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Melissa4Bella -> =AQ3D= New Topic Suggestions (8/5/2015 17:35:17)

This is the thread where you can suggest which topics that you would like to see for AQ3D!

  • Please do not use signatures because the point of this thread is to view your topic suggestions to add to the forum, not create the clutter of countless signatures.
  • All =AE= Comprehensive Forum Rules apply.
  • Please make sure to post the precise topic you wish to discuss.

  • DarkLore -> RE: =AQ3D= New Topic Suggestions (8/5/2015 18:26:19)

    Despite how hard it is to find people at the right time and place, I think that despite how early Alpha Testing is a Let's Party! thread would be good. Just for those people still wanting to level up or hang out for certain reasons. I understand if the early Alpha Phase makes this too difficult to have.

    A "Let's Party!" thread is always great for the MMO games, however, with only a few locations and a handful of quests, the game doesn't really require this sort of thread yet. Once the game has expanded and there is more to venture and more to do it will be a useful thread. ~Zyrain

    Gorillo Titan -> RE: =AQ3D= New Topic Suggestions (8/5/2015 18:31:54)

    Some examples of topics could be farming tips, secret locations or cool places to take screenshots post your screenshots of cool stuff, post your look a meet up forum slash pvp when it gets added. best stats for what classes such as which items work best.

    There is now a Screenshots Thread. Your other topic suggestions are closer to guides and aren't needed until the game is more advanced. ~Zyrain

    flashbang -> RE: =AQ3D= New Topic Suggestions (8/5/2015 19:12:40)

    As someone suggested to suggest, a suggestions thread/forum would be awesome.

    I do not believe a suggestion thread is necessary at the moment. The game has just entered Alpha Testing and is far off from implementing player suggestions. If and when the developers would like to hear player suggestions, a thread (or forum) will be made for that purpose. ~Zyrain

    Deshou -> RE: =AQ3D= New Topic Suggestions (8/5/2015 20:59:25)

    First of all, we need to see how functionality will work. I think we should have a thread for "How to successfully craft items" when the function comes in beta. THAT or have a guide for new players to AQ3D of how things work. Many of the new players coming won't really know where to go for good items or fast EXP.



    As and when the game develops, these may become useful guides/topics however, for the current stage the game is in these are unnecessary. ~Zyrain

    Azan -> RE: =AQ3D= New Topic Suggestions (8/6/2015 12:24:58)

    Not necessary right now, but when the game starts moving towards an actual story, an AQ3D Plot Speculation Thread would be nice to have!

    You're correct that it is not necessary just yet. When the main storyline begins, this may be an interesting thread. ~Zyrain

    LouisCyphere -> RE: =AQ3D= New Topic Suggestions (8/6/2015 14:28:50)

    The game might not be out yet, but some of these threads may come in handy.
    How about a QA Thread? Its self-explanatory.
    A Guide Thread for those who like to theorycraft.
    A thread on trading if trading becomes a feature.

    The Q&A thread already exists, as David has pointed out. Your other suggestions are not needed until (or if) these functions are later added to the game as it develops. ~Zyrain

    David the Wanderer -> RE: =AQ3D= New Topic Suggestions (8/6/2015 14:31:38)

    @LouisCyphere: We already have a Q&A Thread.

    Also, what do you mean by theorycrafting? I could come up with a couple of interpretations, but I'm not sure if they are the right ones.

    LouisCyphere -> RE: =AQ3D= New Topic Suggestions (8/6/2015 14:54:02)

    I must have blinked.

    Well...for an in-depth explanation this might help.
    For the shorter explanation, people would come up with the most efficient role/class/build by analyzing game mechanics

    David the Wanderer -> RE: =AQ3D= New Topic Suggestions (8/8/2015 8:15:20)

    What about a list of known bugs/glitches in the game? This way, when somebody wants to report a bug (which is even more important during the alpha test), they can see if it's already known and worked on or not.

    Tana Pyre -> RE: =AQ3D= New Topic Suggestions (8/8/2015 18:41:52)

    I know most people here can't do 3D but we should have a more serious "Item suggestion Thread"

    We should also have a thread that could give Suggestions on improving game functionality to make the game a much more enjoyable gaming experience.

    I know it's only in Alpha right now, But adding more to do in Yulgar would keep players from being bored stiff. after all, most of us already got our lvl 3 the first day alpha was released. XD

    We need an arcade, dart boards etc. like real bars and pubs have.

    How about a pool table or two so players can play other players and such.

    Like i said we need a real "Suggestion thread" or "Ideas to Improve Gameplay"

    Suggestion threads are not necessary at the moment. The game has just entered Alpha Testing and is far off from implementing player suggestions. If and when the developers would like to hear player suggestions, a thread (or forum) will be made for that purpose. ~Zyrain

    Gorillo Titan -> RE: =AQ3D= New Topic Suggestions (8/15/2015 10:33:05)

    Can we get some kind of location forum letting people know whats located at what place and how to get to a specific spot took me a pretty long time to find doomwood forest today without knowing.

    HK 47 -> RE: =AQ3D= New Topic Suggestions (9/26/2015 11:50:26)

    Considering how this is an Alpha Test, I'm surprised there's no bug submission threads for us to point out the flaws in the code. I've run into two bugs thus far, and I'd like a thread to properly submit them (already sent one in via the screenshots thread).

    Edit: Nevermind, I hadn't known there was a place to submit bugs on Artix.com. It's been a while since I've last been here.

