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ZarexWolf -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (7/15/2018 21:53:22)

If it's possible, I'd like to see the Soul Cleaver Class, as it is in AQW, in the next Legion event. Though I guess it will require more class tokens though.

brotherinlaw -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (7/15/2018 22:32:58)

I would like to suggest the Silver Victory Blade, as well as it's various evolutions, into AQ3D. I don't often suggest items, and I find suggesting items from other games petty and annoying, but the Victory Blade set was an essential part of making Aq3D as it is today, so I thought it important that it be added to this game.

As for a place to put it, I'd suggest Sanctuary. An NPC, New or existing, could offer the blade, then give you quests for items across the game that could be merged into higher tiers of the blade. The items could be easy to get, but make you explore much of the world of Lore in the process of getting it.

Sanctuary could even be expanded upon, an interesting concept for a mostly empty part of the map. It could become a facility, housing it's current shrine to the backers as it's centrepiece, but serving other functions as well. it could house cross-game events, employ vendors from games and artists outside of the main AQ3D universe and timeline, and even carry a player suggestion shop. And, if you decide that verification shops could be a thing, that would be an excellent place to put them!

Wunoah -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (7/16/2018 5:53:06)

Now I have a really cool idea that I have discussed with quite a few people and they seem to really like it so I will say it. Now I know we will eventually get pets with Aria and all but maybe a quest completion reward being a baby dragon companion that deals damage and acts as another form of bag slot. Now it's a rough idea but it can be refined however you choose. but people like this idea , myself included and think it will be an amazing introduction to something new. Feel free for everyone to give their opinions.

Pezasaurus -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (7/17/2018 16:05:14)

  • Face items should have their own slot separate from head items. I want to wear glasses with my hairpin, or a hat with my mask.
  • There isn't an orange hair color, this is disappointing.
  • That Sword in the Stone enemy in Greenguard is awesome. Hidden environmental enemies are awesome. More of that would be awesome.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  • Nessa Ellensse -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (7/25/2018 19:44:05)

    I know Sage Uldar wasn't a big part of the AQ plot, but he has been in Yuglaar's sinnce since at least October 2005. Probably longer. Yulgar's Inn just doesn't seem right with out him. Please find a space for him.

    Any thoughts on a Paladin Vs Neccromancer war?

    Digital X -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (7/27/2018 14:08:25)

    I'd honestly completely forgotten about Uldar. He definitely needs "reviving" so to speak, in some form.

    Syeas -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (8/2/2018 3:27:11)

    Recent updates have been having a lot of typos so how about hiring someone, using a program or getting a volunteer, to proof-read content before release?
    To be honest I can't remember the last time there was a release without a typo of some kind...

    steelsoldier -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (8/5/2018 20:48:51)

    The daily boss update was good but it had a serious flaw that I am afraid if it ends up occurring again in the future, the wand weapon was introduced which is arguably the best melee weapon you can get right now, however you need kill the boss in order to get a chance for the wand to drop in order to build it, the issue is that I have seen players that haven't been able to get a hold of the wand after 8 hours of non stop farming when the maximum capacity for holding mutated seeds is only 150, furthermore I can't use the "you have to work for it" argument, because this is an important weapon that gives more stats than the previous level 20 melee weapons and it is not a cosmetic.

    My proposal would be for these types of weapons that require a person to upgrade in order to make a more powerful version of the weapon to drop more often or start at a higher level, I don't mind farming 200-300 seeds to fully upgrade a weapon which is about 4-6 hours, just make sure the system in place is fair and makes it possible for everyone to get what they need in a decent amount of time after putting work.

    Darches -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (8/9/2018 3:55:11)

    PLEASE do something about the flat targeting reticle (the red circle showing what enemy you're targeting). It's basically invisible with grass turned on. It also clips through world geometry. Make it more visible somehow. I had to turn off grass to know what I was targeting.
    I don't recall if this feature always existed, but enemy names turn bold and they receive red outlines when targeted, which solves my problem. Too bad I'm colorblind.

    Syeas -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (8/30/2018 6:49:56)

    Why not just turn on Target Highlighting?

    Obscuris -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (10/4/2018 9:24:39)

    I have suggestions.

