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One Winged Angel1357 -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (5/6/2018 11:03:22)

I want to say Cysero was asked this and it was ruled out due to the cost of Dev kits and learning two more development environments

brotherinlaw -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (5/10/2018 13:29:29)

In case someone is interested, it has been suggested to me that multiple spawns for Necromancer has been ruled out for now on account of the graphical/network strain from the NPC's if multiple people spawned together.

Here's hoping the inevitable class updates a few years away will see this idea revisited...

WrathOfThanatos -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (5/24/2018 20:32:47)

Now that AQ3D creates a new stack for an item once you max out, I have a small suggestion to make it better.

For me, since I like multiple armour sets in the game and like to look like a badass at all times, inventory space is a premium.

Can we have an option in the settings menu to send the player a small message (preferably not in green, or chat may get annoying, ask me why I think that... I think either Blue or Grey since normal chat appears in those colours already.) to notify them that a new stack has been created for ItemName and maybe the number of Inventory slots. And even better, making the message multicolour, so you can even put the Item Name in it's rarity's colour.

For instance:
"The Stack of Fangs has maxed out, a new stack has been created. (37/40)"

(Of course, the rarity for Fangs is "Common" and therefore White, but this forum is white so let's not make invisible words, shall we?) xP

Grawlix -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (5/25/2018 3:47:08)

They should really fix the fact that you cant remove equipped items from the hotbar slots

WrathOfThanatos -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (5/25/2018 13:04:25)

Yes, I've noticed that too, but if it bothers you a lot, there is a "solution". Go to the bank and deposit the item that you put in the slot, then withdraw it.

Which reminds me... I bought 2 stacks of health potions, and I equipped one stack to a hotbar slot and used one, now one stack has 19 and the other has 20, and I find out, I can't actually equip the full stack to another slot, it will always have me equip the smaller stack.
So now I have 3 copies of the same stack of potions in my hotbar, and cannot access the other stack quickly.

Personally, I believe that should be fixed as well. If I'm going to spend the inventory slot, I think I should be allowed to use the potions quickly, in case my first stack runs out. Now I have to go through my inventory and quickly use a potion, now requiring several more clicks, and that's a hassle in combat.

Grawlix -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (5/26/2018 12:39:52)

^ Yeah potspam and Paladin class is the best method for soloing bosses since we dont always have a friend with us but I guess we have to deal with it for now

More suggestions:
Implementing the face Dage designed and blinking since it honestly looks better than current cartoony unblinking ones we have.

Multiple sheathing places when its ingame (Guns and daggers on the side/Swords, axes, spears, and bows at the back)

Dual weapons. Classes like Rogue and Ninja should use two copies of the same weapon, if Warrior or mage equips it, it will return to the normal single version

More races. It allows more diversity and uniqueness in the game since you can already switch classes on the go. I think good candidates would be Elf, (just slightly edit the human model) Ornathon, Sneevil, and Drakel since they are sentient and are humanoid. Plus most MMORPGS (even mobile ones) have them too.

Different stat boosts for different classes and races so they can be more of a specialization.

Skill trees for each class that you can upgrade with class points by class ranking. For example the 5th skill of Necromancer called Grand Summon which summons an allied Big Bones monster can be upgraded unlock to either a Spider that slows down enemy haste and applies Poisons or upgraded to a Terrortoma that has more health. It will feel more awarding with progression.

Make shields a thing. They should be equippable for any class but they will only be visible and have stats if used by certain melee/tank classes. Also have a 5th skill when you equip it that for 2 or 3 seconds blocks incoming effects and slightly reduces damage.

Save the high poly models for PC and only use the low poly ones for mobile. Unlike mobile, PC can actually handle them and it will give people a reason to play there.

Better lighting. I think if they could add a bit more glow and contrast to the lighting the game could look many times better.

Keep on the short craft times. Any craft times longer than 3 hours is just to delay the player IMO.

Make the maps more interconnected. The maps feel a bit distant to eachother. There should be a path from Greenguard that leads to places like Swordhaven, Darkovia, Dreadfool Labyrinth, and Darkovia.

Give the Class Trainers a purpose. They could make it so that we could access the respective skill trees for each class by talking to their respective trainers. (Thok for Warrior, Galanoth for Dragonslayer, and etc.)

This one is unecessary but maybe let us view the camera in First Person mode. It can let us take cool pics or vids.

Give us a character menu. I don't even know how to explain this one.

