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[image][/image]Ascendant CC DC

Location: Mootopolis -> 2 Up -> Arester -> Ascended ChickenCow -> Purchase It
Level/Quest/Items required: None*

Ascended Spear (All Versions)

Ascended Cover (All Versions)

Ascended Wings (All Versions)

Ascended ChickenCow Armor

Before completing The Challenge of Moocluckles:
Arester: So you wish to take our power on as your own?
Arester: There are several things you must do before you can earn that privilege.
Arester: However...I may be persuaded to show you immediately for a price.
Arester: I am aware of a currency that you use on the ground. I believe they are called Dragon Coins?
Arester: You may choose to undergo my trials and purchase the right for gold or share some of these odd coins with me instead.
Arester: Which will it be, <Character>?

After completing The Challenge of Moocluckles:
Arester: You have proven yourself worthy, <Character>! You may now learn the powers of the Ascended!

Other information
  • *After completing The Challenge of Moocluckles and giving ChickenCow Armor and Evolved ChickenCow Armor to Arester, a replacement location is unlocked:Thanks to Jay and Slayer Zach for corrections.

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