    1.) First I have this idea of adding more skills for these classes. 4 skills isn't enough maybe we could add 8 more skills? So yea the total would be 12, and by 12 then it means 3 sets of 4 skills with 3 ultis. And maybe you could add some advanced mechanics for the skills.

    2.) Second is the idea for combat system. Maybe you could add a crosshair/zoomed sight for ranged classes such as mage, pirate etc. And also maybe you could add a blocking system for combat situations and counter system it would be interesting. Also I hope you could have this some sort of stealth takedown/clashing system it would be pretty cool but though i know it wouldn't be a great idea but at least i had that in mind.

    3.) Third is the idea for PVP. Simple maybe you could ask player to duel on site or Arena, and maybe you can have 10 vs 10 brawl hell it would be amazing and epic with modes such as deathmatch or capture area. The point is having an interaction with other player. And also maybe you could add a " War Event " annually where Good Sides and Bad Sides would war each other in a different world than the PVE it would be so much fun and sensational, or maybe a guild war it would be so much fun.

    4.) Fourth is the idea for Adventuring. Yea it's cool to see that the world is so wide and the roads are big. Why don't you make it even bigger and add transportation on it such as horses. Where you can find it on the woods and tame it or buy it in a petshop. Well transportation means a bigger map which also means a bigger size for the app but i do believe it'll be worth it.

    5.) Fifth and the last is the idea for trading. Maybe you could trade something to other player but the risks would be the existent of scammers. But at least it would be cool so yea.

    Alright that's all I got for the ideas and suggestions, I do hope the first three would become a reality because that's what at least i think is fun and cool. Anyways thanks.

    JohnICE3 -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (10/8/2018 18:29:47)

    Hi, I have created a 9 page word document of suggestions for AQ3D.
    It took me 3 MONTHS to complete it with my very limited spare time.
    I hope the dev team get a chance to read it. Maybe at least one of my ideas can be helpful. [:)]

    Thank you and Best Regards

    kurato -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (10/12/2018 15:44:09)

    a couple of suggestion.
    bank and selling: please add filter to both, such as helmet, armor ect. like inventory. Finding what you want to sell/store is a nightmare sometimes.

    Classes: Please add more skills to each class instead of having millions of classes. Maybe have the original skills as base skills, and the more you use the class, the more you level it up and gain more skill. One of the thing I love about original AQ, DF compare to AQW and AQ3D is the class actually feel like a class, there a range of skill to choose from, instead of 4. In AQW, classes feel like it a reskin of another class, with one or two skills different... out of 4. Maybe have something similar to Epic duel and let the player choose the skills from a skill tree. It'll allow more diversity compare to constantly making a reskin class like AQW.

    mrbond123 -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (10/19/2018 11:27:53)

    I just wish you guys could add Bump Mapping textures to each armor types and Cube mapping for Silver and golden armors to improve more details and immersion on the model in the future !! [:)]

    DestroyerV500 -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (10/29/2018 4:33:38)

    Hello, I recently started playing this game and I love it. Since it is still in early development I felt like some things are missing from the game despite it having so much potential. I am not going to mention things already announced like the guildsbut rather what I think would make this game a better experience.
    1) It would be nice to have more than one loading screens.
    2)I think the game needs a bigger variety of quests. The "slay that" and "obtain that from slaying that" gets a bit boring after a while.
    3)I believe that it is better for the classes to have only four skills since you're able to change classes on the spot. However it gets boring at some point. Also, as you level up you don't get the feeling of progression as it only improves your stats. So in order to solve both problems I think it would be nice to be given an upgrade token of shorts after you reach a certain level. Each of these tokens will allow you to upgrade a skill of your choosing for any class you want. For example, I want to focus on the mage class. After I reach level 6 I get am upgrade token and I decide to use it on fireball. I can choose one of these options:
    A) Decrease its on-hit damage bet add "burn" which deals damage per second.
    B) Remove its AoE but cause it to pass through enemies.
    C) Leave it as it is while slightly increasing its damage.
    This will allow players to focus more on a class they like since the token will apply to one skill of one class. You can also make them purchasable (with gold please) so someone may upgrade skills of another class later on. A nice addition would also be a purchasable token that undoes an upgrade from a skill so you can choose another one. Whether it returns the used token is up to you I guess.
    4)Create some more immersive sounds fom enemies, environment and skills.
    5)I would like some professions like cooking, alchemy and enchanting.
    6)An auction house where you can sell stuff to other players would be nice.
    7)Please don't make it a pay-to-win game.
    Thanks for reading, I hope this will prove useful and sorry if any of these points were made before.

