against a timer*

Raven: Even in the eternal darkness of Doomwood, there's a midnight....
Raven: With the wolves howling, the vampires hissing... no one would open their door to me.
Raven: Who knew if I had been bit, or was some sort of a ploy to get their door open? All I knew was that the wolves were getting closer.
Raven: That I could still hear that silver monster crashing through the woods....
Raven: I thought I was going to die, <Character>.
Raven: That I would be torn to shreds or slowly drained of all my blood. I heard the moans of undead as I ran past the cemetery...
Raven: Then I saw one last house.
Raven: One last chance to survive the night.
Raven: I almost didn't stop.
Thursday: Hello! Are you okay? Hurry and come inside, it's cold out there!
Raven: I lost my home, my parents, and almost lost my life... Thursday was the only one who welcomed me in.
Raven: She saved my life and I will never forget that. She's my best friend, <Character>, and I owe her.

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