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Slayer Zach -> Drowned Fortress, The (5/24/2015 23:38:41)

The Drowned Fortress

Location: Maguswood Region -> Drowned Fortress -> Travel
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: May 24th, 2015

Objective: Explore the depths of Sepulchure's Drowned Fortress! Be warned... your only escape to go back the way you came!
Objective completed: N/A

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(3) Bone Fire
(2) Bottom Feeder
(4) Darkness Elemental
(4) Eel
(1) Galeocerda
(2) Giant Piranha
(1) Nautiloid
(4) SeaMonkey
(4) Shake Spear
(1) Shoulder Blades
(2) Unicoral



Access to Drowned Castle and Drowned Dungeon.
You may find a couple of chests that contain these food items: Rotten Hardtack and Seaweed

  • Open Sack

    You root through the sack laying on the sand but find nothing of worth. There are some rusted pliars and shears and some disintergrating paper that floats away in the water.

  • Chest Near Sepulchure's Throne

    Nick, Jab, Jab, Tap
    "A scrap of paper:'Drakath Severance', potions and 1 gold..."

  • Try the Door

    Despite putting all your strength behind it, the door remains solidly shut. Rust and salt have jammed the hinges, the wood itself is swollen with water, and the broken bream that lies across the door blocks you from finding a better purchase. As you lean against the door... is that scratching you hear?

  • Try the Bars

    The hinges squeal in protest as you try to force open the cell. The rust and salt have sealed it shut but, over time the bars will rust away... and whatever is causing the chains in the depths of the cell to rattle will have one less thing in the way of its freedom.

    Pop-up headlines:

    "The dracolich claws are still dangerously sharp."
    "The current almost howls through the maze of bone spikes and detatched vertebre."
    "A pile of skulls... has someone been here before you?"
    "The plants almost seem to be... dying as you move towards the center of the ruin."
    "The coral and plants in here look sick and rusty... almost bloody."
    "Sepulchure's throne crashed through several floors to end up here..."
    "The red leaves ooze a stickey substance."
    "More strange plants grow amongst the wreckage."
    "Shards of rock and bone pierce through the broken wall."
    "Shards of bone and broken dracolich ribs impale the sand here."
    "Somehow... the water *smells* even more foul here."
    "A huge dracolich scapula... is it... is it vibrating?"
    "A detatched vertebrate groans and cracks as the currents shift."
    "Strange trees are growing amongst the shattered castle ruins."
    "Coral and foul smelling lichen grows on broken, swollen beams and rusty chains."
    "Whether friend or foe, the waters of the Bay have started to reclaim the remains."
    "The bars of the cell are welded shut with rust and salt."
    "Strange magic is threaded through the bone and bedrock of the fortress."
    "The stone and crystals are thrumming in the heat of the water and are much too hot to touch."
    "The blue flame, though small, is still incredibly hot causing the water around it to almost boil."
    "The lichen in this room has taken on an odd color."
    "Rust covered shackles away slightly as you move past them."
    "Sharp spikes of rock pierce the broken floor... that chain might be able to guide you below though."
    "The metal creaks and flexes dangerously as you move around."

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