    Cheronne -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (10/30/2018 15:23:07)

    Ok, sorry if any of my suggestions were suggested before I tried to read the thread but i may have missed something its a huge thread.

    1. Multiple Character slots. * I know we can play any class or just make 5 accounts* but having multiple characters with unique names on one account can be helpful for rp/style replay and selling collections/bank slots . not only can you sell the char slots. if a person has 3 chars they are going to be more likly to spend money on vastly different styles of item. if they share a bank they will need more bank space. of if not shared bank slots for 1500dc couldd be a thing. collections will most likly be acct wide so it encourages entire collections purchase rather than one item.

    2. Ranged healer class: i love palidin btw great job but id like kinda a mix between pali and mage. priest or shamen maybe.

    3. Friendly player targeting: speaking of palidin since we now have a class that it is important to target friendly players for healing and shielding would be nice to be able to keybind target next friendly or target teammate 1-5 on the steam/pc interface ofc. having a 🏵 for target friendly next to the 🕸 for target next foe.

    4. costume slot save: (clould sell each slot for DC) it will let you transform into a saved hair/skin/outfit combo with a click of a button/menu.

    5.Minimap: or any sort of maps at all its really hard to tell were you are in a new place.

    6. pet quickslot so you can quickly swap out pets like you can travel powers.

    7. a place where you can type up a bio, and let others hover over or click your portrait to read your bio

    8. Alchemy/smelting similar to making stuff with a npc. but have it run off of a universal crafting item ie smelting could melt down all wepons into generic alloy ingots that could be used to temp strengthen weapons. Alchemy maybe melts junk items into goo the goo is good to make potions.

    emotes id like to see: sit (sit with knees together or crossed) yoga, lie down, bow, worship, walllean, ledgesit, eat/drink, persistsnt talk, slow walk, dance.

    costume parts id love to see: belt alternitives such as tails (fox, wolf, cat, mouse, zard, bird), we got ears and bird/unicornheads but no tails, also bussles waist bows and or hip capes,

    i love blue eye jimmy who is a cape, kinda wish he was a sholder and i wish other eye colors were avail, red, dark golden. maybe add some jimmys as sholders but put them on other side. so we could have 3 -4 jimmys one right(cape) one left(sholder) one pet, maybe even one above(hat), id like to also see a pet thats a swarm, bats, pyreflys, bees, scarubs, flying spiders...

    speaking of sholders all the super cool stuff are capes but some of those things could be sholders, the neck furs for example we could have sholder furrs for versatility, or mayby a over the sholder bag/purse.

    other things im looking forwards to: Guilds,& Trading (non dc items char to char), things that would encourage RP or community activities like outfit contests, or parties.

    edited to add ideas.

    Rayimika -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (11/8/2018 13:43:34)

    Ground circle of target could decrease by an angle visualizing the terribly hated bars.
    A window needs to be added for how long target can run away before melee ability is useable and either one every timeout or untill further notice.
    Potion button is too small.
    Attack could activate only one strike to become useful.
    Auto target perhaps may be option customizable to concentrate on attacker, above threshold damage, aggro list and presence of buffs or debuffs besides automatic selection of closest target on set distance breach.

    brotherinlaw -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (11/11/2018 11:59:18)

    Looking over the design notes discussion, I feel I have come up with a fair, balanced system that should address the issue of inventory space. Here is my four step program to wrangling inventory.

    Step one would be to add purchasable inventory spaces to your backpack. This won't solve the problem for everyone, but it should serve as a quick fix.

    Step two is to make DC items free to store In the bank. This would free up a LOT of space for many, and is arguably the best thing in AQW for free players.

    For step three, I would like to point out that AQ's most under-rated and unknown feature is the property management system. When houses are implemented, I would like to go a step further and add craftable items that can go on your property and have various purposes. Among them, various chests and storage devices are a must, with higher tier items storing more gear. We could even have item-specific storage, like helm-racks and weapon shelves.

    The fourth and final step would be the use of a wardrobe system, similar to DF's wardrobe, yet vastly different. Removing the need for cosmetic items, the wardrobe would equip the cosmetic of whatever gear you had in your inventory and, quite possibly, your storage. That way, all items could have stats and they wouldn't take up inventory spaces.

