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Hnybnny -> Hnybnny's DF Gallery (8/16/2015 12:01:43)

Hny's Dragonfable Gallery

Greetings and salutations! My name is Hnybnny (or Hny) and I'm just your average everyday ridiculously busy freshman artist (in college!). I created this gallery as another way to share my art, and to show it to more people! I'll be posting a lot of old art and my new art as well; and I'll try to keep the posts in order of when I did them (but there might be some mixups). They range from around October 2016, to the present.

I mostly stick to fanart, which is what you'll see here. There might be a few weapon or even armor designs thrown in though, if I get the inspiration! I do a lot of digital art, and do a lot of sketches as opposed to full, fleshed out art pieces. I use Paint Tool SAI, and a Wacom Intuos tablet.

If you want to see me draw a certain character, or even your own character, feel free to ask! I'd be happy to oblige.

My AQW Gallery
My MQ Gallery

LigerBeard -> RE: Hnybnny's DF Gallery (8/16/2015 12:09:46)

Alright then, you think you could try doing my character? Here's a link to his design!

Hnybnny -> RE: Hnybnny's DF Gallery (8/16/2015 12:13:12)

A doodle I did of one of my favorite DF characters, Alexander! Pre-cooking by fire, of course. His goatee is a PAIN to draw, lemme tell ya.


crabpeople -> RE: Hnybnny's DF Gallery (8/16/2015 12:15:38)

Would you mind drawing a sketch of my character?

Hnybnny -> RE: Hnybnny's DF Gallery (8/16/2015 12:19:58)

Warlic's really fun to draw for me, mostly because of his flowy hair (I don't have to draw the other eye!) and his extremely strong eyeliner game. This was an experiment in using SAI's binary tool.


LigerBeard -> RE: Hnybnny's DF Gallery (8/16/2015 12:22:22)

Whoa, you're pretty fast. Unless you had these prepared ahead of time. But either way, I love the quality of your work so far!

Hnybnny -> RE: Hnybnny's DF Gallery (8/16/2015 12:24:11)

I'm the fastest artist on earth! Nah, these are just all my older works that I'm transferring to the gallery. And thank you very much! <3

(I'll be sure to doodle your character, he's a cutie)

Hnybnny -> RE: Hnybnny's DF Gallery (8/16/2015 12:25:57)

My personal thoughts on what Galanoth looks like under his helmet, scars included. (I like to ignore whatever the heck helmetless Galanoth looked like in AQclassic. That was weird.) This was a few months ago, but I still can't draw scars. Whelp.


Hnybnny -> RE: Hnybnny's DF Gallery (8/16/2015 12:30:06)

This was my entry for AQW's Season's Beatings contest, but since it's still relevant to Dragonfable I thought I should post it anyways. I think I got 3rd place? I can't remember, but it was really fun to do. I love the relationship between Warlic and Xan and I really hope to see some of them in Book 3 (with added Jaania, of course)

full size here


on -> RE: Hnybnny's DF Gallery (8/16/2015 12:44:51)


Hnybnny -> RE: Hnybnny's DF Gallery (8/16/2015 12:45:38)

The Escherion plushie is the best plushie ever, hands down. It's so cute.... too bad I'm not high enough level to use it, lmao. \_(ツ)_/
This lil guy has been dubbed Cornelis. Clever name, I know


Hnybnny -> RE: Hnybnny's DF Gallery (8/16/2015 12:52:23)

Too hot, hot Xan; make Akriloth wanna retire, man B^]

You don't get context for this.


Hnybnny -> RE: Hnybnny's DF Gallery (8/16/2015 13:04:31)

I love me some dragon ladies. Petition for AE to include more awesome dragon ladies in their games, please!

This here is Kaida Kaareth; she's mostly Darkness Dragon with some human thrown in (I guess Dravir would be the correct term?). She is very Fance as she comes from a noble house of dragons, and she's the mother of my own Dragonfable character (who is also a dragon lady! Yay!)

But I do think it would be really cool if we saw more Dravir or what have you in Dragonfable; there's a lot of creative possibilities to be had when designing them (like the choice of dragon; ice, earth, even plasma) and it would be extra cool to see what could be created.