EDIT: Skill trees are a no-go. I hope we get unlockable skills through class ranking though

|3onez -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (5/26/2018 13:20:28)

So is Paladin done and will stay as bad as it is now or will it be changed? It currently does nothing good, its heal is weak for a single target compared to guardians multi heal and its only attack skill aside from the ultimate does mediocre damage. I dont know how they saw the paladin from all the other games and ended up with this on AQ3D, the concept was good but it wasn't executed properly, the class doesn't do anything right aside from the ultimate, everything else about it is bad. The Ardent Virtue shouldn't just stack up to 2 as it makes healing a player and shielding another a waste of mana and time. Either all the other classes need a nerf or paladin is just way too weak.

Grawlix -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (5/27/2018 10:40:25)

^ Depends on what you mean by weak since its pretty tanky and solo alot of bosses most cant and multiple undead mobs

WrathOfThanatos -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (5/28/2018 20:21:03)

Can't speak for Paladin, but Guardian, Mage, Rogue, and Warrior can all move around while performing their fourth skill. Dragonslayer cannot. The Warrior jumps into the air, much like Dragonslayer does, how come DS cannot move while doing their final attack? It makes dodging hard when you're fighting Akriloth. I feel like that should be changed.

XeNON_54 -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (5/28/2018 22:16:37)

That's probably because Dragonslayer Ulti has the secondary effect of being AoE.
I have no idea why this would cause that but DS is the only class that has an AoE Ultimate.

Grawlix -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (5/29/2018 2:58:26)

When equippable skills are released there better be unlockable transformation skills for both Werewolf and Vampire in Darkovia. A defense boost transformation that gives a higher jump for Lycans and a Bat monster transformation that allows flying and haste buff for Vampires. Probably too much but if they manage to implement it I will be very happy

|3onez -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (6/1/2018 5:40:14)


^ Depends on what you mean by weak since its pretty tanky and solo alot of bosses most cant and multiple undead mobs

Bad as in even against undead, Paladin does less damage than a warrior or guardian which makes no sense. Its heal is also lack luster for being a single target heal. I noticed the little AoE damage heal does now when used which is nice and all but doesnt fix the issue of amount healed and damage dealt to undead and any other monster.

XeNON_54 -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (6/6/2018 9:42:12)

There should be a new button in the Travel Crystal that will let you teleport to the DreadFool Labyrinth instead of just the NEWS menu.

WrathOfThanatos -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (6/7/2018 18:42:48)

Xenon, actually, in the travel menu, Dreadfool's Labyrinth is in Greenguard Forest.

Also, I rather like the choreographed fight with Akriloth, that makes it much more interesting. Perhaps make some more Solo-able choreographed enemies/bosses. Make it fun to FIGHT, not just another enemy to kill until I get a drop, and once I have that drop, never fight that enemy again. :)

Danzo -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (6/9/2018 6:56:20)

Well the game so far is fine, but it's lacking when it comes to combat. And I would love to make suggestions for the greater good of the development of the game itself as it grows.

Skill Tree
Job tree

Well playing in between the current classes right now gets boring as you level up and get stronger, and sooner or later in the future if ever new classes will come, this old classes will rot. Adding some skill tree would be nice, wherein you can switch what skills you want to use ( or if can not, add some passive skills that buffs ) or maybe skill upgrade. And speaking of skill tree, It would really be cool if 2nd tier classes would come up. For example: Warrior, you can choose between 2 classes when you get to level 20 to upgrade 2nd tier class like Gladiator or Knight, then when you get to level 40, you can get to 3rd tier classes depending on what class you choose when you got level 20 or anything somewhat like that adding to the game itself would really be nice. It would really fill up the thought, on what players aim for playing through out the game and not just dressing up and looking cool. And not to mention, I can't wait till that PvP comes up to the game yeey!

Vypie -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (6/9/2018 10:58:10)

I feel like all of the the travelforms a player owns should become as fast as their speediest one.

World of Warcraft did this, and everyone was happy they could finally use their favorite looking mount without worrying about slow speed.

Although for this game, not all forms should be able to have their speed converted. Joke forms like the bushes should probably be speed-locked.

Personally, there's so many forms I want to use but I wont because they are not as efficient. I feel like I'm stuck using just two.

WrathOfThanatos -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (6/9/2018 16:56:04)

Make a small invisible barrier around interactable characters so people can't block access to them by standing in front of them, however the character must be within a certain distance of the NPCs to interact, so it has to be shorter than that, but that's fine.


brotherinlaw -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (6/9/2018 17:47:34)

I would like to suggest a major story/gameplay element. Yes, I know such a suggestion would sap team resources and detract focus from elements the developers are already working on. I believe that, should this be properly executed, it would be well worth the inconvenience.