    I have started a discussion thread HERE in case anyone has better ideas and wants to discuss the issue. There is also a discussion going on in the Design Notes HERE. Feel free to join!

    TRroaringdragon -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (12/6/2018 6:12:33)

    I would like to preface this by saying that I am a long time AQ player, having played literally every single AQ game since their conception - yes, even Pony vs Pony and that one hack and slash game that everyone forgets the name of. And I've seen what works and what hasn't, and yet I feel right now as though AQ3D's team is dedicating their talented team to the wrong areas and inefficiently.

    AQ3D has focused in my opinion, far too much on creating 'new content' that is mechanically identical to what already exists and hence offers literal zero new gameplay value. Most new equipment AQ has provided is gorgeous to look at but at the same time, isn't gameplay nor a substitute for new experiences. Eventually, furthermore, too many items leads to item bloat and hence new 'rare' sets lose their value - if there are hundreds of different 'flavor of the week' rare sets none of them have very much either.

    Instead, I believe AQ3D needs to focus on developing new game content. I was ecstatic to see not only the login rewards, providing a new incentive to log in, but class ranks and additional 'cross skills', fleshing out the limited combat system. This is new gameplay, improves the game and makes it also feel more developed.

    However, there has been little focus on other areas of enjoyability of the game. Few minigames (aside from parkour, virtually nil) and rather poorly done 'skills' like fishing which was certainly a flop. New dungeons and new monster areas are, as I have stated, not substitutes for gameplay. They're essentially the same thing underneath a different appearance. Looks different, but considering how most mobs are essentially the same experience but with different damage and health values, feels mechanically restrictive and very quickly boring. Hence a lack of player interest.

    Indeed, you can see how big of a factor this is when even the most loyal and hardcore AQ3D fans such as Goldraven and the 'AE Federation' resort to creating player driven 'minigames' such as a rock paper scissors variant with emotes, due to a sparsity of things to do.

    Hence I believe, aside from PvP, that player skills are the most important thing to invest in. Skills with genuinely important incentives, relatively fun and not one dimensional (like the ridiculous click and wait of Fishing) systems that players care about and can be good time and money sinks. Fishing was bad not only for being boring, tedious, with little player input, but also for having no real reason to level it up. Your ranks meant nothing, there was no reward, no good perks for spending time on it.

    Yet I also know that AE stretches their already limited resources incredibly thin and much of what they do is a labour of love. Hence to create an abundance of skills, such proposed skills can't propose outrageous new systems that are too absurdly code intensive. At the same time you can't get lazy and create a few new armours as rank up incentives because frankly, such an incentive doesn't work at all in the long term and means little to players.

    And hence I propose a couple of systems and mechanics that ARE relevant, important in the long term, that all players care about and have an incentive to level up, employ more enjoyable and more unique gameplay and do not involve creating entirely new systems from the ground up. They are all connected to existing activities and involve quality of life upgrades for existing player mechanics.

    Firstly, a reward system
    . Just like PvP, a daily and furthermore, weekly and even monthly reward system needs to be implemented. A problem with AQW's reward system was that, again, dew to item bloat and PvP gear having merely aesthetic value, most players could care less about rewards and therefore felt like they were wasting time doing PvP as there was no important tangible reward.

    There are two resources in AQ3D that ALL players care about, regardless of level. Gold, and Dragon Crystals.

    Armor, resource and weapon rewards are okay but not in the long term, especially as players can easily obtain all existing armors in a short enough time and therefore have no more incentive.

    But for example, if the 'top 10 daily players with most PvP victories' were to receive 8000 gold and 500 dragon crystals, the top 50 to receive 4000 gold and 200 crystals, the top 100 to receive 2000 gold and 100 crystals, and the top 50% to receive 1000 gold and 50 crystals, players would begin to have a permanent interest in said facet of a game. Add weekly and/or monthly leaderboards with such rewards and it becomes not only a one day venture but something some players may find due cause to join in on for weeks at a time.

    Such a reward system could be implemented for player skills where ranks and experience were involved. Such that once you DID arrive at max rank, you still had reason to level up. (Not only is a reward based system with time frames important, an all time leaderboard like in EpicDuel, as was seen there, is very effective).

