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Ianthe -> Ohayou from EbilCorp™! (3/31/2016 6:56:47)

Greeting, valued gold-filled customers! EbilCorp™ has been working with the leprechaun's Essence of Luck, and have released their newest product to convince you to give us your hard-earned gold to further our efforts to take over the world! Say hello to Lepre-Chan!
Konnichiwa, Chosen-senpai!

Okay, enough of talking like that - I'm already cringing pretty badly here.

So, I just released a new pet at the end of the Blarney War. Thanks for your patience while we get him finished - he's kinda experimental, and we wanted to make sure that everything was awesome. Lepre-Chan works kinda like Dunamis/Thernda/Poelala, in that he boosts your attack damage. However, there's a few key differences:
  • Lepre-Chan works on Melee, Ranged, and Magic attacks, but he only boosts Light damage. Because he's locked to one element, he gets a slightly larger boost.
  • He's not MC, so you need CHA to power him. (Hellooooo, BM hybrids!)
  • He acts on the first turn of battle, so there's no delay to getting your delicious damage boost. Just be careful - he can take off a chunk of HP if you set him to not attack or if he gets paralysed or something!
  • After reviewing the GBI thread on Panoply, we're trying out a new version of the level lock. It's much more gentle, and it can actually increase the boost under the right circumstances. I'd actually like to hear what you guys think, so that we can re-use this in the future.

    So go out there and enjoy your new pet!

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