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Darches -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (9/23/2019 17:08:31)

PC version:
  • Room panel that lists room name, room number, and user list.
  • Key to revive, like "Enter."
  • New screen sizes like 960 x 1080 (half of a full HD 16:9 monitor) would be useful for multitasking. My laptop doesn't have dual monitors :(
Both versions:
  • Make it so dungeon chests drop loot for ALL players. I was in the Screaming Woods dungeon and opened a gate leading to a rare chest, but this other dude just spawned in and killed the chest before could make it back. How frustrating. The same problem happens with weaker bosses.
  • Character page for Dragonslayers should display the Dragonslayer helm icon instead of the Mage book icon.
  • Character page for Pirates should display the usual skull and crossbones icon instead of a low resolution Pirate hat.
  • Character page for Moglomancers should display the Moglin icon instead of nothing.
  • Rename Chiropteran Greaves to Chiropteran Gauntlets or something.
  • Fix the typo in "The Secret Form (Repeatable)": If you can forces it to take this form, you will be a legend!
  • Fix the typo in "Placeholder Quest (Repeatable)": I created a magical Placeholders...
  • 2nd News button in menu that leads to AQ3D news on the web, like the Design Notes button from AQW.
  • Make travel forms faster or Arcangrove smaller. Horse forms are awkwardly slow despite their strong gallop animation.
  • Add a mute hotkey.
  • Add an audio cue for when timed bosses spawn.
  • Allow me to craft Arcane Sentinel Visage into a version without the wings.

Updated 10/14/19

Arctaos -> RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules (9/28/2019 3:33:56)

So my idea is pretty simple for AQ3D, I was thinking a sign up sheet for online players that anyone online at the time can sign up for to help other players. Show basic information like level and name to all players and a button to whisper to the said person on the list for players looking for help. It would make it much easier to want to help and be able to help other players. Thanks for reading!!!

Side note though I would really love a kitsune morph and a tail with this up coming yokai area if not this year next year thanks again!!

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