    Furthermore, each skill must have some impact on player quality of life. This means not aesthetic rewards but something tangible that influences and improves the ease of the game, e.g. the rate of loot drops or the price of NPC bought items. Hence, ALL players have an incentive to work a skill rank up and it always feels important, relevant, and rewarding to have done so, unlike armors obtained for ranking up that you might never wear.

    Finally, not merely leaderboards but something like a title may add additional prestige to ranking up a skill. For example, in a 20 rank system, a rank 1 'crafting' skill may provide a 'Novice Crafter' badge, 5th rank a 'Proficient Crafter', 10th rank a 'Veteran Crafter', 15th a 'Master Crafter' and 20th, 'Legendary Crafter'. And I would recommend streamlining such titles for all skills, not introducing different style titles between skills, so there is some level of innate recognition that, e.g., 'Master Forager' would be a rank 15+ Forager and Legendary would denounce a rank 20 Crafter without having to learn more about the different titles between skills.

    (In my opinion, 10-20 hours of dedicated grinding to fully rank a skill seems like a sweet spot for a less hardcore game like AQ3D. For casual players who hop on and off, that'd translate to 30 or so hours of ingame time, or weeks of playing to fully rank a single skill if they were to put all of their focus onto one skill. Whereas for hardcore players in one or two days they could be done with it and instead focus their attention on skills either to get to the top of the leaderboards, or be done with them and benefit solely from the passive skill perks and their impact on primary gameplay, i.e. monsters and combat.)

    And without further ado, here are the skills I suggest:


    Passive perk: Loot Finder
    Increases the chance of miscellaneous item drops by X%.

    By miscellaneous items I refer to items usually used in crafting, such as Screaming Ingots from Bludroots or Runed leafs. This has a greater connection to the skill's theme of foraging and has an important bearing for essentially all players.

    A balanced percentage may be something like 1% per rank, up to 20% for a 20 rank player. Which is a significant impact but not something that would make the game absurdly tilted for experienced players over new arrivals, just something that feels hefty enough for the substantial time investment of reaching rank 20 at all.

    Levelling up this skill would involve missions to run around and find items on a map (like existing quests). This type of quest could be appropriate and enjoyable for a skill if such quests involved a different map everytime. It seems like a shame that, after reaching the highest level, there's not a big incentive to explore many lower level areas. With skills such as this one the wonderful environments of AQ3D could have importance once more as players hop from Doomwood to Greenguard to Ashfall to finish their foraging mission.


    Passive perk: Potion Potency
    Increase health and mana restored by potions by X%

    Same percentages as for Foraging, 1% per rank. Not game breaking but adds up and feels very significant at higher levels. Such numbers when related to combat must be relatively low (20% already comes close to stretching it) as more would make it too difficult to balance monsters for a large group of players.

    Levelling up this skill could involve a minigame as in Dragonfable. Or, like Foraging, it could once more involve the gathering of resources travelling around all of the maps.


    Passive perk: Treasure Hunter
    Increases the chance of obtaining equipment drops from monsters by X%.

    Part of why I would suggest that Foraging only increases the chance of misc. drops - to diversify skills more. This skill essentially involves identifying monsters. Could involve killing a specific monster but could also just involve finding one to complete the quest to gain rank experience.


    Passive perk: Extraordinary Athlete
    Increases base movement speed by X%.

    This one's a little debatable if keeping a constant movement speed between all players is crucial, but given that travel forms exist a max 20% disparity in speed doesn't feel like a stretch. Furthermore, it might wait on implementation until further parkour maps are added, as my suggestion would be adding checkpoints on parkours (from beginning, possibly in the middle of parkours, and at the finish line) and rewarding experience based on completion and amplified by the quickness of completion. At the same time, completing parkour maps may be even more enjoyable and a welcome break from grinding on monsters. Perhaps a half an hour detour spent on practicing on parkours would be a fun little break, getting one or a couple of ranks in that short time and then returning back to regular gameplay - questing, grinding, or other skills. With more parkours with different attributes (e.g more cool additions like lasers and disappearing platforms), this could shape up to be a great skill.


    Passive Perk: Deft Hands
    Reduces the time taken to craft an item by X%. (Potentially 2% per rank? This one is slightly more niche so a bigger perk effect would be in order)

    This was the first skill I thought of as it's an existing mechanic in the game, yet it's only used as a means when it could truly have potential being called a skill.

