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DarkLore -> RE: =OS= Ninth PVP Elemental Tournament (6/13/2015 21:30:41)


I'm getting off for the night. I will be on most of the day tommorow so stop by when you can

As quoted via Pzycho.

Gorillo Titan -> RE: =OS= Ninth PVP Elemental Tournament (6/14/2015 0:01:18)

Nulgath working on the chaos queen beleen for AQW.

Doin't see why it wouldn't come to OS so next DEV character a legendary chaos great for the next tournament. [8D]

The Finnish Phoenix -> RE: =OS= Ninth PVP Elemental Tournament (6/14/2015 0:42:52)

Chaos Beleen sounds awesome lol. I'm all for any Chaos characters that can help contribute to a number feasible enough for a Chaos tournament. Although we also still need Chaos CC's to get the ball rolling a little more. I'm not sure whether Chaotic Flux is still being rebalanced as planned or if they dropped that.

DarkLore: Note that it's 48 hours with no contact that results in a DQ, not 48 hours without dueling (if that were the case both players would be disqualified as neither would've dueled the other), so as far as I'm aware your timer resets every time you make contact and Pzycho has more than enough time left. I suppose there's the potential to stay in contact with no intention of meeting to duel, but that clearly isn't what Pzycho is doing and you should just meet up tomorrow and stop worrying about it, one technical win should be more than enough. >.>

PyzchoPath -> RE: =OS= Ninth PVP Elemental Tournament (6/14/2015 10:29:36)

I beat DarkLore 2-0.

DarkLore -> RE: =OS= Ninth PVP Elemental Tournament (6/14/2015 10:33:22)

Psyzcho has won. I sadly was unprepared. I had no knowledge that I lacked dual characters above lvl 5. My poison Drake was slaughtered. For my lack of high lvl dual characters, I must sadly drop out any further duels I would have done in the tourney. I hope I'll have trained my characters better in the next tourney. *DarkLore fades away.*

PyzchoPath -> RE: =OS= Ninth PVP Elemental Tournament (6/14/2015 10:40:09)

Good luck in the next Tournament, DarkLore. I hope to fight you on more equal terms next time around.[:)]

Kiyone -> RE: =OS= Ninth PVP Elemental Tournament (6/14/2015 11:56:55)

Brackets have been updated and DarkLore I sadly take your drop for the lower brackets. I understand its tough/not as fun when your character are too low to participant with.

You guys have been doing great with this tournament. You made a lot of progress and have been going fast and not even full first week has past. Keep this pace up.

Right now were waiting on two matches to finish and when they do. Axel, Dylligraphy, PychoPath, and Real Deal will be back up again for fights.

Blackshock -> RE: =OS= Ninth PVP Elemental Tournament (6/14/2015 13:22:08)

After a grueling seven rounds, I was finally bested in the fields of combat by Elite Tuga with a record of 4-3. Good game sir, it was a battle well fought, you earned that win :D

Elite Tuga -> RE: =OS= Ninth PVP Elemental Tournament (6/14/2015 13:25:58)

I fought BlackShock (a.k.a The Master). 1 word = WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have never had such a tense game in my life against such a hardcore player in OS (it's a shame I didn't record or SS it, as I was too excited & nervous to think about doing so).
Guys watch out BlackShock is a force to be reckoned with. The score came down to a 4-3.

Me and BlackShock were both winning & losing a game each side, this made me learn how to play even better as I was improving on my tactics to defeat Blackshocks character. I tried 3 different Custom Card decks and my final one seemed to work best & so I stuck with that, to be able to defeat this contender. Yes, overall I won 4-3 but at a huge sacrifice, I am now severely scarred in OS... (he's a new threat for me & since he's getting better also a threat for others).

Commiserations: I hope BlackShock does great in the lower bracket (if he's luck is also with him of course), since he deserves to go far and show others his tremendous power and scar them too, like he did to me, LOL!

