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Inner unSelf

Location: Tkaanie -> The First Weaver -> Inner unSelf
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Vaaloirr
Release Date: April 24th, 2015

Objective: Roirr is still weak after traveling through the Plane of Elemental Spirits. The village of Ull is on his agenda... but why?
Objective completed: "Now... I'm immortal."

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(4) Beez
(4) Borowik
(2) Dola
(4) Iele
(4) Lakanica
(1) Leszi


Memory Fragment I

*Loads Fleshweaver*

*Alraia is in pain as Roirr dissolves her into a red palm-sized spark. When he is finished, he proceeds to devour her.*

Roirr: Mmmm...
Vaal: You monster!!! You a-ate her! My soulminion!! WHAT IS YOUR DEAL?!
Roirr: My deal? What a curious expression. I don't have a "deal". I needed sustenance.
Roirr: ...

*Izbor's former dagger flickers into Transcendence every few seconds. Roirr grows curious.*

Roirr: Hmm.
Roirr: She wasn't enough. I need more.
Roirr: I should have asked him where exactly is Ull... now I have to figure that out.
Roirr: ...
Roirr: You're awfully quiet.

*Vaal stares at him in silence.*

Vaal: Why-why are you doing this? All of this?

*Roirr smirks.*

Roirr: That's the question, isn't it?

*Vaal isn't amused.*

Roirr: You won't be around much longer, so I suppose you'll never find out.
Roirr: You will spend your last conscious moments on wondering...
Roirr: But I advise against that.
Roirr: Reflect on your life. On the good... and the bad times.
Roirr: Especially the bad times. Focus on them, let them consume you.
Roirr: I want your last thoughts before you disappear to be about how much of a failure you were, Vaal.

*Vaal starts to get angry at the sound of the remark.*

Vaal: You...
Roirr: I am in your body. I am in control of your brain. Your mind is like a doorway. And your entire life is like an open, forgotten book to me.
Roirr: Very short and boring.
Roirr: And I've read all of the pathetic chapters. I know everything about you. I would even say that I know about you than you do.
Roirr: A child fooled by his mother into believing he was going to be someone he could never be.
Roirr: A man so full of himself that the only thing he's ever loved was his reflection.
Roirr: A dashing young "hero" who forsook his wife in order to chase the impossible and, in the end, doomed an entire city full of kind people...
Roirr: ... who despised him.
Vaal: Stop...
Roirr: A washed up vagabond who, when offered a chance of redemption, fled.

*Roirr's eyes glisten as if he is about to reach a climax that will get Vaal to snap.*

Vaal: Are you done?!
Roirr: Are you angry? Do you hate me?
Vaal: You... you are insane. You are a demented... psychopath!
Roirr: Thank you.
Roirr: Now that we have this behind us, I need to figure out where Ull is...
Roirr: I haven't been there in a long while.

*He walks away as Vaal stares at him with his retained anger.*

Vaal: ... a doorway can be stepped through in both directions.

*He fades away as Roirr proceeds to find his way to Ull.*

*Somewhere in the forest, there is a pair of three brown mushrooms that will recover your HP/MP completely, but only once.*

*Roirr comes across a small village with brown huts at a clearing in the forest.*

Roirr: I hear bees. This must be the village. It has changed since the last time I've been here, you know.
Roirr: It's more... lovely.

*Vaal appears behind him.*

Roirr: I've changed my mind. You can talk with me. I feel foolish talking to myself.
Vaal: .....
Vaal: What are you going to do now...?
Roirr: What an excellent question.
Roirr: I'm going to...

*Bloody tears seep down Roirr's eyes.*

Roirr: Feed.

*Inside what appears to be an inn, Roirr, in his original body, holds his mug while ogling at it.*

Barmaid: D'ya need somethin' to eat, hun?
Roirr: No, leave me.
Roirr: What am I doing?
Roirr: I have wasted my entire life trying to find a way...
Roirr: I'm so old now. Maybe leaving was a bad choice?
Roirr: But I can't stop now!
Roirr: I've sacrificed too much.
Roirr: Although... my legacy is set.
Roirr: I can stop now...
Roirr: Am I right?
Roirr: ...
Roirr: No, you're not.
Roirr: But I don't want to die...
Roirr: ... I never want to die.

*He continues to look at his mug as a young child across the inn looks at him suspiciously. When Roirr finishes his drink, he approaches a desk.*

Roirr: One room. Cheap.

*Roirr proceeds to unlock his door, but is interrupted.*

???: Excuse me mister...

*The child approaches Roirr.*

Roirr: Yes?
Kid: Can you spare some coin?
Roirr: No, go away.
Roirr: You shouldn't be here. You are asking for troubl-

*Roirr is stabbed in the back by the child and he drops to the floor. The kid looks at him, proudly.*

Kid: This one has released you from life on behalf of The Children.
Roirr: Ugh... What-! Who are... you...
Kid: Your wife sends her regards.
Roirr: M-my wife... what?! Why... no.
Roirr: No no no no... no!
Roirr: I can't die!!! It can't... end like this! Not y-yet!
Roirr: I CAN'T DIE!!!

*His skin turns black and dissolves into dark energy that possesses the child.*

Roirr: What...
Roirr: ...
Roirr: Hah...
Roirr: Thank you father.

  • Complete Quest

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    Thanks to Tomix for corrections.

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