    Not only crafting unique items, but perhaps a set of more general crafts that have resell value could be a wonderful addition such that levelling crafting ranks is rewarding not only for the perk but for the monetary benefit. E.g. all rank crafters have access to making a 'Crude Sword' and 'Rough Tunic' to resell for 50 gold, but 5th rankers can make a 'Basic Sword' for 100, 10th a 'Refined Sword' for 200, 15th an 'Superior Sword' for 500 and 20th, 'Flawless Sword' and 'Flawless Tunic' for 1000 gold per item (and with a longer craft time, but proportionally shorter still such that profits per hour increase also). Hence one has always got a crafting grind pick to casually work away at instead of searching too much for new items to craft. Of course, crafting other items should reward more experience to encourage players to explore the game's content more.

    That was another extremely important advantage of the skills I have suggested - they provide reason to revisit dead content. In AQ, Dragonfable, AQW, and many other games from other developers, a big issue is that once certain items and areas enter the foray, others have no more value. With skills like crafting encouraging one to revisit older crafts, foraging (and possibly alchemy) to explore other maps, agility to look at all the parkour available, and loremastery to find older monsters, the issue of dead content is partially fixed.

    Thank you for reading my suggestion. I hope my arguments over the benefits of such a system are persuasive and the particular ideas I proposed were well made enough, or at least sparked an interest in skills of such a nature that they become a part of AQ3D's ever improving experience.

    Azurium -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (12/15/2018 11:49:23)

    i know you may be thinking: " don't worry about battle pets, we will release a battle pet class sometime", but that's the problem, what's the point of including battle pets if you'll need a class to use them? i mean, the good thing in battle pet is that they can fight by your side, not fighting in your place, if you control only your pet to attack a anemy while you do nothing more, is the same if you attack your enemy and your pet just watch it, so, if someday you release battle pets, please use a indepedent system, not a battle pet class.

    i think you could create a "set slot system", a way to equip your sets quickly, how does is work? ex: instead of equiping piece by piece, you can simply click on a set slot and choose what items you want to be in this slot, these items will be your set. so, imagine i have 2 set slots (slot 1 and 2) and i chose all beta berserker items in slot 1, and all day walker items in slot 2, this way, if i want to change to beta berserker set, i can do it with only one click, much better than going to the inventory, looking for the armor, then the helm, then the boots etc.

    you could create a new category of items, accessories, this way would be possible to equip more items and create more combinations, for example: i can't equip wings and capes at the same time, don't you think would be nice if wings were a accessorie for your back while the cape were...a cape? this way i can equip both at the same time. you could create 3 accessories slots (face, back and waist), so players can choose better their set. i like the Legion Zealot Horned Hood, but i don't like the mask that comes whit it, and i can't remove it, so? i have to use a mask i don't like, or i don't use a hood and horns i like? would be better if i had the options to choose them separately, if i equip a tail i can't use belt, if i equip a cape i can't use wings, if i equip a mask i cant equip a hood, creating more slots for accessories would be much better.

    dual wielding would be very interesting, you could create separated weapon slots for each hand (no need to creat a dual wielding class), this way we could equip for example: sword and shield, dual sword, sword and gauntlet (hell yeah), two gauntlets, sword and book , staff and book, or you could choose different guns for pirate class, this would be awesome
    note: still about gauntlets, you could include more of this weapons, they looks great.

    edit: you could also include katanas and scabbard (one for each hand), and if one day you release a samurai class, you could include new animations for this weapon)

    when i want to use a item i need to wait the previous attack end to use it, this is bad cause sometimes i die trying to use a heal potion, would be nice if the potions cancel the attack when you use it.

    i would love to play aq3d using a joystick, and i know i'm not the only one to think this way.

    just a suggestion, i would love a lunaris and solaris event, if you bring lunaris and solaris armors to aq3d would be great.

    note: my english is not so good so if there is anything wrong, sorry

    Darches -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (12/18/2018 14:13:48)

    I would like to suggest that the Pirate ability Flak Shot deals variable damage based on the distance between you and your target. This would make the ability more realistic and add a close quarters incentive to an otherwise ranged class. This ability should give Pirates a small ranged damage nerf. You just need to subtract the transform vectors in your script, then do something with the resulting vector's magnitude.