P S: Well done so far to those who have progressed in the Tourney & also to those who have tried their best! [:)]

PyzchoPath -> RE: =OS= Ninth PVP Elemental Tournament (6/14/2015 13:31:29)

So Elite Tuga is my next match? I am ready when you are my friend.[:)]

Real Deal -> RE: =OS= Ninth PVP Elemental Tournament (6/14/2015 17:28:33)

black shock check your pms

Gorillo Titan -> RE: =OS= Ninth PVP Elemental Tournament (6/15/2015 7:28:30)

Can fight any time till I have to go to school today.

the warden -> RE: =OS= Ninth PVP Elemental Tournament (6/15/2015 12:34:40)

Kiyone: so how are your matchs going?

Remove reference to remove post. ~Kiyone

R.chime -> RE: =OS= Ninth PVP Elemental Tournament (6/15/2015 19:26:06)

beat Gorillo 3-1(he disconnected though), and would swapping characters against the same opponent during the same match be something one is allowed to do?

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Kiyone -> RE: =OS= Ninth PVP Elemental Tournament (6/15/2015 20:31:01)

First a general reminder. Due to the recent asking of personal information. A general reminder of personal information rule is needed.


You are responsible for the security of your account and your personal information.

While posting for another user is not permitted, posting private information - yours or another's - is also prohibited. Do not release your age, location, or any contact information on the forums. If you do so, it will be removed and any consequences deemed appropriate will be applied.

I know we can get curious about people's age but for everyone's safety please do not bring this up on the forums here

@The Warden. Normal matches going well. Usually a lot of players will just random challenge me without checking my levels first. So I usually crush people with my active Level 20 equip. On the Tournament matches currently waiting for the brackets to catch up to my spot.

@R.Chime For this tournament. All participants are allowed to change their character and CC bewteen matches if they need to. As long as the character they change to is on the permitted character list. So as long as it was a permitted character. Gorillo was legal allowed to do so.

@R.Chime on the match. We can't accept a win if the other player disconnected during it. Given the fact the game AI takes over and not a fair fight. So if you can refight that it be great. I heard from Gorillo he be on a laptop anytime after 11:30PM.

the warden -> RE: =OS= Ninth PVP Elemental Tournament (6/15/2015 20:58:20)

kiyone: lol, good job then so far lol

Gorillo Titan -> RE: =OS= Ninth PVP Elemental Tournament (6/15/2015 23:43:13)

I'm logged on now if you want to duel?

R.chime -> RE: =OS= Ninth PVP Elemental Tournament (6/16/2015 0:30:47)

I won, and GT didn't disconnect

Gorillo Titan -> RE: =OS= Ninth PVP Elemental Tournament (6/16/2015 0:39:01)

I'm good get the tournament going again who do I fight next?

Looks like me and Axel next then.

If this game had more content I would have the urge to get level 20s for these tournaments but I just can't be bothered I like the chaos eye character so I might have that a high level for the chaos tournament not making any promises.

R.chime -> RE: =OS= Ninth PVP Elemental Tournament (6/16/2015 1:45:43)

I'm against The Finish Phoenix next, Mon-fri I can duel provided I'm not asleep(I have a not-so-good habit of waking up late) so let me know which day works for you

Kiyone -> RE: =OS= Ninth PVP Elemental Tournament (6/16/2015 8:30:57)

Brackets have been updated. Also, what is the status on these fights?

Pyzcho Master aka PyzchoPath vs Elite Tuga
Blackshock vs Real Deal

Gorillo Titan -> RE: =OS= Ninth PVP Elemental Tournament (6/16/2015 9:09:28)

real deal just logged off was waiting for blackshock was suppose to fight at 8:30.

PyzchoPath -> RE: =OS= Ninth PVP Elemental Tournament (6/16/2015 10:09:17)

I am online waiting for Elite Tuga right now. I've been busy the past few days, sorry. But I'm going to be active a lot until Friday so we should have our fight soon.

R.chime -> RE: =OS= Ninth PVP Elemental Tournament (6/16/2015 11:18:04)

real deal thought it was 11am est(10 am for my time zone) just saw him

The Finnish Phoenix -> RE: =OS= Ninth PVP Elemental Tournament (6/16/2015 11:36:38)

Well done on the victory Richime, I look forward to facing ya and replied to your PM! :D

PS Axel vs. Gorillo should be a good one.

PS 100th post!

PPS: Just missed ya for now Richime but will see if I can catch ya tonight. :3

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