    Azura Shadowfoot -> RE: =AQ3D= New Topic Suggestions (10/7/2015 19:05:40)

    I understand that the game is in Alpha stage and that it's a bit to early to post a suggestion, but like everyone else, I'm a gamer and I believe that AQ 3D can go pretty far than most other games, thus I'd also like to throw something out there. I notice not a lot of games that be related to 3D are based on Character appearance, such as hair style, or facial features, or anything else of the sort, or perhaps Sheaths, for blades, should throw those in their later on in the future, it would give people a good feel of the game, rather than having everyone else look like the person they stand next to. Over all, even in Alpha, I like it.

    megakyle777 -> RE: =AQ3D= New Topic Suggestions (12/16/2015 2:31:16)

    Here's my idea: What I think would be good is a post (Not nessicarily a entire thread) that keeps track of all planned AQ3D features annocuned. I know there is some info in different DN's from staff posts to comments, some announcements in the twitch stream ETC. it would be helpful if someone can go to one thread that is consistantly updated with ALL the planned stuff on it, maybe if possible with a short eplanation on how it is planned.

    Siachi -> RE: =AQ3D= New Topic Suggestions (12/25/2015 0:23:29)

    A couple of minor things I'd like to see:

    -Having your weapon sheathed while out of combat (Presumably, there'd be different locations such as a dagger being sheathed at your waist). Just kind of awkward to see everyone with their weapons drawn in a friendly inn.

    -This is a personal, selfish request, but if you include pets PLEASE I BEG OF YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY SOUL can a silver (or platinum, somewhere in the "Light metallic grey" area) be included? Ever since DragonFable, I've had a Silver Dragon (Appropriately named 'Silver'), and when the Founder's reward in AQWorlds was a platinum dragon pet (Close enough to silver), I want to keep that as a constant thing about my character.

    -A follow-up, having pets be more than just fancy cosmetics: whether they help out in battle, let you take care of them , or you can have a pet battle mini-game, I think it'd be cool if you had the option to get attached to your pet. Especially if it's not just for in-combat bonuses, maybe something like "Pet dragon gives crafting materials if taken care of well enough, like scales or claws." Maybe even not just feeding them now again, could involve stuff like playing with your pet, teaching them new tricks, and other stuff.

    ---Long story short, I'd love to see a decent focus on pets besides "Fancy cosmetics that might help in battle in some way"

    -I'm going to assume it's in the works already, but having a weapon/item preview when appropriate would be much appreciated, especially for the shops.

    -Would you consider adding Player houses, or would that be more than limitations can handle? In a lot of other games, they were just sort for decorative purposes, but perhaps they could be fleshed out a bit?

    -Another selfish request, for the Blade of Awe (And Armor of Awe, if possible) to be included in some way, shape, or form.

    -I'd like to see quests that are more complex than "Kill 10 X's" or "Bring X to Y Location." Maybe I'm just not a fan of grinding, but having different methods to complete quests than "Kill 10 X's" might make things stand out.


    I honestly haven't played many MMO's (Not even World of Warcraft much), so I don't know what I could suggest that'd be really unique for AQ3D. I feel like, as long as the game keeps occasional silly sidequests, puns, humor, puns, and puns (It's not AQ without puns, you can't get away from it).

    Son of Sepulchure -> RE: =AQ3D= New Topic Suggestions (12/25/2015 19:52:20)

    I would personally like to see a sort of guild-based system, kinda like a semi-permanent party, except would could buy guild housing and/or a guild treasury that only the members of the guild can access and maybe a shop that requires to be paid from the guild treasury and such. Later on i imagine that certain guilds would have enormous influence on the players. Each guild could be run by either a particularly clever player or an NPC of sorts.

    maybe even a way for multiple guilds to go to war with each other, or alternatively forge alliances, Perhaps each guild has to pay a certain amount of gold from their treasury each month proportional to the number of members they have so the respective guild are encouraged to play more often but in return they get special benefits for being a guild in the first place.

    I just like the idea of two rival guilds that compete to see which one gets the most kills in a war event or something

    LyRein -> RE: =AQ3D= New Topic Suggestions (12/25/2015 19:56:45)


    Let's not discuss armour of Awe in alpha please.
    that's an ENDGAME item.... this is ALPHA..

    Inigo Montoya -> RE: =AQ3D= New Topic Suggestions (2/14/2016 3:14:21)

    I realize that the game is still in pre-beta and that mac users like myself can't chat in-game because of the currently unfixed bug, yet I think a clan/group topic would be helpful sometime in the future.

    Milhound -> RE: =AQ3D= New Topic Suggestions (3/10/2016 20:46:29)

    Known Bug List

    SonicTbear -> RE: =AQ3D= New Topic Suggestions (3/28/2016 10:19:16)

    I managed to get things settled, and unless people need help, I'm NEVER fighting Gathmor again. But we STILL need a Let's Party thread for future references anyway...

    LadyYennifer -> RE: =AQ3D= New Topic Suggestions (3/28/2016 11:21:16)

    @Above And when people do decide to farm Gathmor? People just lure monsters into his fight which kills everyone or reset his HP by jumping on the ledge.

    DLTA -> RE: =AQ3D= New Topic Suggestions (4/4/2016 14:07:28)

    A Speculation Thread would be nice.... like who is Sargoth o.0

    Arthur -> RE: =AQ3D= New Topic Suggestions (5/26/2016 9:56:33)

    Can we please have a "Screenshots Thread" because what better than clicking epic photos/selfies in a 3D MMO where epic moments can happen at any moment?

    Irongrade -> RE: =AQ3D= New Topic Suggestions (6/10/2016 6:59:05)

    How about a Guilds section ?

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