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Occavatra -> Nightfall (11/13/2015 20:35:20)


Location: Friday the 13th Invasion - Dark Night -> Nightfall
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: November 13th, 2015

Objective: Fog and darkness have shrouded woods by the Bay and Falconreach and Oaklore are under siege!
Objective completed: Falconreach and Oaklore are under siege! Defeat Valtrith's troops and try to find the captured soldiers!

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


Baron Valtrith
Guardian Endnai


*Dark clouds smother the bay where the dracolich fortress floats and the entire outskirts of Falconreach. The sky turns red. In the shadows, the undead and the cultists watch until they make their move. Cinquefoil and two other archers stand on a house to watch out for any sign of dark forces. At the western side of the wall, a small crowd watches the shadow clouds closely, but the suspicious absence puzzles the group.*

Ispahan: Why... why aren't they attacking?
Ash: Hold strong soldier, they're up to something.
Ispahan: They're just standing there... we should attack!
Guardian Endnai: He's right! We can take them out now!

*Ispahan and several other plucky soldiers rush toward the shadow clouds, much to Symone's grave concern.*

Symone: No! Stop you fools!

*But she was too late. The archers fire at the approaching clouds. The flaming arrows hit the clouds, but although they pushed back a little, it did not stop them. The clouds engulf the entire scene. Cinquefoil's eyes widened.*

Cinquefoil: It's a trap! Get back to the light!

*But there was still nothing anyone can do about the clouds. An Energizer, Ispahan, and Guardian Endnai all get dragged into the dark. Your jaw drops and you go after them.*

Symone: STOP!

*You do so, but you are still concerned. Symone holds Valencia's hand and she stares back at her.*

Symone: Do you want to join them?
Symone: Don't get lured into the shadows!

*Meanwhile, the Baron and Caitiff watch from inside the dark clouds.*

Caitiff: For me, Master?
Baron Valtrith: No. I have greater plans for them. Mere defeat isn't enough for <Character> and his/her band of pitiful heroes.
Baron Valtrith: I will break them before I devour their souls and send them to the darkness.

*A curious Caitiff levitates one of the guardians' lifeless bodies next to a SkullStaff of Doom.*

Caitiff: This one... ...this one has... ... Opprobrious...

*The SkullStaff of Doom emits a chilling red glow around its top.*

Baron Valtrith: No. Enough have fallen to your failed experiments.
Baron Valtrith: You can have their bodies after my plan has been executed.

*Zooms in on Caitiff's mouth and eyes as they glow red in excitement and anticipation. The screen fades to black.*

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