My suggestion is the introduction of the Dragonlord Order. No, I'm not just suggesting a superficial faction be like the Dragonslayer and and Shadowslayer Orders. Neither am I suggesting that Dragonlords from Dragonfable get the faction as a special gift like Dragonfable's Guardian, a gift to celebrate AE's original game. Rather, what I'm suggesting is that the Dragonlord Faction be introduced as a try-hard faction, giving players extensive content and removing the feeling many players seem to have that Aq3D, and many AE games, are becoming, "Pay-to-win".

The model for this faction would, essentially, have three tiers:

Tier 1: Dragonmaster- Available to all players, gear and quests from this tier would be of the same level as everything else, and would be available from NPC's and outposts in storyline and side-areas.

Tier 2: Dragonlord- After undergoing many grueling quests, the player would have a, "Dragon Amulet", and have access to Dragongrasp or some other Dragonlord stronghold. Inside would be several NPC's with various shops, all of which would take incredible resources or work to get gear from. Said gear would be fairly powerfull, perhaps a little more powerful than Guardian items. Another thing which would give players something to do would be a pet dragon and a daily quest to feed/train the dragon, which would grow and unlock new accessories after 365 completions.

Tier 3: Guardian Dragonlord- Guardians with access to the 2nd tier areas would have access to their own, unique quests. They would not be 'fast-tracks' to non-member items, however; rather, they would be far harder quests giving access to even more powerfull, unique items. These may be found in a much smaller area that could be Guardian only.

This faction would be a neutral source of elite goods, similar to the Legion or Nation faction in AQW, but without the evil cosmetics. Providing both powerful non-member items and possibly days of content for players, I believe the introduction of the Dragonlord Order would vastly improved the overall experience of Aq3d as a whole.

Edit: this idea could be used for a number of factions, but I believe the Dragonlord Faction would, cannonically, make the most sense for this. It would also honor one of the biggest parts of AE history next to Guardian, one that is far less used, and use it to pump out massive amounts of content relative to the amount of resources put in. I would honestly love to play in a world where the Guardian and Dragonlord Orders work together to maintain peace.

Alexei Legisvinicus -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (6/16/2018 11:39:00)

Hi I am just gonna suggest that you should at least give us a morph that has 120% movement speed that isn't a one time use only..... non DC and non Guardian...... just to make it balanced it could be a challenge and farm..... because it feels unfair to people like us who cant afford to buy DC or become a Guardian... It could be ugly.... because I could see that many would also play it more for the morph because its for free players too..... Just please thats all..... Im speaking on behalf of those who can't afford because I'm pretty sure some feel this way. Thank you Have a great day.

Vypie -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (6/17/2018 13:20:50)

Can we have a flip/mirror option for asymmetrical hairstyles? Being able to horizontally mirror the 3D hair model would give players quite a lot of extra options without much cost! :)

omgGrim -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (6/28/2018 19:31:00)

Allow users to buy DC as gifts through Steam.

steelsoldier -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (6/29/2018 21:27:58)

Would it be possible if we could get a couple more battle gem shards out of random adventures? With the new armour added, we need to do around 300 or so random adventures to purchase the full set, I understand if some cosmetics are supposed to be vanity items and they are supposed to take a while to farm but I think it would be worthwhile if monsters dropped shards more consistently, it can be a bit disheartening at times when you find yourself going through a random adventure and only the boss at the end drops the battle gem and the shard.

ZarexWolf -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (7/11/2018 1:14:09)

I was thinking that there could be a way to bring the Lycan Class into AQ3D, but I'm unsure. Here's what I got in mind;
Maybe after the story for Darkovia updates, we could bring the Lycan class from AQW into the game. It would keep a few aspects from AQW, but look like Pack Leader Cassius, but without the face and body paint and maybe no weapons? You'd just attack with your claws and it would deal a mix damage of Warrior and Rogue class for basic damage. Would keep Savagery, Thrill of Battle, Pouncing Strike, and Howl of Terror.
Savagery: Maybe make Savagery from an AoE to a quick single target attack?
Thrill of Battle: Could work like War Cry, but maybe increase DPS or just act the same?
Pouncing Strike Would deal maybe medium or medium-low damage, would be a good way to get close to an enemy out of range.
Primal Fury: I'd replace Lean Muscle with maybe Primal Fury? Would be three to four quick slashes which could cause the Bleed ailment. (Still thinking about this idea.)
Howl of Terror: Could maybe act as an attack and speed debuffer or an attack debuffer and stun, would be an AoE skill.

XeNON_54 -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (7/12/2018 7:54:19)

Bring back OG Fireball with the DoT.
New Fireball is way slower in the DPS department compared to the original.

Murkhor -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (7/15/2018 8:42:05)

Star Lord and Dragon Lord classes as it is in AQW

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