    MewmewGirl -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (12/22/2018 5:18:48)


    So I really enjoy the Ninja class in AQ3D. The others are a bit too simple for me. And yet, I'd love to see a class that kicks that up another notch.

    I was thinking we could have a Bard / Musician class where the three skills were each a chord. Depending on how you played those notes or chords, you'd end up casting different skills.

    I'd like to see it take a three combination of notes or chords to play an effect, though you could drop it down to just two as well.

    With three notes, you could come up with as many as 27 different combinations, though I'm guessing that would be too many :D I'd like it, but I imagine a lot of others may not.

    I like the idea of having to play three notes or chords, even if you had to make it so some of them did the same thing (such as having two A's and a B always do the same thing, no matter where those two A's and the B were played in the combo (So AAB is the same as ABA and BAA). Using that rule you would have 10 different skills available to use - that's manageable even though it's more than usual.

    There could be other ways to do it as well, allowing both two and three chord moves. Then you could do something such as having anything that starts with C be a buff. CA would do a specific buff on yourself, CB would do a different buff on yourself. A 3rd C anywhere would turn whatever you were doing into an AoE move, no matter if it was your attacks or buffs. So CAC would cast that first buff AoE, CBC would cast buff 2 as an AoE on you and friendlies. When you got to attacks (Say, anything that started with A would be an attack), that C in the 3rd slot would still modify attacks into AoE's. This way you have less to remember. Attacks always start with A, buffs always start with C, a C played after two other notes are played always makes the attack AoE (and would also make it slow way down or less powerful as well). What B would do would be up to you all there :P Maybe A would be melee attacks and B ranged, or something completely different.

    Maybe those ideas aren't great but the musician idea and skills being music notes or chords that would do different things depending on the order they are played in is pretty sound.

    I'd just really like to see the whole way that the ninja works expanded upon even further in a new class, and some sort of musician class seems like it would be the perfect way to do so. There is a great way to make a more complicated class many of us would absolutely love in there.

    These are only beginning ideas in case it would help trigger something in someone who makes classes to move forward with something like this. You could get ideas from this for something you want to do and come up with the inner workings all on your own, but I really want a class that is more complicated than Ninja and a bard / musician that has three notes or chords available to play that end up doing different things depending on the order they're played in would be so awesome.

    Krosis -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (12/27/2018 13:52:57)

    hello , I'm here to make a suggestion! , I know it's not big things, but there it is :P

    ---Well, I love the game, because the games of AE , They are great! Congratulations! I loved the adaptation and the idea of creating the "continuation" of the Adventure Quest franchise!--- [sm=cow03.gif]

    Well, I wanted to make a suggestion of battle between players... [:D]

    1- Something of the PvP type: Would put some arena between players versus players... It could be an arena where would have 5 players versus 5 player , Or even more or less! (It would be very nice to have a 5v5 battle.) An arena where unique events could occur, bosses, extremely challenging creatures! the arena, could occur with the participation of the staff , (It would be very good a place where a battle takes place (war). [;)][:)]

    I have not detailed it yet , but I think it's too soon to think about it , but have the opinion of other players , why they want a PvP system. [sm=zorb_smilie.gif]
    But, I think that only needed to make the game more spicy , Haha! Even so, the game looks great, Thanks AE!



    wer -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (12/31/2018 13:35:31)

    I always found the camera controls to be a little bit wonky on the PC is there anyway to do a fixed camera angle for the game?

    mds2006 -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (1/20/2019 0:40:39)

    I think there should be a version of the Elite Guardian Rider travel form but... without the "Rider" part. Elite Guardian Horse? I mean the NPC in the Guardian Tower that says he got stuck in that Travel Form doesn't have a random suit of armor glued onto his back, so yeah.

    Also I just crafted the "Tasty Whale Pop" in Frostvale. The AQ3D Wiki says the travel form it turns you into, which is basically just a giant block of ice, can't move, only jump. I've never used the temporary version to confirm that, but the permanent use version can move. That honestly was very disappointing because I've wanted a completely immobile "joke" travel form ever since the Bush form was given the ability to move, even if it's incredibly slow.
    I just think it'd be better off if it was immobile.

    A permanent version of the immobile "Strange Key" Treasure Chest form from the golden dragon Daily Boss based on the bank area would be cool, too.

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