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Slayer Zach -> Food for Thought (8/7/2015 18:44:34)

Food for Thought

Location: Amityvale (Book 3) -> Up -> Left -> Inside the second house -> Verlyrus -> Quests -> Food for Thought
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Fishin Impossible
Release Date: August 7th, 2015

Objective: A cave seems like a weird place to meet for dinner.
Objective completed: The baby dracoliches are all safe! Looks like somebody rescued them from the Rose. They sure like their fish.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(2) Blue Tog
(1) Green Tog
(5) Red Tog
(1) Tog-Tog the Destroyer - Boss

Baby Dracolich

Cuddly Dracolich (All Versions)

Verlyrus: Meow mew miao!
<Character>: How are you doing, Verlyrus?
Verlyrus: Miau! Meow mew, miao mew meooow!
Verlyrus: Mew meow mjau. Miao miau. Mew!
<Character>: You're inviting me to dinner with all of your cat friends? And you want me to take this bag of fish along so they'll like me?
Verlyrus: Meow...? Mew! Miau! Mjaaaau! Purr.
<Character>: I suppose I could take some time off from being a Hero(tm) to attend a dinner party with cats.
<Character>: Alright, give me the directions and I'll meet you there!
Verlyrus: Miau! Purr. Miaaau. Meow meow, mew. meow!
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    <Character>: Hmm, it looks like nobody's here yet.
    ???: *rustle rustle*
    <Character>: Hello? Who's there? I'm warning you, I'm a trained <Class>!
    <Character>: I have a bag of fish and I know how to use it!
    <Character>: Hello?

    *A group of baby dracoliches run past you.*

    <Character>: What on Lore?

    *The group of baby dracoliches come back and steal your bag of fish.*

    <Character>: Hey! That was my bag of fish! Come back here, you thieving scoundrels!
    ???: *OMNOMNOM*
    <Character>: Please?

    *A baby dracolich walks up to you with a fish in its mouth.*

    <Character>: Oh! You're all baby dracoliches!
    <Character>: You're probably very hungry since you're not being cared for by the townsfolk anymore.
    <Character>: I'm sure Verlyrus wouldn't mind if I let you have the fish. It's for a good cause! Feeding the hungry is definitely part of a Hero(tm)'s job!
    Baby Dracolich: Meow?
    <Character>: ...
    <Character>: Did you just meow?
    Baby Dracolich: ...
    <Character>: I must have imagined it. Well, enjoy your fish, little dracoliches! I'm sure Verlyrus will understand, right?

  • Complete Quest

    Pop-up headlines throughout the quest:

    "A dark cave is an odd place for a dinner party."
    "Come to think of it, a dark cave is an odd place for cats."
    "What if I'm invited to dinner because I'm supposed to BE the dinner?"
    "Verlyrus wouldn't feed me to monsters, would he?"
    "Potions! The perfect refreshment with Fish ala Bag."
    "Something smells fishy... Oh wait, that's the bag of fish."
    "I won't let you eat me, vile Tog!"

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