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Peachii -> Fight for Late Night (9/11/2015 1:43:01)

Fight for Late Night

Location: Day Time Falconreach (Book 3) -> Down -> 2 Down Right -> Theater -> Fight for Late Night
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: September 8th, 2015

Objective: Sir Stephan of Coldbear is changing up his format, but his new competition has something to say about it!
Objective completed: Sad Daemon...

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Cletony
(1) Higgs
(1) Memo
(1) Jimmie of Kindle, (1) Jimmie of Fallcon - Boss

Matt Daemon
Sir Stephan

Emerald Key
Fallcon's Guitar (All Versions)
Kindle's Clarinet (All Versions)

Access to Late Night Drops

*As the sun sets, you arrive in Falconreach theater and saw Sir Stephan standing outside.*

Sir Stephan: Ah, <Character>! How do you like it? "Stay up late with Sir Stephan" is simple. Straight-forward. Bold! A strong catch phrase for my exciting new format!
Sir Stephan: I was going to go with "Spend the Night with Sir Stephan"...
Sir Stephan: ... but people kept getting the wrong idea and the Late Night Companion's Club kept trying to charge me membership fees.
<Character>: New format? But I really liked your old show.
Sir Stephan: This new show is big, though! The late night is for young, hip people!
Sir Stephan: Especially once everyone over 65 goes to sleep after they hear my opening monologue!
Sir Stephan: My audience will be bigger than ever and I can get more advertisers than Lim's Insoluble Bran Powder and The Lore Home for Exceptionally Old Heroes.
???: Not so fast, Coldbear!

*Ominous guitar strum*

<Character>: What... was that.
Sir Stephan: My competition.
Sir Stephan: Sir Jimmie of Fallcon and Sir Jimmie of Kindle.
<Character>: Who?
Sir Stephan: Exactly, <Character>.
<Character>: Your competition is two guys named "Jimmie"? How embarrassing for you.
Fallcon: Stay out of this, meathead. This is a #LateNightBeef! So you can stop asking where's the beef, 'cause the beef is here and it's been brought just like that one old lady who would ask "Where's the beef?" and...
Kindle: Dude. You promised. Focus.
Fallcon: I know, I know but "where the beef?"... hehehe.
Kindle: You're horning in on our turf, Coldbear, and these Jimmies are rustled.
Sir Stephan: Gentlemen, gentlemen, I'm sure there's plenty of room on the late night stage for everyone!
Kindle: Nice try, Coldbear, but the Jimmies represent the east and west coasts of Lore and there's no room for anything in between.
Sir Stephan: If it's two against one then it's only fair that I get to bring my own celebrity guest. <Character>!
Kindle: It doesn't matter who you bring, Kindle and Fallcon won't have any issues against a knight who's afraid of forest animals and thawed out popsicle!
Fallcon: Are we... hehehe... are we going... hahaha... to give them a lickin'?
Kindle: Focus, Fallcon.
Sir Stephan: Save it for the stage, chuckleheads.

*The audience has gathered inside the theater to watch the show.*

<Character>: Did the Jimmies chicken out?
Higgs: Not a chance, you amateur! You're not going to skip the warm up act!

Invites Sir Stephan as Guest A. Defeat Higgs, Cletony and Memo.

Higgs: Live frooooom the Falconreach Theatre! It's Jimmie Fallcon and Jimmie Kindle!

Battle Jimmie of Kindle and Jimmie of Fallcon.

Kindle: You haven't seen the last of us, Coldbear! Our cold open might have been weak but we'll come back stronger than ever with a surprise musical guest!
Sir Stephan: Oh, I think you've been canceled, Kindle.

*Sir Stephan has arrived on the stage*

Fallcon: Jimmie! I'm having that dream again!
Kindle: No, I see them too.
Fallcon: You laughed at me jokin', heerroooo, when I had no stage to go... Bad rolls and trooooubleeee...
Kindle: Focus!
Kindle: What kind of joke is this, Coldbear?!
Sir Stephan: Oh, it's the ultimate joke, Kindle. See, I've played the perfect prank on you. This whole time? You've been fighting...
Matt Daemon: Matt Daemon!
Kindle: I... what?! I don't have time for this?!
Sir Stephan: Oh, you had time! And not only have you been fighting Matt Daemon... you lost to Matt Daemon!
Kindle: No! NO! I'll get you for this Coldbear!
Fallcon: We're gonna fight for your right to...
Kindle: We don't have the rights for that.
Sir Stephan: I want to thank <Character> and Matt Daemon! Matt, do you have anything to say to the Jimmies?
Sir Stephan: And we're out of time! Thank you and good night!

  • Complete Quest
  • Late Night Drops - opens Late Night Drops shop

    Thanks to Azan for a correction.

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