Hnybnny -> RE: Hnybnny's DF Gallery (8/16/2015 13:09:06)

You know what's also cool, along with dragon ladies? Thieves are cool. I've actually created a whole idea for a Thieves Guild a la Skyrim, located in Swordhaven, but that's another story.

This is Roland; he's my character's dad and he's the Cool Hot Thief Dad. That's his title; he has a nameplate and everything. Designing his armor was a pain, and I forgot his bracers, but I still had a lot of fun with it :0


Hnybnny -> RE: Hnybnny's DF Gallery (8/16/2015 13:13:40)

Here she is, Miss America Falconreach. She's beauty, she's grace, she'll punch you in the face.

My Dragonfable character, Daeris! She combines the amazingness of dragon ladies with the coolness of thieves, and it's fantastic. Her design is completely original, as I never really found any DF equipment I liked for her. Maybe one day I'll try converting her to the DF template, but today is not that day.

full size here


flashbang -> RE: Hnybnny's DF Gallery (8/16/2015 13:21:51)

Oh my god, Xan is far too hot for me to handle.

Hnybnny -> RE: Hnybnny's DF Gallery (8/28/2015 20:50:40)

My entry for AQW's latest contest. The Reset is probably one of my favorite things amongst AE's games, and just how the games all fit together in a logical way. Sys-Zero/Cysero is kind of heartbreaking with The Reset, but lesson learned; coffee is bad. Thanks Warlic


flashbang -> RE: Hnybnny's DF Gallery (8/29/2015 2:26:09)

So sad...

David the Wanderer -> RE: Hnybnny's DF Gallery (8/29/2015 10:47:41)

There's something incredibly off with seeing Cysero sad. I'm so used to him being an hyperactive euphoric man-child with ADHD that I tend to forget that he is a human being. And you just reminded me, and of this I am thankful.

The picture itself is incredibly well-crafted, and I had to look twice at Sys-Zero to be sure that you didn't copy-paste him from the actual game. He's just perfect; all he lacks is some shading on his gloves.

Hnybnny -> RE: Hnybnny's DF Gallery (8/31/2015 9:03:53)


Thank you very much! <3

And there is actually a little bit of shading on the gloves, it's so low-resolution it's hard to tell. Plus shading white stuff is hard w/o making it look grey or darker lol But I'll make sure to add to it :0

Hnybnny -> RE: Hnybnny's DF Gallery (8/31/2015 9:05:41)

a doodle of Sir Jonah the Grey Mage, LigerBeard's character :0


LigerBeard -> RE: Hnybnny's DF Gallery (8/31/2015 10:02:05)

I really like the quality of your sketch of Sir Jonah. It really manages to catch his demeanor! Also love how you stuck to the original design, but also made it much better quality than I am capable of yet. Good job!

apielang -> RE: Hnybnny's DF Gallery (9/3/2015 21:24:11)

Wow nice art bro, you have a good style of drawing. I really like your character, Daeris. She is beautifull XD yah, i want to see her in DF Template, she will be cool!

Hnybnny -> RE: Hnybnny's DF Gallery (10/16/2015 20:01:16)

Oooo, now what could this be? A design that is part of an idea I've been throwing around in my head: a series of Good factions based off the three Mechquest houses. Originally I was thinking for it to be for AQW, though it would be cool as a series of Dragonfable factions, perhaps allying themselves against the Rose?

Anyways this is a bit of concept art for a member of the RuneHawks- the mage faction. Specifically, an Adept RuneHawk (one step up from novice and just below master/champion).

I based it off both the House uniform and the House mecha, but put a fantastical mage-y spin on it ;0


Vonix -> RE: Hnybnny's DF Gallery (7/26/2016 0:41:37)

Oh, this looks AMAZ(urek)ING (mind me saying amazurek instead of amazing? It's because i think shes DOUBLE AMAZING)!
And WolfBlade would be warriors faction, right? Wonder how would look.

Daeris have simple clothes, but herself is a being that i would never have thought on, again, AMAZUREK (i'll stop with that)! I'd like to see more info about her!

I can't see sad Cysero, and all i have to say is: i'm not crying you're crying

Nice that you remembered Escherion! Nobody really talks about him, though it has a nice warrior-mage style...


That doodle of Alexander... Oh gosh, it's beautiful! He look so happy, so alive, so uncooked...

edit: oh this comment is cringeee

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