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4/2/2015 7:46:25   
Advocator of Wills


Access Point: Ovungu Zoyo -> Mootopolis -> Travel
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: April 1st, 2015

Quests Available
The Challenge of Moocluckles

The Lost Egg of Orion

Guardian (Mootopolis)

Ascendant CC
Ascendant CC DC
Xaver's Barber Shop

Arystea: Welcome to Mootopolis, stranger.

Larysa: Have you seen my son? His name is Agis. I worry about him. He's always taking unnecessary risks.

Guardian: This part of the city is closed. You are not allowed inside.

Diogenes: Man, I'm good looking.


Orion: Don't bother me...

During the Grenwog event:
Orion: <Character>, my name is Orion.
Orion: I used to be a hard-boiled hunter, but then Zeuster decided to make me his personal Egg-guard.
Orion: I have a slight problem though. My latest project was egg-napped.
Orion: I left it alone for just a second and some strange rodent just took it and scrambled!
Orion: I used my skills to track it to a forest near Falconreach.
Orion: However, I can't go look for it myself. If Zeuster finds out I left again he's going to question me until I crack.,
Orion: Would you be so kind as to retrieve the egg for me? If you do, I'll give you something nice in return.

Xaver's Barber Shop

Xaver: Welcome to my barber shop. They call me Xaver. Please sit down and choose a hairstyle!

  • Hair Cut - Opens Xaver's Barber Shop
  • Talk

    Xaver: I'm one of the most skilled barbers you've ever met. I've cut the hair of gods, so I can manage cutting yours.
  • Done

    Outside the Cowiseum

    Arester: Greetings, <Character>! Welcome to Mootopolis.

  • Ascended ChickenCow! - Continue with the dialogue below

  • Heal & potions - Fully heals your HP and MP as well as refilling potions

  • Talk
    Arester: Ask your questions, <Character>.

    Arester: Ah yes, the Cowiseum. Many great heroes have been forged within its walls.
    Arester: You are not yet ready to participate in any contests there, but many great heroes have over the past few hundred years.
    Arester: You may one day be worthy enough to participate, but for now just know that we will continue to watch your deeds.

    Arester: We decided to build Mootopolis above the ground and between clouds because we are almost untouchable here.
    Arester: We've heard rumors of the organization known as the Rose. We'd prefer not to have them attempt to "chain" us, as some have described.
    Arester: You, however, are free to explore. We know of your actions against the Rose and how much you value freedom.

    Your appearance...
    Arester: Here in Mootopolis we decided to take on humanoid forms.
    Arester: We felt that these forms would allow others to interact with us in an easier way.
    Arester: This form is quite interesting. We're able to learn quite a bit more from your kind than in our normal form.

    Arester: Yes, Zeuster is here. However, he's secluded himself for some reason.
    <Character>: What's with the giant statue of him over the Cowiseum?
    Arester: Ah, yes...that. It should have been a monument to myself, but Zeuster holds more influence than I.
    <Character>: Ah... I see.
    Arester: You may be able to speak to him eventually but for now you'll need to wait.

    Arester: So you wish to take our power on as your own?
    Arester: There are several things you must do before you can earn that privilege.
    Arester: However...I may be persuaded to show you immediately for a price.
    Arester: I am aware of a currency that you use on the ground. I believe they are called Dragon Coins?
    Arester: You may choose to undergo my trials and purchase the right for gold or share some of these odd coins with me instead.
    Arester: Which will it be, <Character>?

  • Earn It
    Arester: Are you positive? You will not be able to change your mind after we begin.

  • I am!
    Arester: An honorable choice indeed. Are you ready to begin?

  • Yes I Am!
  • No!
  • Nevermind!

  • Purchase It
    Opens the Ascendant CC DC Shop
  • Back

    Arester: To begin your training I require an offering.
    Arester: Zeuster created something very odd and I wish to understand it if I can.
    Arester: Bacon.
    Arester: It has come to my attention that a man in the town you call Falconreach has found a piece that's beyond all others.
    Arester: It is cooked to perfection and something that I very much wish to sample.
    Arester: If you can find this man who loves cheese more than anything else bring me back this Perfect Bacon Slice.
    Arester: I will continue your training once you do.

  • Give him the BACON!
    (Takes The Perfect Slice of Bacon from your inventory)
  • Back

    After giving The Perfect Slice of Bacon:
    Arester: Ah, excellent. Thank you, <Character>. I'll sample this later. For now do you wish to continue your training?

  • Yes!
  • No!

    Arester: One of our greatest heroes was the mighty Moocluckles.
    Arester: He was the first to take on human form and conquered many great challenges even in that original weakened form.
    Arester: Any who wish to take our power for their own must complete the Challenge of Moocluckles.
    Arester: Your people have already discovered and use something akin to that original form he took.
    Arester: You must now take on that form and complete the challenges to prove yourself worthy.
    Arester: Beware though, it will not be easy as you will face creatures of tremendous power.
    Arester: If you have the courage of Moocluckles then I will lead you to where the challenges begin.
    Arester: Take up the armor and let us depart!

  • Don the Armor!
    (Loads ChickenCow Armor)
  • LET'S GO!
    (Starts The Challenge of Moocluckles)
  • Back
  • I can't do it...

    If you clicked on the 'I can't do it...' option:
    Arester: It takes one with an honest heart to admit he/she cannot accomplish something.
    Arester: You may purchase the armor instead, if you wish to.
    Arester: If you wish to retry the challenge later when you grow more powerful, you may.

    After completing The Challenge of Moocluckles:
    Arester: You have done well, <Character>. You are nearly done.
    Arester: The final act you must complete is to give up the vestments of the lesser Chickencows.
    Arester: You must give me one of each of the armors known as the ChickenCow Lord and the Evolved ChickenCow Lord.
    Arester: Your people have several versions but I only require one of each.
    Arester: Bring them to me and you will have earned the power of the Ascended.
  • Very Well!
  • Back

    Before offering the ChickenCow Armor:
    Arester: Present the ChickenCow Armor. You will not keep it once you offer it up.

  • Offer up the ChickenCow Lord!
    (The ChickenCow Armor is removed from your inventory.)
  • Back

    After offering the ChickenCow Armor:
    Arester: Present the Evolved ChickenCow Armor. You will not keep it once you offer it up.

  • Offer up the Evolved ChickenCow Lord!
    (The Evolved ChickenCow Armor is removed from your inventory.)
  • Back

    After offering both the Chickencow Armor and Evolved Chickencow Armor:
    Arester: You have proven yourself worthy, <Character>! You may now learn the powers of the Ascended!
  • Items!
    (Opens Ascendant CC Shop)

  • DC Items!
    (Opens Ascendant CC DC Shop)

  • The Challenge
    Arester: So you wish to attempt the challenge again? Very well, don the armor and we shall depart.

  • Don the Armor!
    (Loads ChickenCow Armor)
  • LET'S GO!
    (Starts The Challenge of Moocluckles)
  • Back

    Thanks to
    -- Stridoom for Arystea, Larysa, Guardian, Diogenes, and Orion NPC dialogue and name tag color code.
    -- Slayer Zach for entry info.

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